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Resolved gmac mortgage fraud

This arbitrarily placed a 12 year old closed account back on my credit report despite knowing that the account had been assumed by another party and despite reporting the account as closed for the last 12 years. They were unwilling to change the information when given evidence of their mistake. They were unable to produce any documentation supporting their placement of the account on my credit report. AS a result, while waiting 30 days for it to come off of my credit report, I lost the house that we had been closing on since my credit score dropped from 775 to 615 because of this one derogatory account. GMAC showed complete lack of customer service or understanding. I can only hope that they go out of business and that the government does not bail out this inept company.

  • Ro
    Robert Rodney Vance Nov 05, 2009

    I had a variable rate mortgage with GMAC. a couple of years ago they informed me they were soon to reset, I asked to have my interest rate reduced, they refused to discuss. I was soon contacted by a company called Hurricain Mortgage, they offered an 8.5% 30 year fixed rate and told me this a one time offer that I should take even though I was sure I could not show ability to repay. That was a perfect example of predatory lending as they were obviously in cahoots with GMAC You may ask why I believe this, that's easy Gmac bought the loan before it was a signed deal! The appraiser was no doubt in bed with them as she appraised the house for $250, 000.00, a nice round number taht allowed me to borrow $225, 000.00 which paid off most of my depts. However at 69 years old I had to go back to work in order to make the payments. I am now 71 and still working but now have heart problems and don't know how much longer I will be able to work. My payment is due on the first but they give a grace period of 14 days, therefore I never make the payment before the 14th. They now call each Month from India, the person calling is barely inteligable and I am pissed to no end. I think since GMAC took our tax money that will love what I propose. I think the house may appraise for $150, 000.00 by a real bank appraiser and I am willing to sell it for that as long as my debt is cleared.
    As a foot note: They took our tax money to bail them out but the still out source there telephone business to India. " Great American Company SLOBS!

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  • Ro
    Robert Rodney Vance Nov 05, 2009

    I can only say you are all a bunch of crooks!

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  • In
    In-Shock Nov 14, 2009

    GMAC trustee services sold my house while they were doing modifications with me. They even sent me paper works a few days earlier! GMAC and their trustee services didn't even know the my home was sold! I was the person to inform them when I got notice in mail to vacate my home. I had a friend pull up the title to my home and indeed it was fraudulently sold! I called GMAC and trustee services and then and only then did they realize something went wrong! And to top it off, the person from the trustee's office that supposedly sold my home doesn't exist! GMAC's trustee services doesn't have him anywhere on their payroll and his title "Limited Signing Officer" doesn't exist either. GMAC and their trustee services keep telling me, they are going to fix it. Their legal departments are working on fixing the situation. Why do I not believe them! In the meantime I had to respond to the "Unlawful Retainer" letter from the crooks that bought my home. And when I told GMAC I needed to respond, they of course told me to wait! I only have 10 days! I'm not going to wait and see how else I can get screwed over! There's more to my story, but too much details. I have all my paper works, every note, name and person I spoke to. I spent over 16K trying to modify loan with GMAC to pay fees and this, that and others, and and I am completely broke. I thought I was in the clear and as long as I could stay in my home with my 4-legged kids, I was ok with it. I am going to fight back tooth and nails now! It's time for us to write to our representatives. Write to your senator, Attorney General and Trade Commission and contact news media. I live in CA and if you live in CA and have similar story, please email me. I want to send a fat envelope full of our complains and letters to Attorney General Jerry Brown, Trade Commission and Senator Boxer. [email protected]

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  • Ba
    Barbara58 Jan 24, 2010

    GMAC Mortgage is a terrible company they are trying to scam my 85 year old blind mother out of her home I have tried on several occasisons to obtain one of their bogus loan modifications. Each time they tell me the packet has expired, in the first place this loan should have never been granted. Had they checked her income they(New World Mortgage Company) would've seen that she did not qualify for a loan. Oops, I forgot along with GMAC, Bank One, and Chase Bank were all out to scam an 85 year old woman and not to mention she was blind at the signing of the paperwork. The necessary paperwork was sent in to cancel the loan after New World Mortgage said they never received that paperwork my Mom was afraid that the bank would try to take her home. She told me to start paying the loan she was being charged $700.00 per month out of a $1, 100.oo income per month. A New World Mortgage employee signed my Mom's paperwork put it through, got the loan approved, and it has been a nightmare every since then. It has gone from Bank One as I said before to chase bank and now to GMAC Mortgage who has lied to my Mom, they have all been deceptive, and rude. Something needs to be done quickly about all of these mortgage companies who are treating people so poorly I can only hope, pray, and trust that God will repay them in his way for such vicious deeds

    A Very Angry Daughter.

