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As another person stated in this blog-gmac does not communicate with other depts. I was late 45 days on one of my lease account (I have 2 with gmac) and called customer service to get information regarding the account (status of payment sent) they told me that the accounts were up to date after I explained collections called me and that I had 2 accounts-gave the my ssn to look this up... They said accounts were fine, mentioned to them I sent a $900 check-payment. They repo'd my car! What a nightmare, rental charges, no car the day it was taken, missed work to get to the recovery shop because my pursue was in the car when it was towed-the rental-pick up the car from recovery (before 4pm)-drop off the rental, 60 days late on credit for repo, dealing with the idiots at 2 collection agencies (detroit and tx) waiting 2 weeks to get my car back, explaining this to my family and friends, stress (I have high-blood pressure), treated like a common criminal by the recovery company and collection agencies. Wrote a letter to gmac an exec customer person called me the 1st time, couldn't find the call to the customer service person that I made. I told her i'd send the stop payment check I mailed to them with date stamp... Argued to high heaven... Then 1 week later she called back. Gmac is in the wrong they found the phone conversation with the customer service person that wasn't documented. They said I tried everything to make my accounts up to date. The exec customer rep person was really nice, but I am really mad. I am thinking about suing them. I've never sued a business before, do I have a case? I was in default and they send us warning letters, but when I called to potentially (would of made the payment over the phone instead of mailing it) make a payment they said the accounts were up to date. Can anyone answer this one or provide advice? Thanks!


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Sep 08, 2010 4:57 pm EDT

I need to get the Lien Release from this company

Aug 18, 2011 9:52 pm EDT

We did not make our payments for 2 months due to trying to catch up after my husband got laid off. Our truck was repossessed, after making several calls everywhere and making the payment via Western Union, we did finally get our truck back, it was repo'd on a Sunday night (2:45am) and by that Friday we had the Truck back. So I want to let people know that not all cars get auctioned off. When we were going thru this (August 2011) I read all these horror stories and it made me sick to my stomache and I thought the outcome would be the same. Maybe the class action lawsuit filed against GMAC in 2003 in California had something to do with it. Idk, but we are so happy we have our vehicle back! I actualy have to agree with "REPO MAN", it was our fault, we knew we owed the money, we should have borrowed from a relative or something to get caught up. This was a very hard lesson to learn.


I too, am in the same boat as alot of people on here. I purchased a 2007 suburban, brand new for $48, 000 financed thru GMAC. I purchased this SUV because I had owned a 2004 suburban and loved it. No sooner did I drive it off the lot I started having problems with it. My engine burns 2 qts of oil every 3000 miles and my transmission slips. I purchased an extended warranty when I bought the SUV for bumper to bumper 100, 000 miles. My car was in the shop 18 times in two years. After 2 transmissions my car stills jerks and slips when driving. I was told that was my fault because I must drive fast. I was given a bullentin, issued by GMAC, that my car burning 2 qts of oil per 3000 miles was normal wear and tear for my car. I have had the steering column replaced, two door handles have broke off in my hand, three batteries, electric seat modular replaced twice, front axle, rear axle, driver side window track, driveshaft, and more. But when I was laid off and wanted a hardship agreement, GMAC refused because I was trying to get my car lemonlawed. When I called them, to make a payment for what I was behind, they said I could make payment online. I tried, but my account was blocked. This was Christmas Eve, on a friday. That Monday I called and tried to make payment over the phone and they said I would have to send funds western union. So I planned on doing that the next morning. That night at 11:00 pm they repo my car. When I called the next morning, they said I know owed an additional $945.00 for repo fees and would not accept partial payment. When I got the funds together friday, I was told they had already sold my car. I later received a letter stating, 20 days after repo, they had sold my car. Not what the crazy lady told me on the phone. Now what? I was trying to pay them, in full.

