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GoDaddy is engaging in an unethical, deceptive, bordering on criminal business practice. As some class-action lawsuits allege, they make a lot of their money the easy way. We purchased a domain name through them and when given the option to "renew annually" for five years we selected that with the understanding they would bill us each year (hence "annually"). Nowhere does it say they charge you all five years up front (by definition, NOT annually). On the Annual Renewal Settings page, it says nothing about payments, nor are users redirected to a checkout page, as is normally the case. The first indication there is a charge associated with the setting is on our bank statement, for which they also told us there is no way to get a refund! The representatives we spoke to on the phone also acknowledged that it does not give any indication of the charge. They offered a lot of excuses though none seemed to justify what appears to be blatant greed in NOT telling customers they will be immediately charged over $100 for *merely* changing a setting. I highly doubt they will rectify this as it is probably one way they make a lot of money, even if it is highly unethical. This is a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen. Do NOT do business with them. unless you're OK with being robbed.

Mar 12, 2017

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