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  • Wh
    whitelighter Sep 01, 2010

    Let me be upfront and honest with all of you. I had my loan modified with GMAC scam artists. My loan was reduced from 933.00 to 486.85 per month. Dec of 09 it was finalized. On April of 2010 i receive a phone from them telling me my payments were late and that my house payment was 910.00 a month. After hours, days, weeks, months of arguing, fighting finding out more lies they told me i contacted the FTC, Attorney Generals Office, the Governor, and a lawyer. There is nothing you can do because the modifcation loans are not governed by any state or federal guidelines. In lamens terms the investor who approves it can do or change anything they want to with your mortgage and there is nothing you can do about it but hope you have enough equity and sell.

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Resolved fraud, fraud, fraud

I took out a mortgage with gmac mortgage in 2001. When the initial payment due date was near I did not receive a statement. Not wishing to be accused of making a late payment I contacted gmac by phone and requested the address to make the payment. I was given an address and sent the payment prior to due date.

I was never given credit for the payment. Gmac kept accusing me of failing to make the payment for over two years. During this period I was in touch wit them numerous times on this matter but never got any satisfaction.

Two years later I took out a new mortgage and paid gmac off. After the new loan had closed gmac finally returned my payment by sending it to the escrow company that handled the new loan.

In 2008 I checked my credit reports and found gmac had been and was still sending negative reports to the credit reporting bureaus. I contact gmac and asked that this be corrected. I got a letter stating that they need further information. This in spite of the fact I gave them the complete loan number at the time of my complaint.

To this date I have not received any further correspondence from gmag nor has the credit report error been corrected.

I consider their actions slanderous a damaging to my credit and reputation.

  • Ro
    Robert Rodney Vance Nov 05, 2009

    I had a variable rate mortgage with GMAC. a couple of years ago they informed me they were soon to reset, I asked to have my interest rate reduced, they refused to discuss. I was soon contacted by a company called Hurricain Mortgage, they offered an 8.5% 30 year fixed rate and told me this a one time offer that I should take even though I was sure I could not show ability to repay. That was a perfect example of predatory lending as they were obviously in cahoots with GMAC You may ask why I believe this, that's easy Gmac bought the loan before it was a signed deal! The appraiser was no doubt in bed with them as she appraised the house for $250, 000.00, a nice round number taht allowed me to borrow $225, 000.00 which paid off most of my depts. However at 69 years old I had to go back to work in order to make the payments. I am now 71 and still working but now have heart problems and don't know how much longer I will be able to work. My payment is due on the first but they give a grace period of 14 days, therefore I never make the payment before the 14th. They now call each Month from India, the person calling is barely inteligable and I am pissed to no end. I think since GMAC took our tax money that will love what I propose. I think the house may appraise for $150, 000.00 by a real bank appraiser and I am willing to sell it for that as long as my debt is cleared.
    As a foot note: They took our tax money to bail them out but the still out source there telephone business to India. " Great American Company SLOBS!
    10 mins ago by Robert Rodney Vance 0 Votes

    I can only say you are all a bunch of crooks!

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  • Pm
    P. Michaels Oct 14, 2010

    In 2006 I was defrauded by Homecomings Financial who was owned by GMAC. When Homecomings went under GMAC took over my loans. The Mortgage Broker, John Somers of Adventure Mortgage, along with David Karcher of Homecomings/GMAC stated terms to me which were then set-out in my Good Faith and Truth-in-Lending Statements. At the closing table certain facts were not clear. I, in front of witnessses, questioned the terms which were explained to me, in detail, by John Somers, David Karcher, the closing attorney-Stuart Garner who was on the phone with another Homecomings/GMAC rep who, as Stuart defined, was in complete agreement with what was being represented to me. Certain documentation was promised to me which I was told would outline the stated terms in more precise detail. I signed the Note under the guidance of John Somers, David Karcher and Stuart Garner - IN BIRMINGHAM, AL. Upon receiving my first Statement, in Feb. 2007, there were discrepancies which prompted me to phone Homecomings/GMAC with said discrepancies never being explained. I was and have since been treated with such ongoing abuse by GMAC it is incomprehensible. I AM A SINGLE WOMAN ATTEMPTING TO CARE FOR MYSELF AND MY 80 YEAR-OLD MOTHER. I HAVE WORKED EXTREMELY HARD ALL MY LIFE TO ACCOMPLISH THE PURCHASE OF MY HOME.

