Gold's Gymincompetent staff, unending contract

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Gold's Gym at UBC village:
Terrible customer service, machines were frequently broken, washrooms un-stocked.
Front desk CSRs repeatedly seen socializing with one another, when clients requesting service were clearly apparent.
When I submitted my cancellation form a little over 30 days prior to my contract end date, the first CSR i encountered, told me I was too early, and she was afraid of losing my form, I agreed to come a few days later--filled out the contract, and thought my membership with Gold's was over and done with. A few months down the road I noticed my bank account was still being charged, turns out my form was lost and never processed! I had to call in and visit several times, being told I would be phoned by the desk supervisor (never got call). A second time, I was replied with a terribly unprofessional email, with spelling and grammar mistakes. Two times I was told to contact two different supervisors, of which their vacation days and shift times were never clarified so I ended up making a useless trip. Add on another month to that, my account is still not cancelled, I am still being charged, I was given a second party health billing company to call. Had to endure long waiting with customer service with that number, and turns out, the gold's supervisor still had not submitted my form necessary for cancellation to go through. Now I still have to go through getting my refund from an accountant that's "away" at the moment.
Either have a more thorough hiring process, or a better training program, either way Gold's gym is already associated with a bad reputation. Even with all the new equipment and improvements coming to that particular location, I don't know what good that will do if the foundation of the company (employees) is poor and under-managed.

Jan 07, 2013
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      Apr 18, 2013

    I feel the same way for the Gym in the Montreal area in Ville St laurent. Its garbage customer service, rude staff, dirty looks, and the manager is the worst. They don't care, they have no idea how to run a gym or any place...they are good just to take your money!

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