Jan 20, 2011 9:06 am EST

In dec 2006 we bought a truck from gmac we paid without missing a payment for 31 months at 371.00 a month we filed a chapter 13 and paid on it for the past 13 months due to me getting hurt on the job I was just released from the dr. to go back to work we converted to a chapter 7 and called gmac to reafirm our loan they were very rude and told me I had to pay them 4950.00 right now because I was behind on my payments sense jan 2010 or they are reposseing my truck we only finianced 15, 000.00 on the truck we have already paid them 14, 200.00 I tried to explain all of this to them they were very rude and told me they didnt want the 371.00 it was behind 4950.00 or I could pay it off for 9, 500.00 with all late fees and interest I will be talking to a lawyer they use our tax dollars because they get in a bind no problem but f **k the little people

May 26, 2010 11:22 am EDT

I bought a Chevrolet Cobalt some year ago. Recently after numerous complaints about it they FINALLY put it on a National re-call list. I couldn't believe it with all the Prius issues in the media, GMAC has kept their cars out of it, I don't know how!
The steering wheel seizes it up when your driving the vehicle not allowing you to turn left or right at 50 miles an hr! Let's talk about getting these things off the road. So, I called and brought it in to be serviced.

I have one thing to say to EVERYONE on here.

If you were seriously behind because of an lapse in memory on your part, than the bank would have worked with you and you would have been back in your vehicle within 48 hours, provided you have the money to pay them. For those of you who did not get back in your vehicle, it was probably contributed to the fact that you were unable to pay for the vehicle. You can sit here and squak all day long behind the computer, but the very fact of the matter is if you did not get your vehicle back its simply because you could no longer afford it(no matter what the circumstance is).

These banks "front" the money for you to buy your vehicle and you repay them. Think of it this way, if I was late repaying a loan to you - wouldn't you be upset? These banks no faster wish to take back your car, than keep you in it. However they have to protect their assets. And if that means repossession, than so be it. But you are afforded, by federal law, a right-to-cure period, before your vehicle is sold at auction.

The banks no quicker make money from selling at auction than they do if the consumer continues paying for it. Banks loose money in the repossession process each and every day. Because after you 40, 000 vehicle is sold for 25, 000, now they have to chase the consumer through collections to collect on the remaining balance of the loan. 8 out of 10 collection accounts are sold for a few thousand less than what its worth. And then there is the chance that it will be sold again. So see they actually loose money in the repossession process, however they do have to protect their assets.

Should anyone have any questions on the process, please feel free to contact me.

Timothy MacDonald
New England Asset Recovery
South Boston, Massachusetts

Dec 29, 2009 1:33 pm EST

I too have had problems with GMAC. I got behind on my loan after going through a divorce, trying to find a better job and trying to start back to school. I asked them if they could work with me and redo my loan to make the payment a little less. They said that I hadn't had the loan long enough (over a year). I stopped making payments and retained a lawyer to file bankruptcy. Apparently they sent a repo man to get the car. I was not home but he left a message with my family that they would rip the garage door off, leave it in the driveway and take the car. This is after attemping to "take" my fiances car. When he went to the door, he asked the guy what he was doing and he said he was doing that to get someone to come out. He was just out of the shower and was trying to get some clothes on before ansering the door in the first place. He has now apparently come to my job last week. I had just left and I guess he was stalking me. He called my job seconds after I left and the person who answered the phone, thinking it was one of my customers, asked if he could get a number and I would call him from my cell. He asked if I just left in the white vehicle with the trailer. My co-worker said yes and the guy said, "I will have the sheriff stop her". Where do they draw the line at harassment? Anyone who does not understand how quickly your life can change and you not have the income to be able to afford live is a very lucky person. We all enter into agreements in life with the intentions of full filling our obligations but sometimes unforseen events prevent that from happening.

Dec 26, 2009 2:56 pm EST

I absolutely agree, they have the worst service ever... I made a payment arragnment with GMAC, submitted my payment on the agreement date, that night my car was repo'd... I called them the very next morning to explain and got no where... So I told them to keep their vehicle. I received a bill for the deficiency charges in the amount of 10, 000 plus dollars two days ago... I got something for them, I'm filing chapter 7 bankruptcy... They did not want to work with me as the US government worked with them...