    The promised documentation outlining the precise details never arrived. GMAC began to immediately threaten foreclosure, although I was in touch with Tony Renzi/CEO, attempting to act in GOOD FAITH. Tony Renzi and other executives with GMAC have tortured me since 2007. I was forced to file a lawsuit in April, 2007 in an effort to save my home and to protect me and my Mother. Mother and I have compounded health issues related to this horrific, torturous situation perpetrated upon me.


    I have contacted the U.S. Attorney, the FBI who have told me to contact the FTC, etc. We ALL know the FTC is in coersion with the Lenders as is our Government in general. PLEASE, PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP MOTHER AND I CONTACT ME AT 205.706.1211.

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  • Pm
    P. Michaels Apr 04, 2013

    John Somers - Adventure Mortgage CANNOT be trusted. Please, please do not entrust John with any matter related to your finances or your money. He is a very dishonest, unscrupulous, immoral person regardless of his affiliation with church, 'perceived powerful' entities in the community, etc. He is extremely self-serving and will go to any lengths to make money in any way possible. John will not hesitate to destroy your life.

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  • Tr
    TRUTHandFACTS123 Jun 30, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    John Somers, his complicit wife and certain of their 'associations' will not hesitate to destroy a family''s life all in pursuit of pilfering as much of your money as possible. DISHONEST, UNETHICAL, IMMORAL - Cannot be trusted on ANY level. These people go to church and present themselves as good and holy.
    They are NOT.
    EVIL and GREEDY best describes them. They have proven their true character.
    PLEASE do not entrust these people!!!

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Resolved discrimination

I wish to file four (4) complaints against gmac bank.

Gmac bank has not given the same equal opportunity to open accounts and earn the higher interest rates they advertise on t. V. To all who apply. Thus I wish to also file complaints of false advertising over television against gmac bank due to this. And I wish to file complaints against gmac bank for discriminating against me for having had to place a fraud alert on my credit reports by refusing to properly identify applicants effectively thus intentionally refusing accounts thus intentionally refusing to allow me to earn the higher interest rates advertised on television.

Gmac bank has been advertising higher interest rates over television.

In may of 2008 I had applied to open a $1000.00 cd at the higher interest rate offered. Gmac bank never called me on the account. I finally had to contact gmac bank to request information on opening the account. I was informed that they had received the information and they requested I fax a copy of my drivers license. Then gmac bank requested I fax the drivers license twelve more times. No one could ever tell me why they wanted so many copies of my drivers license, but no one would help me either. I finally called charter bank and charter bank verified me over the phone using information from my credit report and opened the cd at a lower interest rate.

After that I sent another application to open an account to gmac bank. And there was no reply from gmac bank at all. I then in january of 2009 sent an application to open a savings account with gmac bank at the higher interest rate advertised on television. I never heard from gmac bank even though I sent in a copy of my drivers license, a bank statement for a checking account which I had used to fund the new account, my most recent paystub giving my name address and social security number, copy of a statement sent to me by charter bank on my ira cd's that also gave my name address and social security number and a copy of my most recent $100.00 us savings bond also giving my name address and social security number. When I called I was informed that they had received the application and $10.00 check and that they would be calling me in 4 to 5 days. I never received a call at all. Instead gmac bank returned everything to me denying an account as not being able to identify me. Gmac bank did not even try to identify me at all. I have sent all of that information and proof of identity to the federal reserve of atlanta ga with complaint of discrimination in banking. Gmac bank has not even tried to verify me by calling me to verify with credit report info.
In 4 attempts to open accts I have only been called once by gmac bank without helping me at all.

