GoDaddy Operating Companydomain email address deleted!

They deleted my email address!Then I had to hold for 4.5 hours on the phone as a "Raymond Shamood" (a supposed Supervisor) initially refused to come to the phone, then promised to call me within 5 minutes (so we held the line for him to beep-in), then he promised he would call within 48 hours.

I refused this, and help for 4.5 hours with an agent who was beyond upset himself as his supervisors behavior. After calling back in (around the 4.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lake Mary, FL5hr mark), I spoke with a Kimberly who couldn't figure out the issue and promised she would email me with status the following day, and call me thereafter on my mobile phone. After none of this occurred, I held for ... you guessed it...
Raymond Shamood for yet again 2.5 hours before a different supervisor Mark R.
came to the phone, claimed that for security reasons he cannot supply his Employee ID, and that there's no way for me to talk with Raymond Shamood, nor a method to report the behavior issue experienced regarding Raymond.I have since moved all my domains to

Apr 29, 2017

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