Dec 14, 2009 10:05 am EST

GMAC Collection Dept is a nightmare. They treat you like crap, don't listen, don't want to work with anyone...and you just have to stop taking their incoming calls. I put my phone on DND for do not disturb. I am in a situation where we have been talking with them and let them know our church committee is considering to help us catch up our 60 day past due, which just went into 90 day. My husband had been out of work for five months and everybody understands how these things get you behind. GMAC has this guy named SUMIE? Anyhow, he calls me everyday ) if I answer) and decides to say two days ago...but maam, you don't understand...even if your church helps you, we needed the money last week. HEY WAIT A MINUTE> DO YOU MEAN YOU DON"T WANT US TO GET THIS CAUGHT UP FOR THE 60 or the 90 DAY PAST DUE STATUS? AND THE REST OF THE PAYMENTS-- THAT HAVE BEEN MADE ON TIME --DON"T MATTER? AFTER the car is older now (2 1/2 years) has multiple miles on it, burn holes in seats and dents in it? WE! are the ones who need and want to keep the car. YOU don't "neeed it" and YOU don't "want us to keep it", it seems. I would call you guys
CUSTOMER DISSERVICE ROYALE! GROW UP< GET REAL! AND REALIZE BEING A COLLECTOR DOES NOT MAKE YOU GOD. I was a collector. You have to follow FDCPA laws to a T or you CAN and WILL get sued. When they start suing INDIVIDUAL COLLECTORS, this stuff will stop.
Good luck people. GMAC sucks.

Oct 28, 2009 11:00 pm EDT

I had the same problem with GMAC! They will not work with me! I spent 2 years paying on a $700 a month on a loan that only required $670 per month on a 06 Gmc truck. I was out of work for about 4 months and I called them to arrange something for payments. I said I can do $400 a month then when I get a job I pay everything in full! They agreed with that but a month later they started hounding me again an I told them of the agreement! They said no such agreement! I better pay in full now or they will repo! So I had no choice but volentarily give it up! Also about a year into the loan on day I received a letter saying they are repoing my truck. I called to ask them whats going on as I had not been late! they couldnt find anything in their system but I had a letter to prove it! Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen! Its pathetic!

Feb 10, 2009 1:13 pm EST

So... My little story... Truck was reposessed about 3 weeks ago, and i payed and redeemed the same day. So now comes time to make my next payment. I called and ask how i gain access to my online account, and they said my vehicle has been reposessed, and i need to pay that amount to get it back. I explained that i already did that and got the vehicle back, i just want to make my next months payment. i was told that my truck was at a recovery center in houston. I couldnt help my self, and asked if i was driving an imaginary vehicle or something... I was quickly transfered to someone that knew a little more about what to do. mailed the payment in over a week ago, and they may have recieved it, but there is no way to find that out cause i still do not have a "valid" account with them. just called again today, and they said that the mony i paid for the repo has still not been applied to my account... hopefully that will change soon!

Jan 28, 2009 10:29 pm EST

I was heading out the door to go and Western Union my payment.They already had my car on the truck i wasnt even 60 days late yet and had been calling GMAC and talking with them.It took me 5 days to even find out where my car was after they took it.Wasnt where they said it would be.It was in another state.Well when they finally found it they told me that i had to pay the whole loan off before i could have my car back.Well we are not a lucky to have a big bail out like they all got.I contacted my state Attorney general office and they told me that they illegally taken my car.So i have an attorney and going to sue them.So everyone contact your local attorney general office and get all these complaints and maybe something can be done with this company.And yes they are the rudiest people that i have dealt with!

Dec 02, 2008 8:05 am EST

Here are links to the publications you may find useful:

Call and complain and they will take all complaints and turn it into a case against GMAC the more the better.