I sent a new application with identifying information to gmac bank in february of 2009. Gmac bank finally called me at my job and asked that I return the call. When I got home I called gmac bank new accounts. I was then asked to fax my drivers license more than once again. Upon my next call same day, february 9, 2009, I was told that by the girl that answered that she had opened many accounts that day for others who opened their accounts with even less than I had asked to open my account for. When I asked this girl why the discrimination against me? Why if gmac bank would open accounts for others but would not at all work with me or contact me to verify me; I asked why the discrimination against me? The girl replied to me, "I see you have a fraud alert placed on your credit file". And I told her that was no reason to discriminate against me. I asked to speak with a manager. I was told that there was no manager there or available and that she would take my information and have a manager call me on february 10, 2009. That call has never come in. Gmac bank then has discriminated against me because I have had to place fraud alerts on my credit reports thus using this to refuse to identify those who apply for accounts as I am a prime example.

Thus gmac bank, by not giving the same equal and fair opportunity to bank services, fails everyone.

  • Ka
    kashanks2 May 03, 2012

    I would echo your comments and add that #GMAC Mortgages discriminates against Veterans. Long story short, I was purchasing a short sale where they were the primary lender. The deal was agreed upon until the 2nd lienholder asked for their share of the money. I was utilizing closing allowances that #GMAC had granted, in addition to covering $5k that GMAC wanted the seller to provider. My lender also allowed me to increase the sales price to make all lienholders happy in order to close the deal. #GMAC then canceled the contract because they we not getting as much as they though; put the house back on the market, and then disallowed VA to be a funding source! Straight DISCRIMINATION against VETERANS. Considering us taxpayers were forced to bail these guys out a few years ago from filing bankruptcy, you think they would have better sense. DO NOT USE GM, GMAC OR ALLY BANK for anything! GREEDY!

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Resolved customer service

I had switched my online savings to gmac a few months ago since they had a high rate (comparatively). When conducting an online transfer, I got an error message from the website stating to call. I called and the person was very friendly and assisted me in making the 10k transfer out of my checking.
2 days later, I find out that they processed the transfer twice - taking 20k out of my checking. This unauthorized transfer of funds put me in the red with my checking. When I called them to request they transfer the money back, they stated they had no record of any issue with the website or any error messages and that they could not put the money back. I would have to do a regular transfer that takes 3-5 business days. They also had a wire service that I could use that would transfer the money in one day, but they would charge me a fee for it.

I am now charged a fee from my checking account for insufficient funds.

I tried to close out my account with gmac due to this debacle, and so I transferred the account balance back into my checking. Apparently gmac didn't know enough about banking to know that the extra 10k they tried to take from me would be rejected by my checking account, therefore making the gmac balance that I was trying to retrieve incorrect. Now when the transfer goes from gmac to my checking, I will have insufficient funds with gmac. They then will have to take more money out of my checking to cover this.

My complaint is the following: why don't the people who work at this bank's customer service department who have authorization to move money into their bank have no knowledge of finance or banking?
Should people with no knowledge in this area be allowed to touch peoples' money? Should they be allowed to engage in unauthorized transactions with no repercussions? Should they be allowed to charge fees for their own incompetence?

Apparently the answers to all these questions is yes. This is bad business and I will never use gmac again. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a bank and I would advise anyone thinking of opening an account or keeping an account with them to think again.

Resolved apathetic company

Listen to my story... i lose my income in June, 2008... obviously a problem considering i have a $619 monthly payment each month, including my other bills. Meanwhile, GM is hemorraghing money and needs one bailout after another. So GM is begging for money to keep their business alive, yet harrassing its individual car owners for money who are broke due to unemployment. I proved to them my unemployment letter and have been looking for income since. GM is performing illegal acts of treason against US Citizens. On one hand, I have paid income taxes for 25 years to support the American Gov't, and then my gov't turns around and bails out the company who is threatening to repossess my car. Well the car got repossessed last week. if you take the approximate bailout money received by GM of $44 billion and divide it by an average vehicle cost of $15, 000 a piece, the number of free cars given to GM equates to 2.8 million. GM needs to give the taxpayers their due by putting a moratoriam on repossessions this year. A company like GM cant take money on one end (gov't), and hurt individuals who are struggling on the other end. Its stories like mine, and I am informing people about my situation which will cement GM's history as a defunct company. Myself or my friends will never buy another car built by GM. GM is about as much anti-American as AL Queda. I will keep telling my story and contribute to GM's final demise.

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Resolved collections calls while

I had a stellar account with gmac until march 2008. It was at that time I lost 100% of my income because of an ongoing civil rights the past year I have sent numerous emails to various individuals at gmac requesting someone contact me regarding what my options are in this situation. Unfortunately, since last april I have not received a single response to my emails.

