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Gmac / terrible experience!

1 CA, United States Review updated:

Gmac mortgage sucks!!! I had heard on the news and also in the news paper that gmac was going to work with their customers to assist with their mortgage problems. That has not been the case. They have lied to the media!! They are no help at all. The first time I called, I got to their loss mitigation department, after going through 5 different people. I explained to this one individual in the loss mitigation department that my rate was going to adjust upward and that I would not be able to make payment. She took all of my personal information and said I was accepted as one to be helped. Gmac sent me a packet of paperwork for which I completed and sent back. I called to follow up with them and this time I got a person at gmac by the name of mark in the loss mitigation dept who said I had been denied for help. How could that be when they didn't even receive my information. I was denied two weeks before they even received my information. I asked if their department received my information and whether it will be reviewed. He could not tell me whether my information had been received. All he could tell me was that I was denied. I told him that they were forcing people to walk away from their homes with their lack of concern. He told me that since I have continued to make my payments on time, they could not do anything for me. I told him that I did not want to get to where I was missing my payments but that was likely to happen. He then said that if I miss payments, I would automatically be denied. So since I haven't missed any payments, they won't help me; if I do miss payments, they won't help me. What kind of crap is this? Gmac proclaims that they are the leader in helping people with their mortgage problems but that is a lie. I plan to report them to kron news and to acorn - a national housing advocacy group. Gmac should not lie to the media and say that they are in the forefront to help people. They are only giving people the run around. Why is our government stepping in and helping these financial institutions. They should be helping us consumers stay in our homes. They get the money and give us the shaft. We should all band together and walk from our gmac loans, if they continue to be play these game.

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  • Ma
      11th of Feb, 2008
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    Gmac - Repossession, release of title!
    United States

    In December 2017, I made a payment arrangement with GMAC on a past due balance but my car was repossessed two days before the agreed upon payment was due. I also experienced the long wait time when calling, the rude conversation from the phone representatives, and minimal information provided. I was told that the entire balance had to be paid in full in order for me to get the car back. I actually paid off the loan before the deadline date, but have still yet to receive my title. It has now been close to two months now with no lien release and no title. I have potential buyers of my car and desperately need the money. However, GMAC didn't hesitate to take my vehicle but are surely dragging their feet on releasing my title. I am sick and tired of getting the runaround and don't know who to contact now for better results.

  • Ba
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    Gmac - Extra fees!
    493 Mercer St.
    Jersey City
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: 201 451 5101

    I signed a loan with GMAC. The contract stated that I will pay 60 monthly payments with a value of $623.86 each month. The payments started on December 1st, 2017 and lasts until November 1st, 2017. I called GMAC and asked them to send me a payoff statement. They told me I would receive one, although I did not. I wanted to pay off my loan early which was why I sent all the remaining payments that I owed GMAC on February 2017 and they did not completely credit my check. They previously charged me inaccurate charges which was the reason for me calling GMAC many times to understand the origin of these charges. However, nobody answered me or solved this problem. They also tell me every time that I will receive a letter. No one at GMAC gave me an answer.

  • Va
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    Gmac - They overdrafted my checking account
    United States

    My name is Matthew Ty Person. I made an automatic payment through Gmac Financing’s online payment system. I schedule the payment to be taken from my bank account on July 4, 2017 (the day my paycheck is deposited). Gmac withdrew the fund June 20, 2017. My personal checking account manager has written a letter (attached) to Gmac demonstrating if this payment was not requested automatically June 20th, my account would not have been charge the $210 it overdraft fees. Further, if Gmac would have taken out the money on July 4th, there would be no problems with my checking account which is currently in limbo at approximately negative $578.

    I have contact Gmac about this. They did not call me back at first. I keep calling until I talked to someone, and after they asked me to have my bank manager write them the attached letter and fax it to their “Administrative Office” at 970-624-2781 for a decision. An office which does not take incoming calls I was told. The person that gave me the fax number then told me that I was wasting my time because since I choose to make the payment online, if the payment come out on the wrong date its my fault for using the online payment system.

    I then asked for a letter stating this. She told me that was not possible if its not on one of Gmac’s letter “templates”. I asked for a letter that stated I requested a payment to be withdrawn from my account on June 20, 2017 and that was also impossible. I asked if anything she stated in the conversation could be sent to me in a letter, and she said that was not possible without approval by legal. Her name was Christy and phone number 316-652-6454.