If you want to update your information or have any questions, please call our Consumer Response Center, 1-877-FTC-HELP. Keep your reference number handy

Nov 29, 2008 2:19 pm EST

I disagree completely with the repo man. I have had several other lenders in the past work with me when I have lost my job its called a HARDSHIP you are the ###. And 99.9 percent of the lender's have programs for hardships. No wonder why they are going bankrupt? I guess they think in this economy they are going to make more money by repossessing the vehicle than actually working with people. I have had GMACthreaten me so much it's asenine and I already have a lawyer backing me up on this issue. That's ok maybe they will go bankrupt and then 3 million people will lose their jobs because the exec's want to take the money from the people who truly bust their hump for the consumer. Way to go GMAC and The big three if you don't get bailed out you just completely crashed the US economy and you don't want to work with people whom owe you money? I don't think the gov should work with YOU!

Nov 26, 2008 9:56 am EST

I have a car that is financed thru GMAC. I normally would pay my loan online and have never had a problem doing this. One day I made my payment and checked my checking account to see if it had been deducted from my account and saw that GMAC had helped themselves to taking 2 payments out. I only had one confirmation number and only submitted the payment once. I call them the next day and was told I had to wait approx. 20 days for a refund. 5 to 7 days for them to get the monies from the financial institute they use and another 5 to 7 days for them to mail it. What kind of crap is that when it only took them less than 24 hours to deduct it from my checking account. I was livid because that interfered with my house payment. So, I went to my banking institution and let them know I didn't authorize the 2nd payment. Once the money was placed in my account, the phone calls came from GMAC. They call me at home and at work. I continuously told them to take my work number off of the account because I couldn't receive calls at work. The nut case I spoke with noted it on the account and didn't remove the number from the account. How stupid is that. They wanted me to pay the amount that was not authorized back but my next payment wasn't due. These people that call do not read notes, connect the dots or cross the T's. I never want to do business with them again. GMAC is a rip off with poor customer service.

Oct 15, 2008 5:51 am EDT


Every single person complaining here about being repossessed is forgetting the one simple FACT, you DIDN'T PAY ON TIME! READ THE CONTRACT THAT YOU SIGNED!. I like the person on here complaining about the interest rate. "They didn't tell me the interest reate is this high, I would've bought a Dodge." That is the most rediculous comment I've ever read. The salesman isn't going to sit there and read the contract to you like a bedtime story you have to read it for yourself. It's right there in black and white. You are the reason that our economy tanked. Thank him for being greedy and buying something at a rate he couldn't afford! READ YOUR CONTRACT. Here's a question for you inconsiderate, selfish ###s. You had to wait two weeks to get your car back, how long did the bank have to wait until they finally got your payment? A month, TWO MONTHS? You know something that EVERYONE in the finance business jokes about? Almost everyone that gets repossessed threatens to sue everyone involved. How can you afford an attorney to take on a big bank when you can't even afford a car payment? If you have $1000 to retain a lawyer then why didn't you pay the car note? I can tell by your poor spelling and grammar that you'll find some excuse to disagree with my statements. You've obviously found a bunch of excuses to drive a car around for free. IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT YOU LOST YOUR JOB. IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT YOU HAD SURGURY. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU DIE. YOU SIGNED FOR THE RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR THE VEHICLE ON TIME OR BE REPOSSESSED.