In fact I have received just the opposite of the assistance I have requested in my numerous emails. I recently began working at a temporary job, therefore, I cannot receive telephone calls at work. Per the fdcpa I informed your customer service representatives that I am at work and can be reached after 5:00pm. Unfortunately, I still receive at least 3 phone calls before 5:00pm. I answer each one and say the same thing. Last week alone I received over 25 phone calls before 5:00pm. Today, I have received 3. Again, this is after telling the representative that I am at work and cannot receive calls.

I must say that I am deeply disappointed with the way this situation has been handled by gmac. I would have thought that companies like general motors and gmac would be especially sympathetic to consumers who find themselves facing financial hardships and who have no one to turn to for a bailout. Ironically, it has been the companies like hyundai who have not faced the same financial challenges and woes as their customers who have been empathetic, sympathetic, and understanding. To me, this is very sad. I truly hope there is some way that gmac can work with me in my current situation as I have tried to be more than informative with gmac (even when I am contacted repeatedly while at work when I have stated I am at work.)

  • Jo
    Johnny Burton Mar 08, 2009

    Civil rights? Are you STILL hiding behind that? That excuse is getting old. I am a minority and I am tired of my people bringing that up. If you get fired, you get fired. White people get fired all the time and don't file lawsuits.. in fact, they don't even get hired because they're white. Equality is exactly that, EQUALITY. Pay your bills, if you can't pay your bills, go through the proper channels and locate resources. Civil rights... PLEASE. This isn't 1965. Get over it. Everyone struggles. Every color.

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Resolved insurance

GMAC sold my mortgage to these knuckleheads in November. I never had a problem w/proof of insurance w/GMAC, but such is not the case w/Everhome because Everhome is also in the business of selling homeowners insurance @ a "premium" Allstate twice faxed the proof of insurance and I have sent proof of insurance via certified mail only to be charged 2.5 k for insurance purchased by them for my home. I have also sent several faxes, which just happen to end up too dark to read.

I was told in January that they had received the proof of insurance and would be removed from the website in 3-5 business days, but that story has now been changed to never been received.

May monthly payment have jumped from 1400 to 1900? Needless to say I have hired an attorney and filed a complaint w/the state.

Evil company - avoid @ all costs.

Resolved auto financing

GMAC and Auto financing is the worst ever. I will never ever use General Motors or GMAC financing until the...

Resolved repossession tactics

GMAC repossessed my car 02-12-09; my son had dropped me at the train station. When he came home 2 repo men and 2 phony Sheriff's officer armed with bolt cutters etc. Approached my son telling him they came to repossess the car. My son tried to reach me; but in the subway you can't get a single. So he asked the 2 uniformed officers for identification; none was produced. The only reason they didn't cut the gate lock was because the dogs were sitting at the gate. Oh, I almost forgot the two uniformed officers arrived with lights flashing atop the squad car. I've filed a formal complaint with the Cook County Sheriff's office and was informed if they were in fact sheriff's police and took part in this repossession they can be suspended or both. Techincally, they were on duty and secondly should not have taken part in the repossession especially in uniform. If they were not sworn officers they face even bigger problems. GMAC sucks; but they want a bailout--they should fold.

Angry consumer

  • Si
    sillyme Feb 27, 2009

    So...exactly how is it GMAC's fault that you didn't pay your bill?

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  • Dw
    dw2 May 09, 2009

    If people paid there bills they wouldn't need a bailout.

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  • Em
    Emilio Estevez Aug 12, 2009

    There's a right way and a wrong way to do things. Under no circumstances can you impersonate a law enforcement officer. If that is what happened here, GMAC can be sued for wrongful repossession and the repomen can lose their licenses, if not charged with a crime.

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Resolved ridiculous late fees!

My husband and I have been driving cadilacs now for over 8 years. This past june the lease on our 2004...

Resolved scam

I received a call telling me that my son was 2 months past due (i co-signed). My son said he tried over and over again for them to help him. He lost his job and found another but it was a big pay cut.

I called and was able to get his payments deferred. He made a payment. I received a call from a Ms.Nelly Roberts (needs attitude adjustment) said my sons check bounced and less i could give her a check that day for 3 months she was going to have the call repoed. My son informed me that his check cleared. I had him go to the bank and get a copy of the front and the back of the check. We called Ms Roberts left a message for her to call me back. To this day 3 weeks later she still has not called back. I was able to get a hold of another collection rep who informed me that they did receive tha payment and that it was a human error in posting. I think someone should have called even just to say hey sorry there was an error.

