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Gold's Gym - Killeen, TX / terrible experience!

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My husband and I came in feb 06 to sign up for membership. The first thing we asked if my husband was to get orders to deploy or pcs will this affect our contract.

They stated it won't be a problem bring the orders in from the army. They put me as primary person knowing I don't have a job and I was a full-time student. They also stated it does not matter they will freeze the acct with the orders. That day came when my husband got deployed to Irag I brought in the order on 12/28/06. The person who took my orders stated it will take 30 days to freeze it for free. Gold's gym took out the money when my acct was suppose to freeze and customer service stated they never received any orders from the killeen business. I called again after talking to the manager in killeen about the situation then they changed the story stating it was deny due to me being the primary person on it. The orders does not pertain to us because my son and I did not get orders to go to Irag only my husband and since he was an add on they can't freeze my acct. When a customer service representative called me back and stated she is willing to do me a favor since my contract won't be up until feb of 08 she will break the contract. Killeen manager stated to her they only sell 1 year contract and what was on the screen is not right. I requested to get a copy of my original contract but they stated it will take a few weeks for me to get it. They also mentioned that since the order don't pertain to me they can freeze my acct for $10.00 a month and have to pay for it up front. I believe they are taking advantage of our military people saying one thing to get us into a contract then when duty calls they back off. I am tired of business here in killeen taking advantage of our military families and especially when your spouses gets deployed.

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  • Ro
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    Gold's is pretty well known for screwing their members. GymX has one of the best reputations in the industry.

  • Cr
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    Yeah gyms are scammers... im going through the same thing but i just told them that i will take them to court... and the military offers jag for the spouses also which is free legal advice and help.. you might want to try that..thats what im going to do...

  • Ja
      8th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    man i use to work for this company. they dont care bout anyone.go spectrum Xd.

  • Gr
      7th of May, 2008
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    I know what you feel, my sister did the same thing in Colorado, she gave them all the information to cancel the contract and the staff "Never got it" Isn't that a surprise.
    My advice to all military members DO NOT open accounts with Gold Gym or Bally, they do not support our troops or their families, get it, they DON'T care for us, my husband has being in the military for 20 years, in which i had travel with him in USA and Europe, and trust me, none of the Gyms off post care for the soldiers they only want their money! We have free gyms on post, take advantage of it, and maybe in the future this anti patriotic business would get a hint, we are sacrificing already enough.

  • Sg
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    Gym X is no better. Similar stories, similar scams; I have been through the mill with them.

  • Fe
      4th of Jul, 2009
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    Gym X is really bad also, I had to show up with a lawyer to these ### to stop charging me.

  • Tm
      1st of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Although I did not work there in 06 I started in may of 08, I worked for Golds Gym. I was a membership advisor, but I know the whole system. Heres the deal just so you know. They do not scam in fact its super easy, people just dont listen, and if you sign any contract you should always keep a copy. First off, they are right they can not freeze your portion or your sons portion of the membership, why would they you guys are not getting deployed! Just because your spouse is, you are going to stop working out, thats a good plan, NOT! If you guys were going to move while hes gone thats fine all you need is proof of a new place that is not 25 miles from a golds gym corp. Then your memberships are canceled. Your husbands orders can cancel or freeze his account. Golds Gym is not a locally owned little gym is a world wide gym they have over 675 locations so ya, its take 30 days for the gy to send off the forms and the corp. office to cancel or change anything. We are not here to scam anyone not even the army, my husband is in the army, Pretty much all the employees are tied to the army that do wokr in the Killeen location, so thats dumb of you to think, but its a good sympothy card to pull. If they told you they could never find the paper work, all you have to do is prove your husband has not been here, its called back paying they do it all the time when papers go missing, it happens. Everyone and every places miss places things. ALSO when you cancel or freeze a membership you have to fill out a form, yet again you get a copy that can also be used as your proof. If your husband is in the army you should know how to be organized and how to keep up with important documents. Its easy to do things through Golds Gym, they are not out to steal money, the Killeen gym makes millions of dollars its one of the top producing gyms, they dont need to steal money from one person 75 dollars or so is not going to kill them. Its nice to have atleast one crporation ran gym in a town, Killeen actually needs more. They have gym x who seriously is way worse, they went through a total of 5 managers in one year. thats how bad it is. They have free gyms on post, but most want to leave the army when they are off work, and they have a rec. center just recently built, its a nice gym, not as much to offer then Golds but its nice, can only have so many members though. Dont dog a gym when you are also in the wrong. PS Killeen is a corporation gym, all you have to do is call the corporation number and you go over the killeen staffs head. its super easy Killeens Golds Gym, properly ran.

  • Ra
      14th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am going through this with another gym My husband is deployed and I am unable to get to the gym now since I get home at 7pm and my husband always made diner and had my daughter HW work done before I got home and I would take her with me to the gym b/c they had a kid zone for her to go till which closed at 9pm but since he is gone now I am unable to go to the gym b/c when I get home at 7pm I have to cook dinner and make sure her HW is done before we go anywhere which by this time is already 9pm. The gym will not allow me to cancel my membership even when I was willing to pay the cancelation fee give them a copy of the orders and write a letter for them about why I need to cancel but they still say I cannot cancel my membership unless I medically am unable to come for more than 30 days or I move away where there is no gym. What BS. You think they would consider that I am having a hard time as it is that My husband I going to be away from me and my 7 yr old daughter for 13 months and missing birthdays Christmas, thanksgiving and our anniversary. What is wrong with these people anymore? What 911 is long over so they think they should care less about our men and woman that are still fighting and the families that are still alone.

  • Kd
      29th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    TMM, you are just someone who works there, of course you are going to support everything about it!! Gold's Gym is way too over priced and it definitely rips you off!! Really the only thing that matters is you have more customers unhappy than happy and you are in the customer service business!! Don't tell someone who has a spouse deployed and kids and still has to run a household to be more organized. That is not good customer service. Technically you are talking to the customer and in my book and how it used to be run is the customer is always right. That no longer exists. Gold's makes millions because it goes out of its way to take every penny out of its customer.

  • Mm
      26th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ladies and Gentlemen. No need to worry. There will be a new gym opening in Killeen very soon. It will be a gym you can trust and a gym you will love. This will be set up for all ages. It will not be a gym for just the men and women but for the whole family. For you fighters out there, please come and enjoy the benifits of work with real MMA fighters from Brazil. The MMA World is coming to Killeen Texas soon. Who wants to try to be the next UFC, or Strike Force Champion. Ladies, don't worry. This gym is not just for the guys. We will have personal trainers for the work out and results you want. We will train and teach anyone and everyone who wants to learn. More will come and just watch for us. Since I am prior Military, I will make sure that my fellow soldiers and family memebers are taken care of.

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