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Freedom Mortgage reviews & complaints

Freedom Mortgage complaints 83

Freedom Mortgage - Appraisal to meet closing date

I have been trying to work with Freedom mortgage refinance for weeks. Barbara White informed me 2 weeks ago that just waiting on appraisal and closing scheduled for Oct 15. Well, here I am without...

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Freedom Mortgage - Mortgage pay off - 15 days plus now

On 8/27/21 I emailed a payoff request in for Barbara Rodriguez, for loan # [protected], last 4 of her SSI# is 1675. Barbara is now deceased, and via Warranty Deed Peggy Zielinski is the Successor of...

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Freedom Mortgage - Fraudulent charges on refi - truth in lending violations!!!

Freedom Mortgage company, located in New Jersey has fraudulently enticed me to refinance through freedom mortgage, who is also my current mortgage lender - by falsifying documents, pressuring me to agree to illegal terms, and fraudulently charge illegal fees that do not apply to me. I have been in constant communication relating to the false documents and charges with freedom mortgage and their legal department - who have failed to correct it, but admit that freedom mortgage has acted incorrectly.
Therefore, due to not being able to refinance as initially agreed, only due to the intentional delay caused by freedom and because I will not agree to false charges, I am still stuck paying PMI, Freedom mortgage holds my escrow account which also should have been refunded through the refi, and cost me so much time and effort to prove their lies and constant violation in truth and lending practices and violation of RESPA

Please help take action against this lender who is well aware of their violations and makes no attempt to correct it.

Desired outcome: Correction of refi documents and charges, and to pay my invoice for all the time i had to work for to correct freedom mortgage violations

Freedom Mortgage - Loan loss draft department

On may 26th our home had a flood that we had to claim through insurance. We recieved the check from insurance on friday june 11th and called freedom mortgage to find out what the process was. We...

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Freedom Mortgage - payment not received

I got yesterday June 29th, 2021 a mortgage statement from Freedom Mortgage dated o6/18/2021. My account with Freedom Mortgage is [protected]. My name is Razvan Desliu and I reside at 1979 Nabo Court, Ione, CA. Freedom Mortgage is the company I pay my mortgage to.
The mortgage statement states that they have not received my June payment.
The statement said that I will be charged also a late fee of $26.07
I called the Golden 1 credit union and told me that the payment for June was sent on the 28th of May 2021 in the amount of $ 900.32 Dollars. They gave me trace # [protected].
I called Freedom Mortgage and talked with Miranda ID #6015 after 40 min. of listening to the sad music they have on the line.
Today 06/30/21 I got a message from Golden 1 CU which said that my payment for the sum of $900.32 Dollars was sent to Freedom Mortgage for the month of July.
Please help me, for this is not the first time Freedom Morgage is doing this to me.
Thank you.

Razvan Desliu
1979 Nabo ct.
IONE CA. 95640

Freedom Mortgage - Escrow in mortgage is errors and non-responaw

Account # [protected]
We recently refinanced with Freedom Mortgage in February. We were contracted for _____. By March, we noticed that our monthly payments increased and kept increasing each month. I called more than 5 times in the last two months and sent an email complaint to find out why our mortgage rate increased substantially. I was told it was an escrow issue. It is interesting that this seemed to occur after I sent our recent tax bill to to Freedom. My guess is your company may have duplicated the taxes on our escrow and raised the monthly mortgage rate because of that error.

None of the representatives I spoke to could actually tell me what was going on. I asked questions and not one person I spoke to could answer them. One rep told me the increase was due to a ‘supplemental fee' and Freedom was waiting to be recompensated for overpayment of over $3, 000 for our taxes. I called our county tax people and was told they never charged a ‘supplemental tax, nor did they get a request for a return of an overpayment of over $3, 000 in taxes. They also said if they were over-paid they would have sent it back to Freedom. In fact, our taxes actually decreased since last year. I've been told over and over again that your team would investigate this issue, yet no one has answers—there has been no resolution. The reps simply read off of their computer screen but can't tell me what's going on.

The last time I called, I asked to speak to a manager, and was told a manager would definitely call me back. No one has called back and that was over a month ago. I truly believe that your company has handled this issue horribly and I believe an error occurred during the refinancing process yet, Freedom refuses to investigate this issue. At this point, we are now paying almost $200 a month more for our mortgage payments then we did before we refinanced and based on what we contracted for. This has been a very unpleasant experience. At this point, because of your company's lack of response to this issue, I'm considering contacting my lawyer and will certainly contact the Better Business Bureau. Since we refinanced, I've had nothing but problems that can't seem to be resolved.

Desired outcome: Investigate, contact, and rectify

Freedom Mortgage - Overall loan servicing

I refinanced through Freedom Mortgage and closed on March 3, 2021. The closing was late due to the paperwork showing my wife as a power of attorney. They wanted to back it up by 2 weeks thu...

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Freedom Mortgage - Home Repairs

Our home is in desperate need of repairs. We have been living on the property for about 12 plus years. Our roof was damage due to bad weather recently. The damage was so severe that there is water damage inside the home as well as mold that is in it now. I have contacted Freedom Mortgage and have spoke with several representatives. The insurance company have released funds to pay for the damage. The only problem is that Freedom Mortgage only sent a small amount to get started on the repairs. I have never heard of any Mortgage company holding money and sending out small increments to get any repairs done on a home. My husband and I are mortified. This home will be unlivable if no repairs are done ASAP. We have been patiently waiting for about 2 months now to get the repairs done. There is extensive amount of water damage inside the home and a roof that needs to be replaced. We are in process of contacting a lawyer in regards to this matter. This is BAD BUSINESS ON A MORTGAGE COMPANIES PART TO DO THIS.

