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San Antonio, TX, United States
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My husband and I are moving overseas in two weeks, so I finally dragged myself to cancel our membership with Gold's. I worked out the other day and assumed I could take care of it on the way out. No, the servers were down.. so I assumed I could come back a few days later to do it. No, it must be done online. Their main webpage with all their gym info had zero information about canceling. I searched for answers for about 10 minutes then called my gym. You must go to which brings you right to the page where you enter your info to cancel, the barcode that's asked for is the numbers right above the barcode on your key chain. Once I found this website it went pretty smooth. I'm aware of the 30 day notification, but I was shocked to see the prompt at the end telling me that my last payment would be one month from today, and I would have gym access for another 2 months. I'm disappointed at how misleading the "30 Day notification" is, and the fact that I started my membership at this gym, but there's no way to end it at the gym. Not everyone is computer savvy enough to find where to do this and has internet access. It should be made available in person, since they had the time to sign us up in person in the first place.

Jul 31, 2016

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