Resolved overcharged

I just returned my car to gmac smartlease. The car is in impectable condition. My husband and I have photos of the car just before we turned them.

Gmac smartlease is trying to assess $809.39 in charges for a damaged bumper. I have contacted marcus at gmac numerous times. I have explained to him about the photos. First, he hung up on me. Then, he said he could not verify who I was, despite giving my name, address, and account number. When he finally responded to me, he said he could not verify that the photos were recent.

This company is bunch of crooks. Never use gmac for any lease.

  • Un
    Unsatisified Customer Jul 07, 2010

    We have been leaseing vehicles from GM for the past 15 years and this was the first time we turned in our lease without leasing again. The people at GMAC are very un-profession, when you have questions or comlaints, they never return your calls and they say they will help and work through anything but that to is a lie. I have never experience such headaches until this time. GMAC is charging us $373.00 for tire wear, and in the so called pictures they took you can see the person has bent the tire wear gage back making it look like the tires where worn which they were not plus stated other damage which is bull. We defcided not to deal with GM anymore we went to the Hydundai dealer and we are very very satisified with the service we got.

    Hopefully people will read this before entering into a lease agreement with GM chevy products and go to somewhere else!

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delay of payment of insurance claim checks

My insurance company, twia has issued a claim check in my name and gmac. Gmac's process to get it endorsed has intentionally delayed the release of my funds even after it was inspected by their inspector. I have jumped through every hoop they have put in front of me taking an additional 3 weeks of their "process".

I am now being told that I need a statement from twia that they accepted the sworn statement of loss from americat, llc, the adjuster firm. This makes no sense. The check was cut by twia, of course they accepted the sworn/notarized statement of loss/adjustment. This is an intentional delay to make money off of the funds that belong to me, again even after their inspector inspected my property and filed a report stating that 99% of the work was completed at my expense.

I have asked repeatedly why they need this information. I was told "you don’t need to know, all you need to know is we will not process your request further until we get it".

I have fixed my home at my own expense and gmac is intentionally delaying getting me my insurance claim moneys. This is a ploy that is wide spread in my community and is criminal. I would hope someone would
Investigate gmac mortgage and penalize them in what ever fashion possible for this blatant act of dishonesty and criminal behavior.

  • Sh
    Shaun Chowdhury Dec 08, 2008

    GMAC doing the same to me. My house was damage during Hurrican Ike and GMAC holding my money. I have recorded statement from their associate confirming sending my check. But no check and they don't response any phone messages. GMAC is the worst mortgae company I heard so far. I will take my business to someone else. I will also report to every related authority about their service and cheating me with my money.

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  • St
    Still Waiting Dec 30, 2008

    GMAC has had my funds from Hurricane Ike since Nov. 1. Several times I was told that check would be mailed in 3 to 5 business days. Im still waiting. I call and get different people every time and spend an hour trying to explain. I have jumped through hoops for 2 months and i'm ready to give up. The paper work is not correct, is the standard answer I get. They even called to tell me that they had recieved paperwork on the damage to my home that they need to send to my mortgage holder...they are my mortgage holder. I called the next day to inquire about a check and was told no paperwork was received. They have an excuse every time I call and if I ask for someone with authority...they have left for the day and I can only reach their email. Something needs to be done with these companies that are causing us more grief than is necessary. The insurance companies inspected the property with the contractor and they decided what needs to be done, and all paperwork was sent to the mortgage company. What more do they need? I would like to know if they are drawing interest from all these withheld funds and if so...where is my share?

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release of lien

I had an auto financed in 2002, paid it off in 2004, and received my certificate of title from the finance company. The title is stamped "paid in full", general motor acceptance corp. It is signed, illegibily next to the words "lien released by", and it is dated 11/19/04 on the appropriate line below the signature.

Sounds right, looks right. I requested a duplicate title by mailing the correct form and payment. But nj motor vehicle says there is still an encumbrance in favor of gmac! But I have the "paid in full" title in my hand!

So I take the title to the nearest motor vehicle. No mention of encumbrance or lien not released. I pay, and wait, but no duplicate for me. Motor vehicle is now requiring me to find out "what is the title, or position of the person who signed as 'released by' for gmac?"

How am I supposed to find out their title? I can't even guess their name from this signature!