Freedom Mortgage - Refinancing mortgage

We started the refinancing process in November of 2020, it is now almost the end of March 2021, with no closing date in site! This has been the worst experience, and I will Never recommend Freedom Mortgage to anyone. Our client advocate is impossible to get in touch with. She does not communicate what is going on with us first calling the company and speaking to 3-5 different people each time we call. I haven't spoken to the same person twice. I cannot even get the manager to call me back with information on setting a closing date for this refinancing of our mortgage. Absolutely the worst experience.

Also, it's taken so long that the rates have gone up since we started. I hope that doesn't affect our outcome.

Desired outcome: Closing on our mortgage

Freedom Mortgage - Refinance dept

On 12/04/2020 I apply for a refinance loan on my home 317 Longhollow Way,
Coalinga, CA 93210.
My loan officer was Jordan Weisbly as of today 03/17/2021 my loan is still not closed and so many problems with this loan. They have change the loan number once, because someone made a big mistake on it. We have always sent paperwork in on time when need. We have been sent from one person to other on the phone so many times. We have left phone call for Jordan Weisbly and emails. He never response. We also left a phone call to his boss John and no response from him either. Not sure what's going on with this loan. Sending the old refinance loan number when we started this loan. The new refinance loan number is [protected] and I never received loan estimate paper work on this number.
Thank you
Ruben Juarez

Desired outcome: Still in process

Freedom Mortgage - Failure to follow through with loan closing and lack of communication

We had a closing date 2/26/21, scheduled and then on the day of the closing they had to stop because they put the loan number as the property house number!! I had to call my contact and then a hot...

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Freedom Mortgage - Website payment screen

I have chosen NOT to use "autopay". So every month I get on the website to try and pay my mortgage payment. Nope...every month I log in, and then get redirected to the payment screen. The payment screen immediately gets the same idiot popup every time, exhorting me to refinance. When I choose to click "continue to my account", it loops to a screen-filling popup with the excuse du jour technical problem notice, and then loops over, and over, and over. For God's sake get someone who is able to set up a website that is reliable, useful and something I can depend on.

Desired outcome: Fix your stupid website. 10th try.

Freedom Mortgage - Contacting them regarding a refinance

Filled out the forms online that they requested. Waited over a week and attempted to call them. They had a recording that asked that customers fill out forms on their website. I repeated the calling process and finally talked to a real person. She said I will have someone with you shortly. Waited over 2 hours and decided to read the review on Freedom Mortgage. Their website is full of praises. I've been a customer for years as they bought my loan. I have never had any personal interaction with them until I wanted to borrow more money. I guess they have more business than they need. Poor Service in these financial times!

Desired outcome: Warn others not to use this company

Freedom Mortgage - Refinancing my mortgage with freedom mortgage

Good Evening, Hope the reader is doing well and staying safe. I am writing due to having an originating loan refinance by Freedom mortgage due to never having issues or problems with Freedom...

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Freedom Mortgage - Service complaint

Amanda Gillespie opened a loan application without my permission in November 2020. We are getting phone calls daily from loan officers trying to get us to complete this loan application. We have explained many times that we did not start a loan application. The phone calls are to the point of harassment. We contacted Amanda Gillespie directly who rudely told us to call Servicing and then transferred us/hung up on us. Please listen to the recorded call. We have spoken with Micah Thompson ID 162469, Steve in Servicing ID 16318, Amanda Gillespie ID 1454534 and Karen ID 43053 just today. We have been working to stop this for 2 months now. No one has been able to stop this loan application or stop the phone call harassment. We have filed a complaint with the US Consumer Complaints.

Desired outcome: We expect our phone numbers to be put on your Do Not Call List, for Amanda Gillespie to receive a written reprimand in her employment file for having deplorable customer service, or this loan application to be permanently withdrawn.

Freedom Mortgage - Establishing an escrow account

I have tried repeatedly to set up an escrow account with Freedom Mortgage, but without success. After reading other negative reviews, it might be better if I don't have one with them. They have been completely incompetent with my requests by email, mail, phone and secure messaging with online account. I have sent all of my documents by mail and by email and have received no confirmation whatsoever that my documents were received. Do not use Freedom Mortgage. They are incompetent, impolite and do not belong in the service sector.

Freedom Mortgage - Customer service

I called Freedom Mortgage this morning to request an early disbursement of my property taxes. Erin in Customer Service Center could not give me the direct number and transferred me internally to the Tax Department. I spoke to Shonte who said I would have to be transferred back to Customer Service to ask for a "Loan Processor and ask for an early disbursement". The person who answered said her name was Keon? and pretended she couldn't hear me before disconnecting the call. I called back and spoke to Michelle in Customer Servivce who transferred to someone by the name of Cheryl Ann, who transferred me to Robert in Escalations, who said his department doesn't process those type of requests and that I would need to speak to someone in the Escrow Department. Ultimately, I was transferred back to Customer Service to a representative named Lisa (ID# 10841).

Freedom Mortgage - Billing

I purchased my home and Freedom Mortgage carried the note until summer of 2020. Freedom Mortgage contacted me and offered a refinance due to lower rates. The refi closed in mid-June which led to the...

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Freedom Mortgage - Streamline refinance

My name is Ronald G George. I have a current loan with Freedom Mortgage and have attempted 3 times to refinance my loan. The Closing company have been to my home 3 straight months and the documents have been incorrect every time. This is very unprofessional of Freedom Mortgage and I'm totally frustrated with there services. I attempted to close today 30 Sep 20 for a third time, documents where still incorrect. I'm now looking elsewhere to get a new streamline VA loan. I live in Clinton, Md

Freedom Mortgage - Misappropriation of funds/false reporting to credit bureau

After realizing Freedom had reported me as late to the credit bureau, I contacted them, provided them with their own confirmation numbers; mailed to me following a payment and also with bank record...

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