Jun 17, 2018 11:36 am EDT

What a total tool you are! You probably work for GMAC! WOW... WOW... WOW

Oct 15, 2008 1:00 am EDT

Gmac is a really untrustworthy, unreliable, and unresponsive company that does not care about any of its customers. I have a 2006 Pontiac GTO and I have had numerous problems with this vehicle. I have called and complained many times and they have not, to this day, did a single thing about resolving my issue. My 2006 GTO had 8, 000 miles on it and the entire wire harness burnt out and ECU as well as left me in the middle of a highway with cars going past me at 60mph. The car suddenly slowed down immediately and at the dealer they laughed and responded with "wow, good thing you stepped out of the car, it could have caught on fire!" The cylinders were misfiring and this is the thanks I get. 3 weeks of labor. 2 weeks of them covering it and 1 week of labor payed by ME because of an issue the car had had while coming over to america. The front bumper of the car, after it was taken off, would not go back on AT ALL! They blamed this on me and made me pay for realigning the entire car on a chassis machine. Also fuel pumps started leaking, trunk locks repaired twice, ignition locks repaired twice, 6 tires had to be replaced on this vehicle due to the fact that it has a "negative row"! This is ridiculous! Negative row meaning the way how the car is situated on the tires, it makes the tires blow like that, but I HAVE TO PAY for the cost of each brand new tire because the dealer won't take responsiblity for any of their actions. I had to realign the car 3 times in 5, 000 miles and the leather seats sewing is now opening up thus revealing cotton. At 8, 000 miles I had to see my entire car removed from the inside out in order to replace the entire ECU and wire harness.

I have contacted the lemon law attorney and having them take this case into their hands. If a good result does come of this action towards GMAC, I will gladly post another comment.

Aug 30, 2008 7:35 pm EDT

Here's a GREAT one for all of you, (and if you have advice PLEASE let me know Email is [email protected]com)
In the summer of 1998 I leased a 08 Pontiac Grand AM through GMAC. 10 mths later the engine flooded on what would seem like a normal rainy day in MI. The service center said that it was my fault and I porbably drove through to big of a puddle. So with pressure from my mother in law (co-signer) and only being 22yrs old (rookie) I obliged and paid my deductible to have the engine fixed. After the repair, the engine light would never go off, and sure enough the very next storm in flooded again. After having it towed to the dealership, I was then told again that it was my fault, and would have to pay for the repair again! I argued that it had to be a defect and to please replace the CAR or I will sue, of course they refused and told me I had 24 hours to get the vehicle off there property. I had the car towed to my home and upon arrival noticed ALL OF THE ENGINE PARTS in the front seat.

I hired a lawyer and filed a Lemon law and Michigan consumer act lawsuit against GMAC and Southgate Pontiac GMAC (dealership). After 11 mths of court battles and me continuing to make my payments on a car that did not run, GM offered me a settlement. They proposed paying me back all of lease payments made including down payment and they would take the vehicle back as is, in exchange that I drop the suit and neither part could counter sue. I agreed to there conditions and recieved my check and a towtruck for the vehicle within 24HRS! 1yr later they filled a counter suit in a different city, and applied a $5478 balance owed to my credit report, my lawyer appered in court and the judge threw the suit out off court because off our agreement.

Well in 2004 I decided to join the U.S. Navy, my job requires a Top Secret clerence so during the background invistigation the GMAC balance still showed on my credit report. Here it is now 2008 and I'm still fighting just to get the balance removed, I'm currenty looking to hire a lawyer for a defamation of character suit. Any suggestions please email me and the above address.

Aug 24, 2008 12:37 pm EDT

Seems to me GMAC is a nightmare of the biggest degree.
My situation seems similar to many of these listed above.
I never received a payment booklet or payment arrangements of any kind from them. The only type of envelope I ever got had a stub with an eft draft arrangement. I did not wish to have my payment eft drafted. I would call in my payment over the phone (to avoid being late on my payment) and would get a conformation number; which I kept. Or, I would mail my payments in the us postal mail and have record with the payments going thru my bank account. In reality
all the payments can be traced thru my bank account. I have been harassed and verbally abused in most of my dealings with them--most of this occurred at my place of employment on a continual basis.
Their customer service is atrocious; they are rude and verbally abusive. The only thing they did not do was cuss at me. When I called them to notify them of my new address (since I had moved to a new location) the lady I talked to at that particular time was pleasant but from then on it was nightmarish and they would not stop calling me at work. I made the mistake of calling them from work with this new address. I would get threatened with repossession and I would go thru my bank drafts and put together information to fax to them that I had, in fact, made my
payments. I am not saying I was right on time and right on the money every time sending them the proper amount but what I am saying is that I did try to do all that I could to make arrangements with them and in good faith live up to any arrangements I did make. Apparently the customer service from one department to the other does not know what the other is doing and the notes that they must keep are
negative in nature. I think the company must hire the most disgruntled people in the world; at least the most jaded and unhappy ones. And a word to the wise...they do not live up to ANY arrangements they make, nor do they seem to have record of their end of the conversations. I have their statement of payments made and dates but that did not stop them from repossessing my car. I don't know if I have to
continue to make my monthly car payments to them and continue my car insurance as well. To cover my financial interest, I suppose I will have to; until I learn otherwise.

