Complaints & Reviews Backend of the website is very hard to use

Found the back end system of their website very hard to use, asking to insert HTML coding into it to make changes is very hard for someone who has never built a website before.

The support is no good either as they tell you to look at you tube videos for tutorials on how to make changes.

Clearly the support or service is not provided by negative review

It seems that does not care about giving good old fashion customer support and thinks they can just do everything via email, when I have an issue with my website they will not reply back to my phone calls.

For instance my website is constantly being hacked and going down, they say they are running server updates but this happens twice a week and is costing money when my online store is down and customers cannot get on it.

When I say I want to come in and visit them they say they are not open to the public and only do everything online.

I am very tired of all of the excuses that Have a Look keep giving me, no wonder they have negative reviews online from other angry customers.

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    Lisa Geraldson Dec 22, 2019

    I have been calling and emailing you for the past 3 days and have heard no response, if you went on holidays surely you should of sent out a mass email or posted something on your Facebook page to let your customers know that you will be away on holidays.

    I need urgent support as my website and emails are down and on your website it mentions you provide 24/7 support, I guess this is not the case.

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I had engaged Have a Look to upgrade our website, their after website support is horrific.

It seems that once you pay them they no longer care about you and just focus on the next sale.

We have tried calling and emailing multiple times without any response and when we do eventually call on a private number they tell us we have to pay for their support when they do mention they offer free support.

Simple things like our emails constantly going down or our website crashing due to slow hosting speed they try to blame us when in fact they are providing our email and website hosting.

It seems that many of the negative reviews on Google reviews about Have a Look are "REAL REVIEWS" and Have a Look just try's to play them down saying that all negative reviews about them are false and that their service is 100% perfect, yeah right guys!!!

Just search around online and you will see other negative reviews about them no technical support

Its a week already Im trying to solve a problem with an expired SSL certificate that got crushed for unknown reason. My website is not active and support team works only from Friday to Monday until 5 which is a non sense.
Guys on the other end are responsive but as a customer I want to see results rather then bunch of emails bouncing in and out where first email contradicts second one and when the site is still inaccessible due to expired SSL Certificate I have no responsibility for. — website design scam

If you are after a quality website then do not waste your times with Have a Look. They have terrible communication, where their call returns are up to 2 days in delay. Constant...

Havealook Websiteswebsite design

I engaged Havealook Websites to design my small business website. The contract I signed did not provide any details on the design process. It only specified that the total payment would be deducted out of my bank account on the day my website was ready to go live. Once I signed the contract, I received an instruction document. I read it in its entirety and it simply explained that once ready, the website would be available for viewing online. It never specified that no drafts or still pictures could be provided before to check the design and that "online" meant Live replacing my current website. I only found this on the day I was meant to see (what I thought was the first draft of) my website which was anyway 48 hours AFTER the payment was automatically taken out of my bank account. At that stage I was informed in writing that the only way I could see my website was by replacing my current one. That there was no way I was able to check what it looked like in any other way. Furthermore, by changing my website to havelook server, all my company emails could have gone offline for up to 48 hours. I was also informed I had to coordinate my email and the go live myself directly to the company that hosted my mailbox (Microsoft) and my domain (Go Daddy). This was never mentioned in any of their written communication. As I provided content and design suggestions (without ever seeing any work) I received emails form Havelook Marketing Groups stating I didn't have to organise anything on my side: "So I bet you are thinking"Well... what do I do now?"The good news is absolutely nothing! You get to sit back and relax while we take care of this stage of the website build." I was astonished to find out the only way I could see my website for the first time was to upload it live and to upload it live all my company emails could have been offline for up to 48 hours. I regrettably agreed to this and organised it on a Friday night. Once the website came online the quality of the work was entirely disappointing, it was manly the content I provided with multiple fonts and sizes. Some graphics were available on the Home Page but literally ALL OTHER PAGES were just text in different fonts and sizes! Finally, the site didn't even include a Security Certificate, one of my clients accessed it over that weekend and he thought my business had gone bankrupt!!! I then had a look at their CMS (Content Management System) to see if I could at least update some of it myself and found it very clunky and difficult to use, nothing compared to more intelligent CMS like Wordpress or Wix. I wrote a complaint and spoke to one of their support managers who acknowledged that a lot of the key information about the site going live (Eg Security Certificate and Emails going live) is purposely NOT documented (!!!) he also acknowledged my website design was of a much lower quality than any other designs he saw before from Havealook. But once I told him I had lost confidence that they could do a good job, he refused to refund me any money. I have now issued a formal complaint with NSW Fair Trading. I would suggest before you engage with this business to look at the small writing in their contracts, but guess what? By their own admission, a lot of that information is either unclear on their contracts or missing. And the little that you get is given to you AFTER you signed a contract committing to pay the full value of their services and that no refunds are available! Be careful who you are getting involved with.