  • Je
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    In 2017 we smart bought (actually really dumb) an Envoy. We turned it in in March with 31, 000 miles. We got a letter from "Asset Recovery" stating that we owed for mileage over 36, 000. When I called I spoke with a Michael Buble and he screamed at me and treated me like garbage stating GMAC has pics of my odometer and I need to pay this amount. My New York State odometer reading showed the correct amount. I finally got word that we were released from this on June 3, 2017 via a letter in the mail. Today, GMAC called my home and my husband's work again stating we still owe this amount. I will never finance a car through them again. They treat you like a criminal, won't talk rationally, and decide you owe that amount without even investigating or having an odometer reading in front of them, and then release you, then hope you threw the letter out and will make you pay again. Such crap!!!

  • Sm
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    Gmac - Refusing to send billing statement
    GMAC Finance
    United States

    #008 90 1125328

    I have been advised my car has been paid off but your company states there was a late charge and has refused to send a statement to my home. It has also refused to take the late fee from the automated account which you drew from to take the payments these last FEW years. I have requested to spreak with a supervisor and held for several minutes only to have the call disconnected prior to one coming to the telephone. Do you want payment?

  • Do
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    Gmac - TACTICS
    United States


  • Sm
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    Gmac - Prepay Charge on Frozen Credit Line
    United States

    GMAC froze the $100K line of credit in early 2017 with only a $2500 balance.

    Initially, they sent me the letter of notification of the freeze. On my next statement, they charged me an annual 'use fee' even though the line was frozen. After many conversations I got the fee waived as an obvious excessive charge.

    Now, while I have not had use of the line and having lost six figures on the sale of my home, I am paying it off and they are charging a prepay penalty of $500 for this paltry $2500 balance and won't waive it. Seems ridiculous and excessive.

    Any others have similar issues?

  • Ge
      9th of May, 2009
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    Gmac - Lies, Fees, .........
    GMAC Mortgage
    United States

    I have been trying to work with GMAC since Dec of 08. I called them in Dec when I had missed my first payment to give them information on why I was late and was having a hard time. I was told to call the refi dept. In Jan. the Hope for Homeowners people sent in a modification request that was denied by GMAC because they said I had too little income. Funny though that a month later (when I was 3 months behind on my mortgage) I qualified for a modification. I have asked for a Home affordable Modification (obama plan) and have received nothing from them but the run around. I cant get any answers on the phone other than more questions. They have charged me $1400. in "fees" that they say are associated with my modification, but I dont have one yet and they refuse to send me any paperwork telling me what those fees are. The payment they have me at now are only $200 less than my original $3100 a month payment. If this is my modification, what a joke. This IS NOT what the Home Affordable Mod is suppose to be AND the fact that our government is pouring MILLIONS into this company while they screw the americans doing business with them is what makes me the most angry. Where is the accountability? Is the government even asking them if they are helping people before handing over our TAXDOLLARS?

  • Ed
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    Gmac - Terrible experience
    United States

    When we bought our Monte Carlo from GM we were given a price of 27500. Now that GMAC is going under, they told us that we were originally told we could buy out the car at the end of our lease for around 8000, but now we have to buy it out for 13500! The guy on the phone just kept saying, "That's not how we do Smart Buy anymore", when I said that so now you want us to pay 37000 not including interest for a 30000 vehicle, the guy just said sorry maam that's how the Smart Buy works now, but he can't find our contract to send us. Then he hung up on us! We will NEVER buy another GM vehicle again! These people tell you what you want to hear to buy the product and then change it later and say they will "reprimand" the person who told you wrong.

  • 2n
      18th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Where's your copy of the contract? (or leasing agreement). they can't just change it at will. That's what we have courts for. Also, make them produce a copy of it. Until they do they can't change the terms. If they can't produce it you have a stronger case in court.

  • St
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    Gmac - Stay away from GMAC
    United States

    My truck was at 99, 000 making awful noise I took it in they told me it was fuel filter, I called back and told them that didnt fix it(Roberts Auto Plaza-Platte City, MO), they told me to drive it awhile it had to reset the computer and all this BS and so I went back a few weeks later and they said it was the fuel regulator but now it was out of warranty so they wouldnt fix it. I called GMAC and based on the fact they didnt fix it right the first time Ashunti called me numerous times and told me to take it in pay for it and send GMAC teh receipt they would reimburse me the money -100 it would have cost had it been done correct the first time... Do you know after all this which was costly...she had the nerve to call me after I did everything she said to do and paid for this that GM has decided no we are not going to reimburse you...GM owes me my money... it was under warranty on the original complaint the part that I paid for actually fixed the problem I took it in for at 99, 000 and she told me they woudl do it ...I dont have $500 extra ...She lied and called me constantly to make sure I was getting the repair done so they could get this taken care of for me...