Aug 05, 2008 12:11 pm EDT

was late one payment on lease due to surgery, when i called gmac a representative said no problem make it with the next payment, three days later i recieved a phone call from another representative demandinding payment then the next day a tow truck showed up at my door for the car, i called gmac and another representative stated they dont make deals and they can change terms of lease at anytime and stated even if both payments were made they still are taking the car, well i gave them the car with no payment, just a few minutes ago recieved court papers on behalf of gmac they sueing me for 14, 000 plus, anyone have any ideas how to teach gmac a lesson this is b.s

Jul 21, 2008 1:04 pm EDT

I am also contemplating suing GMAC. I have had three loans with them that I have successfully paid off with NO late payments. For some reason on my last car loan they keep reporting me as 30 days late to the credit bureaus. I have my payments automatically deducted on the same day every month, two days BEFORE my payment is due. I have proof that I am not late but they don't care, nor do the credit bureaus. I have this loan with my fiance and now his credit is ruined too. I am at my wit's end. I don't know what to do. I have the proof but they keep talking in circles and say I am late. Not only am I NOT late, I pay $100 MORE than my payment every month! I am selling my car and NEVER EVER getting another GMAC loan. They are such pieces of sh*t.

Jul 04, 2008 5:26 pm EDT

I totally agree with you people Customer no service. I have been trying for over 6 months to get my pay off amount corrected to the right amount. I actually want to pay off my car all I get is
brain dead people in some foreign country. One girl told me
to take it back to the dealer and get my money back? I have had the vehicle for over 5 years now?

What happen to all the frivolous lawyers seems a class action
is necessary here.
S Rugg, Orlando, FL

Feb 17, 2008 2:19 pm EST

i just got a new silvarado and they did not tell me what the interest would be .i could of got a dodge for no interest.this is redicules 149.00 a month . i am going have to sell the truck .i figured it out what we will be paying for it till is payed credit is better then that ..thru the years all the veichles i have bought thru you peolple and now this.;how can you do this to me?
my account #is [protected]
john f fisher 46 virginia st.tonawanda,ny. 14150
thank you

Jan 04, 2008 1:30 pm EST

heres one for you i spoke to GMAC made the payment arangement, went and made the payment Western Union Quick Collect, & then the following day they still repo my car. Its been a week already i still have not gotten my car back and i also have gotten no where with GMAC. The only thing GMAC is good for is disrespecting there customers and treating them like common criminals. I am currently looking for an attorney to sue GMAC for this mishap this is oviously not the only time this has happened to people.

Nov 21, 2007 2:22 pm EST

I am contemplating the same thing... suing them. I am in the progress of doing the legal research but I think someone needs to teach GMAC a lesson on customer service. The only one I did deal with that was respectful was Mrs Hill at the Detroit office in Executive Customer Relations [protected]) but I am sure you have the contact # already. I also emailed half the higher ups in the company and I believe that was the only reason I received a prompt response. I am supposed to be getting my car back today. If you want any information I have found such as email addresses, please let me know. I will post an update when I finish the research. I know I will be making a complaint with the Attorney General as soon as I get my car back.


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