Have a Look Website Designthey do not deliver what they promised, stay away!!

Have a Look website design did not design the website to the way they promised.

They mentioned they provide unlimited rounds of changes but this is a lie, they provided me 2 rounds and then tried to charge me for each round after, this is false advertising as on their website they mentioned they provide unlimited rounds of changes until you're happy.

When I asked for a refund they refuse to give it and made up a lot of excuses.

I would tell everyone else to stay completely away from as they ignore your emails and there 1300 number they never pick up and block your calls, not even sure if they're based in Australia as when you go to their Melbourne office it does not exist.

Havealook Websites — Websites

Havealook websites. With my own personal experience with havalook websites was not pleasant. Firstly they trick you into signing this contract allowing them to withdraw monies for...

www.havealook.netWeb design Hosting

AVOID or NTH Services
Poor service and standards. do not return your calls, or emails. Offices are not manned, and they are impossible to contact. NTH services take your money but poor or no services in return. Avoid for web design and hosting.

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    annon2011 Jul 18, 2011

    Yes avoid at all costs. They are a nitemare. I have sent 4 emails and had no reply. My sites are offline. so frustrating. They neaver answer tthe phone. A total rip off

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    Peter hooper Oct 02, 2015

    My dream website turns out to be a NIGHTMARE!

    Be VERY careful using this company! Havealook websites. With my own personal experience with havalook websites was not pleasant. Firstly I was tricked into signing a contract allowing them to withdraw monies for the total cost for the site even before its finished. Throuout the design period no one rang me to ask me what I wanted. I sent numerous emails stating what design and features I wanted, but herd nothing. I was getting scared as no one rang me? Odd?. I even sent a email asking why haven't any one rang me yet? I waited over a month to see a example of my new website. I was very excited. After seeing my website I was totally shocked. I cried. My dream website just became my nightmare! Are they for real? I wish I could post photos here? It was a horrible, horribly rushed website with no care given. Non of the features I asked for where there. And in parts of the site was even insulting! The design was ...Very very poor! At the time as soon as I saw this I rang my bank requesting a stop of any monies comming from my account. It was a good idea at the time. They gave me 3 revisions. No number of revisions could fix this! Anyway I told them exactly what I wanted and they still failed me. No website nothing? I herd nothing from them for weeks? A month passed and now they telling me the features I wanted they can't give me. I found the staff member that delt with me was extremely aragent. No one seemed to care what I wanted. I wasn't asking for a complex design here. I advised them soon as I get my website the payment will be made. I'm still waiting. I've gone to consumer affairs to get help! I'm going to see a solicitor to get help. Today I recieved a email from dun and Bradstreet requesting payment. I have not recieved my website but yet they sent a debt collector after me! I have not recieved my website yet nor it's hosting. I actually never even recieved a bill? This havalook website company does not play fair BE AWARE! This is my personal experience with HAVEALOOK websites.

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    George Wernstein Dec 16, 2019

    Very slow response time from Have a Look. I send an email and it usually takes 4 days for a response.

    When I call and ask to go over the phone with them to make the changes as it will be easier to explain they say to send everything via email as they do not do changes via the phone.

    Customer support is 0/5

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