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American Home Recovery / Trying to modify my loan without authorization!


AHR has been "requesting" a loan modification on my home loan with BOA thru an email that was NEVER authorized by me. I never even heard of this company!! I only found out b/c BOA listed my home loan online as "in the process of a mortgage workout". This has happened now 2 months in a row...

American Home Recovery / Mortgage Modification SCAM


This is follow-up information. I have been in contact with an FBI Special Agent out of New York. I have shared my file of contact information concerning American Home Recovery. Please fill out an Internet Crime Complaint Form at and please contact FBI SA...

American Home Recovery / Scam


Unsolicited letter and initial phonecalls promising the world to modify existing mortgage. Wanted almost $8, 000.00 up front! I modified the contract to wire $1, 000.00 to their Bank of America account, with a final balance due of $3, 995 if and when my mortgage company accepts the...

American Home Recovery / fraud


I am posting this to let others know NOT!!! to deal with this company. Everyone that has dealt w/ them have similar complaints, they tell you that they can modify your mortgage loan, they have a "relationship" w/ whomever your mortgage is with. They promise you everything take 1500.00...

American Home Recovery / Mortgage Modification


To those in the seeking loan modification assistance please beware of American Home Recovery (AHR). I have been working with AHR to modify my loan since November 2008, a process which they informed me should take no longer than two months. At the beginning (before receiving full payment...