Resolved awful experience

In july 2008 I filed an insurance claim to have water damage to my garage fixed. My insurance agent was on the job right away. Had my check for repairs in less then 7 working days. But they had to put gmac name on the turn gmac stated 'if it was below a a 10, 000.00 claim to put my account number in the upper right hand corner of the check'.

I did and send it tracking with the paper work I was sent filled turn gmac sent the paper work as well as the check back to me. Told me I was to sign my name on the check and resend the paperwork and the check. This was in august 2008. Next in september gmac called my at my work place nearly causing me to lose my job to tell me I needed to fill out yet more paper work and it would be sent to me.

Next I received the paper work that needed to be filled out and have it notarized. Gmac kept the insurance check, though. October 16, 2008 I called gmac insurance claim department and was assured 1/3 of my check would be disbursed within 5 to 7 business days. As of november 3, 2008 I didn't recieve a check, a call, or anymore paper work. Just an informal letter reading my check was put into a separate escrow account and to call again.

I did call and was told I need to re-do and have the contractor as well as myself resign and notarize all the paper work. I had to pry out of the gmac female non speaking english rep. As to what paper work. Then I was told I wasn't allowed to have any of my paper work back or the check. That if I didn't make copies I was just out of luck.

The rep. Contacted a mr. Marin white while I was put on hold. Then came back to me saying mr. M. White stated this this and that. I asked to speak to mr. M. White myself. Put on hold again for 5 or more minutes. The rep. Got back on to tell me mr. M. White left work 20 minutes before I called.

Now i'm left with the paper work I did copy of course and have to call my contractor to meet me again to re-sign and notarize the paper work. Please no I live in michigan and the time frame of this insurance claim and trying to get my garage repaired has lead to further damage to my garage the past 3 months.

Gmac states they have interest in my property yet in letting it go to — in a hand bag. Now my contractor and myself are left to do the clean up and repairs during the winter months. I honestly believe gmac is keeping my insurance claim check in a separate escrow account with full intent to rip me off and keep it. If anyone knows what my rights are regarding this I sure would appreciate some input.

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    patricia d johnson Nov 18, 2008
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    P. Jamison Nov 13, 2010
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    You need to send your story and complaint to the State Insurance Commission, as well as, hire an attorney. I am currently dealing with GMAC on behalf of a friend whose life has been destroyed from an accident, and I have documented all correspondence one in particular is a criminal tactic. Currently just in the negotiation stage I am confident it will work out as I have plans to do exactly what I have suggested you to do, as they do not want the Insurance commission or an attorney involved. Take a stand and get noisy about it.

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    paul lanich Oct 18, 2011

    your right about gmac, had wind damage to roof in February of 2011 took them 6 week to respond, tore shingles off the roof, they said only needed a repair, yet 15 homes within a 1 block area of my house have had roof replaced, had repaired, cant match old roof, 14 years old and they don't make tri tabs any more, went 5 months of rain and now have water damage in side house and garage, they want me to open a new claim, instead of fixing the roof right way in march now i will have to deal with this for who knows how long, gmac wants their money on time but up your's when you need it back, i will pursue this as far as i can, GMAC is a shifty insurance company and i will never recommend them to any one, will try to have people i know with them change

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late fees

I have been trying to get GMAC to take the late fees off of my Auto Account, the balance due is only late...

Resolved fraud and scam

Our gmac lease was on automatic withdrawal. Payment was missed/late and the car was reposed. They didn't even want to discuss anything but total buyout on contract. Who can afford that. What now. Now we are being threatened with wage garnishment. I am hearing more and more stories like this all the time. We paid about fifteen grand on the lease and it sold at auction for fourteen grand. The car only sold for twenty three grand brand new. They still want another eleven grand to clear the lease. I will never buy or lease another thing from gm ever again. I apologize for my poor typing.

  • Hu
    hucapper Mar 10, 2009

    I'm in Canada..Have a 2006 Saturn VUE on a GMAC Lease.. Fell onto some hard times and miss 2 payments. I offer to return the vehicle and put the remianing payments into my restruction program. Gmac informed me that the vehicle would be sold at auction and what ever they get for it I be responsible for the remaining cost of the actual buy out not what is left holding on my lease. I offer to sell the vehicle myself and found a buyer. But the buyer only want to pay $16, 000 and the buy out is $18, 659. Gmac refused to release the vehicle on less all the buy out is paid. So here I can have a $2000 shortfall which I would put into my restructing or let them sell it at auction at end up paying $8000 on a short fall..Girl name Kim in collections was very rude and even hung up on me...Consumers must be warn about this company..

