Gold's Gym / unprofessional customer service in jordan

Amman, Jordan
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Dear Sir / Madam,

I first came to Gold's wanting a 2 months subscription because I would be traveling afterwards. I was so excited because it's a well known gym, has various awesome classes, clean, and very close to me and my sister's residence.
The sales person convinced me that I only pay 25 Jordanian dinars extra for the subscription and I can transfer the membership to my sister when I want to travel. I found out later that there are 39 JoDs membership transfer. We paid it and we said it's a sales person tactic and it should have been fine.

But then, my sister has been trying to go to the gym for a week now and she's been doing her best to make up time as she's a working mother of three children and then you wouldn't let her in the gym because you don't have her name in your system !!! I find it really unprofessional and humiliating to keep her waiting outside the gym for an hour and wouldn't let her in and wouldn't acknowledge your mistake and you still haven't called yet. You have also given different information about the beginning of the subscription.

On the other hand, when I was trying to print the results of my training during the two months where I attended yoga and body pump classes regularly. Your PT didn't print it for me, he showed it only in computer and has told me that he doesn't believe in body pump classes and I have only lost few kilos.

I also want to mention a third point, I subscribed for private swimming classes, the teacher only went swimming with me once or twice. The rest, she was watching and directing me from above.
I don't know if thats your own method of swimming classes, I asked her several times, especially that there are techniques that I want to see and not only hear of but she was either on her period, or it was her shift of supervising the pool or sick.

I want to express my frustration and disappointment of such well known gym to be
1. Let its costumers down and does not appreciate their time and trust in your gym.
2. Your own employees (trainers) don't believe in your classes and again, don't value the costumers time spent in the gym.

Maya Sabbar Al Hadeethi

Oct 20, 2018

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