Golden Corralunethical behavior

I would like to inform the corporate office that the restaurant located at 7700 west Stockton blvd is a hostile work environment. Mike Saca the owner does not treat his employees right. I have worked for his location since august of 2016 and have witnessed him verbally abusing several employees, to the point where he makes them cry. He has also been verbally abusive towords me, stating that I was a slacker, and could not keep up with my job responsibilities. He told me that whoever trained me did not have very high standards, and that I was ineffective.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sacramento, CAI had worked for golden corall in Albuquerque new mexico for almost a year before transferring to the California location, and was never told I was not a good employee. He has no regard for his employees, and makes you feel like you are worthless. I am very stressed out every time I work because I am trying to work so hard, so I can get my hours back, but nothing is ever good enough. I feel I am being discriminated against for some reason. He is the worst boss I have ever had, and I have never worked for someone like him, and I hope I never do . He should be given more training on how to treat people, in my opinion, he makes it very hard to keep a good attitude. Its sad to say, but it affects my job performance, and the service that I give my customers. Never knowing what to expect.

May 13, 2017

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