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Is go daddy too big to fail?

I say yes. As a client of “go daddy” since 2000, they have failed me. With the size of their company, many departments to which they can pass the buck and their flock of attorneys, they can’t fail but i, the small business owner, can’t win. Even though they created a situation that resulted in my complete loss of presence on the internet, they met my complaint with gross indifference.

Through our own negligence, in 2013 we failed to renew our domain name. Over the next 2 ½ years we received few if any calls from the internet and were sustained only by referrals from past clients and our referral base that gave prospective clients our phone number bypassing our web site. Only in june 2016 did we find out we no longer had any web site presence at all. This is our saga.
Timeline of events
1. Since mid 2013, karen arnoff and the dog - owner connection paid go daddy in advance and with additional fees for protection to host the new domain and website.
2. Over the next 2 1/2 yrs. We received few if any calls from the web.
3. In 2016, karen started receiving invoices from go daddy. Confused, because of the above mentioned precautions, karen’s assistant, renee, called go daddy to find out what the invoices were for. She called on the following dates: 3/14/16, 4/11/16, 5/2/16, 6/7/16 (3 times) and 6/14/16. Initially, renee was told that the account was paid in full and they did not know what the $84 bill was for. Only in june did she find out there was serious trouble.
4. In june, 2016, karen tried to go to her website but could not find it. When karen’s assistant called go daddy again she was assured by the agent that karen still owned The representative then looked into the records and said we had been hosting for 2 1/2 years, (Not thedogownerconnection) which expired in 2016. We informed him that, since mid 2013, we no longer owned that domain name (Which go daddy knew) and that the payments we made in advance were strictly limited to supporting the domain site, the new domain name which was advised by their go daddy representative in mid 2013. This current go daddy representative then looked further and found that in error, was put as a sub - account of the defunct and when hosting was cancelled (Because we no longer owned it) , was also cancelled.In all the inquiries we had been making were never explained to my assistant or anyone else at the dog - owner connection. Renee then asked the representative if he could retrieve the website and he said he could not because go daddy only held onto the website for a month and the website was discarded 5/28/2016. As a result of go daddy’s errors, any inquiries made to had been forwarded to the new york domain – the domain we lost in 2013. This resulted in karen arnoff and her business being completely deprived of any web visibility for almost three years.

7.In summary:
A. Go daddy erroneously put as a sub - account of a website karen no longer owned.
B. Go daddy received 2 ½ years of payments and applied them to a site karen no longer owned.
C. Because of go daddy errors, karen’s website traffic was forwarded to another site.
D.In march, 2016 go daddy erroneously informed renee that everything was okay with the dog - owner account and they could not account for the $84 invoice she was receiving.
E.In june, 2016. Go daddy erroneously cancelled website and discarded the unique contents of that website.
F. Since mid 2013, karen has had diminished and virtually zero presence on the web resulting in, as yet, uncalculated loss of business.
We made the following request for go daddy compensatory actions:
1. Immediately assign a go daddy account manager to stay with karen arnoff and its staff, melvin arnoff and renee throughout the whole process to work to develop without charge, a new website for the dog owner to optimize and attract new business that would appear on page 1 of google and all other major search engines and continue monthly to revise the website as needed so that, if not initially on page 1, it continues to rise to that point and continue this for no less than three years.
2. The new website should be in a format easily revised by karen and staff.
3. Go daddy should attach links to make this site more easily found.
4. Go daddy should list this site with yahoo. Local and all other major locals.
5. Go daddy should host this site free of charge for three years.
6. Go daddy should assist in getting this site on youtube and other social media to make the dog - owner connection’s presents known as quickly as possible...
7. Go daddy should be in contact with karen no less than monthly to assess these actions.
8. In addition, karen would like go daddy to develop a website for her legal and forensic work with dogs.

Instead of offering about $2, 000 worth of services to us (Much less expensive to go daddy) we were met with complete indifference by the company’s representative and told us to get an attorney if we wanted to try to get any compensation.
If not for a fantastic, compassionate and competent employee who intelligently research the history to help find out what had happened and an offer to credit us $168. 00 for two years of defunct hosting; (Which is all he could do) i would have lost all faith in humans let alone big business.
What are the recourses for “the little” person against big companies with lots of recourses and attorneys.
The only thing i know to do is to take it to the public, social media, the federal trade commission (Ftc.Gov) , yelp,, /link removed/ the better business bureau, the investigative reporters over various t. V. Stations, the bbb consumer complaints,,, the, complaint. Tvnews, consumer watchdog, consumer action: help desk, consumer watch dog and other organizations. What would you do?
Is ‘godaddy to big to fail’? Go daddy “is the world’s largest web host and domain name registrar. Perhaps they can’t fail. But, when they err with a small business client, can that client win. Based on my experience, i don’t think so. .

Karen arnoff
The dog - owner connection

Aug 26, 2016

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