  • Jo
      12th of Nov, 2010
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    Gmac - Misplacing of payments and errors in payments
    GMAC Mortgage Inc
    PO Box 462
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-766-4622

    We have a mortgage with GMAC since 2017. Many instances have occurred where GMAC has either failed to process our extra principal correctly (putting it to the PIT instead of principal) or delaying or losing our extra principal payment. On top of that, there have been times when the statement/invoice for the upcoming month's payment either does not get to us, or gets to us around the 3rd week of the month before payment. I have called them innumerable times and they tend to put the blame/onus on the Postal System when delays have occurred. For instance, we sent an extra principal payment on the 2nd of November 2017; as of the 12th of November, they still haven't transacted my check. Also, the customer service section at GMAC said they sent their statment for December out on the 2nd of November (as of the 12th of Nov, we still have not received it). All other companies that we have transactions with (i.e., AT&T, Suntrust Mortgage, Dishnetwork) either receive our payments or get their invoices/statements within a range of 3-4 business days. Unfortunately, GMAC, time and again, seemingly fumble their statement processing and recording transactions. If I could, I would seek out someone in the constituency within this fair land of ours that would get GMAC to be held more responsible and to clean up their act. In another instance - 17 December 2017, we sent two checks to them without the statement (one of times they were quite late to send out a statement - one for the PIT and one for extra principal to the address given by the customer service rep. What happened was they processed the PIT payment but mislaid the extra principal check. It caused us to go our financial institution for a "stop payment" on the latter check. Almost miraculously (beign facetious here) GMAC "found?" the other check two days later.

    Quick observations: GMAC either doesn't have the staffing they need in Waterloo to run such a large business, their is intentionality in what they do (don't want to provide us with the opportunity to pay off our mortgage), or the personnel at GMAC are not interested in helping the customer in regards to their mortgage (yes, I have read the complaints addressed by other customers about GMAC so I see I am not in this boat alone.

    One name out there: GMAC CEO Steve Abreu at PO Box 462, Waterloo, IA 50704-4622. If he is the mastermind, address your concerns to him.

  • Vi
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    Gmac - Purchase of Home Contract.
    United States

    I am asking you to look into the practice of your company for the sale and purchase of a home. I saw a home that was listed and for sale by GMAC in the Altamonte Springs, Seminole County area of Central Florida. The property address at 633 Iris Street, Altamonte springs, Florida; Parcel Number: 15-21-29-516-0000-0260. The owner according to court records is GMAC Bank, 3476 Stateview Blvd, Ft. Mills, S.C. 29715.
    The listing agent on record is Tina Allman, EXIT Real Estate Results, 365 Wekiva Springs Rd. Longwood, Fl. 407-788-6474. MLS # 05003067.
    On November 18th, 2017, I received an email from the seller stating that "Congratulations- Your offer at 633 Iris Street has been accepted for the asking price. Attached was the contract addendum for signature and a cheque for $2017.00 issued to ALBERTELLI Law in escrow.
    All the original forms were filled out and the cheque # 1242 given to Sylvester Harding, my Real Estate Broker, Sierra Realty Group, [protected], 407-979-4473; on November 19, who made sure it was turn in to the Law Office the same day.
    Now 11/30/2017, we receive an email stating that we did not get the sale because it was now turn down for a cash offer. That is really unfair and unethical. This was a Contract signed by myself and my wife for this property. We are working professionals.
    We could not understand why it was taking so long with the return contract until we got the word from the seller Tina Allman from GMAC. This is not good practice, very poor and unethical and unprofessional. Is this the way they do business, I hope no one else get involved like this. Pathetic.
    We had our plan for this home as ours. All our friend and family was getting the news for the new year holiday schedule after the closing.
    Could you please look into it and get back to me. Thanks for the time.

  • Cy
      5th of May, 2011
    0 Votes
    Gmac - Cynthia dennis
    United States

    I leases and 2017 envoy and the tires were stolen and my insurance company replace them and when I turned the car in I reminded the saleman that the cap to the wheels were in the trunk because I didn't want them to be stolen again. I later was billed for them and turned over to a collection agency and expalained this to gmac for the forth time. This is rediculious and this matter needs to be resolve immediately or I will contact my attorney for harrassment charges.

    Thank You
    Ms. Dennis

    I cann be reached at 248 398-0011 or 248 388-1215

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