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Hello Team,

I am very disheartened to hear that recently I lost my Fui at my native place. My mother is there and need to stay back more longer than the time I have assumed. I have asked Go Ibibio team to cancel the ticket and they have asked me for the death certificate.

Death certificate is not what I can get in a day or weeks time. What would I say to the family who suffered a loss that I need your Mothers death certificate so that I can cancel the tickets?

How would it sound. When I was on conference call with Air India team they said they don't know about such policy and Goibibo representative was not at all empathic and was just ruling out the policy. I understand that he might be doing his Job but isn't its his duty to take some time and talk to his seniors about such incident. Airindia representative continuously said that If they want they can speak with their sales team and can do it.


Jun 23, 2017

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