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    Are You That Stupid? Dec 22, 2009

    Pay your bills and you won't have problems. Don't blame GMAC for this.

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    najah May 15, 2010

    my name faliesha me and my mother has a 2007 colbelt LS 2door in the year of 2008 june i sent in the payments of three hundred six dollars and seventy one cents they called my home told me they never got the check now they have to charge me late fee I was puzzled y they dident get the check so gmac wanted five hundred and something how was I going to pay gmac I was in tears they going to take my car repo it like they told me I only get paid once a month of ssi so I cut half my bills in came up with four hunderd I sent in the check after so I CALLED TCF and they told me gmac cash the check for three hundred seventy one dollars seventyone cents and also a check of four hundred even in the same month of june I reported to an attorny and I sent in copys of the checks they cashied to gmac and they called me an liar I made up the check so what they did was pushed back my payments so I would pay more they are rude they hang up in my face its time to fight back!!!

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    GJSauve Mar 07, 2012
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    I purchased a used Acadia 2008, thought is was a good truck, optimum 150 point inspection, bull ###, test drove truck before purchase and had noticed vibration in front end, salesmen said it will be looked at and we will be notified when truck will be ready for
    us, picked up truck 4 days later, salesmen goes to put $25.00 gas, ###, back before I could finish a smoke, next morning, fill truck because we don't have enough gas, truck shaking hard at 100km, take it to my local garage, CAA approved. all 4 tires not balanced, 10 days later return to GMC dealer, request to return truck inside the 1500km guarantee, dealers says don't return truck for small problem we fix, ###, with front end noise, rear speakers not working properly, no problems found, return again, front end noise, mechanic says, stabilizer bar should be changed, solution on bill, removed bushing, clean and grease, now 3 months has passed, found bills from previous owner in truck with recorded mileage, oil change Walmart Florida 12900km, 6 months later, trans mission garage 12035km, now really pissed, return to dealer and try to resolve the problem like a human beings, he see nothing he did wrong, says the millage was not properly registered, ask for trade in he says my truck is worth $16000, now he wants to change front end suspension on my extended warranty that I had purchased for the truck, ###, truck has just hit 60000km, now I'm pissed, dealer doesn't want to resolve this, threaten lawsuit, did a car fax report, car accident ed a few months before trade in, $9000.00 damage, call dealer, we don't use car fax we use car proof, spend $50.00, car accident ed, hit guard rail and jackknifed with trailer, dealers response, the previous owner signed off on millage and no accidents, dealer said he was taken, ###, we caught you, now he is taking the truck back, next week, I will be out a few thousand $, and still not happy, why do people, do their best to screw people for their personal gains, it's not right. not sure what to do but I'm pissed, bad people should be punished and not forgotten.

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Resolved fraud and scam

Gmac mortgage was helpful when I was trying to sell my home for the market value, which had dropped and was less than what I owed. They did so by a short sale, of which I have to pay them back since it was in 2006 before the cancellation of debt bill went into affect.

Two years later I receive a letter from the irs stating that I owe them $4, 000 in taxes from a "cancellation of debt" by gmac. After many letters and documentation from the closing, I was able to prove that I was paying back the amount and it was not a cancellation of debt. The irs letters were not very clear and I had to re-read the entire situation many times before understanding what they thought I owed money for. Most people have to hire a lawyer!

If I am just one person that gmac mortgage wrote off as a cancellation of debt for $14, 000, imagine 10, 000 other people @ $14, 000 for tax yr 06. That would equal 14, 000, 000 they tried to save by reporting losses incorrectly!

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    IA WARRRR Sep 03, 2009


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Resolved the worst of the worst

This company suck big time, lies, deceits, transfers, lies, lies... on whole for 20-30 min, rude, mean... something needs to be done, and soon, these people call you On Sunday, few min before 9, the ones that been there longer, really know how to hurt you. But what goes around will soon comes around, and this big company going to fall hard. Company full of liars, need one honest person at gmac, probably the cleaning crew. Gmac hired professional thieves to repo your car, then they steal your money to get it back, company full of liars. Gmac steals.

release of lien - original title

I paid my car note with gmac on time for five years. When I requested the original title to my vehicle, it...