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Gmac / poor service!

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My car was reposed on Monday, to find information out about this it takes at least a 1/2-1 hour to get through on the lines, the people are very rude. I never had this happen before, recently going through a hard time and ended up be 3 months late by 3 days. Now to get the truck back I have to pay the remaining balance on the truck. I feel like they are not willing to help or work with the customers, if it is a constant habit I understand but this is just recent for me. I will never purchase a chewy vehicle again or get finances through GMAC as they don't want to listen to the customer only want the money.

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  • Jo
      25th of Jul, 2007
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    Gmac - GMAC scammed us!
    United States

    My Dad died on may 1st, he owned a Cadillac deville on a lease program. At the time of his death the car was at the dealership being fixed. a $500 deductible needed to be paid at the time.

    At his death the Cadillac lease was paid off by the credit life policy. (lease ends july 2008) over a $6000 value. We called to try and get the car from the dealer and couldn't. They said the estate rep needed to be appointed before they could talk to us.

    The estate was in probate, so we couldn't do anything for 1 month when my brother received the appointment. With 5 brothers and sisters it took awhile to get done. They all live throughout the U.S.

    On june 11 GMAC sold the car on us at auction (giving us 11 days to solve the matter?). They insurance company paid them the full payment of the the remaining lease. that means, they got all there money and the car a year early.

    GMAC refused to talk to before june 1st and then said the sent a letter informing us they were selling it. We never received the letter.

    Without spending lots a money on attorney fees. We have no chance of receiving anything. They wouldn't let us collect the insurance money, trade the car in, or even transfer the car to anyone other that the estate rep. If I wanted the car I would had to pay $513 fee to get it.

    Needless to say GMAC sold the car and my Dad's estate lost $6000 because GMAC wouldn't help us.

    Just another example of how bankers, insurance companies and Big corporations screwing the the common man. I will never buy a GM car again!

  • El
      17th of Oct, 2007
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    I have been ahead more than late on payments to gmac in 3 years, I also have a car through a subsidiary of gmac and I just figured out why i'm fine with the car payment and not gmac. I can pay nuvelle directly but have to go through true pay to pay gmac so they said they never talked to me, of course not, I had to go through someone else to pay them so they didn't care to talk to me plus it was an $8 charge every time I made a payment. i'm sure over 3 years that charge would equal another payment. I was 89 days late, it's a chevy silverado and they wanted it. I know someone who hasn't paid a payment to gmac in two years and they haven't picked up the vehicle yet or attempted to, why?? because he owes too much on it, ours was a low interest loan and was in their best interest to keep the truck. one time before I was late 30 days in 3 years one time and they said I have a terrible payment history? I paid $800 or $1000 instead of the regular payment often but that doesn't seem to show up?? yeah right. I can pay 3-4 payments and they won't even talk to me the supervisor is constantly away from their desk. when did the customer go from being right to being wrong to being dog meat?

    Not my real name above but feel free to email me. especially if you know a number where I can call and get this resolved. they don't want to hear I am disputing it. won't even let me dispute it which is against the law I believe?

  • Na
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    Gmac - payments
    United States

    GMAC sent my house for foreclosure. I find this out by rec'ing a certified letter out of the blue from their attorneys office. I called GMAC to find out what the problem was, they told me that I had not paid any mortgage payments since April of 07, and it was now Sept 07. I had been paying electronic checks to GMAC. After calling GMAC many times to get the straighten out, and getting rude customer service and litigation employees on the phone I had to retain an attorney of my own. GMAC now has found my payments but now states I have not been current since April of 07. Their customer service is horrible, this litigaion department has treated me like a criminal and my attorney is still trying to get this straighten out. Now GMAC wants me to settle so I pay their attorney fees...I do not think so...they can not keep any of their records straight and anyone who has a problem like this with them, I wish to join forces here, this is unreal...

  • Mi
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    Gmac - release of lein
    United States

    cannot get gmac to send me a proper release of lein so i can have title put in my name.the car is 27 years old and the owner lost original title.he had a duplicate made but it shows the original lein .I have called several times and no one will help me.

  • Ca
      16th of Nov, 2007
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    Call this number or write an email, its where the president of GMAC is located, its in Canada, or call 1 800 616-4622 ask for vice-president, he will help, if he is not available just ask for the president.

  • Je
      19th of Nov, 2007
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    I am going through a very similar situation. I was past due only 60 days after 3 years of perfect payments. They took the car without any notice and when I called them the following day I was told I had to wait an additional day in order to receive any information on it. When I called back I was told if I paid the past due by Western Union I could get the car back. I paid the entire past due plus charges and then was told to wait 72 hours for release. I called back after 72 hours and then was told that I was mis informed the first time and would not be able to get my car back unless I paid the entire balance due plus fees. This has been a mind blowing experience for me and has changed my views on General Motors completely. I know that in the future I will not buy another General Motors vehicle. I will not be upset if they do go bankrupt as I can see how such an non-customer orientated company would. Buyers Beware of GMAC financing!!! Its not worth it if you ever have a financial hardship in life. They will not work with you or care. In their language GMAC is right, customer is wrong.

  • J
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    GMAC Blows... snuff said.

    The True-Pay scam makes me want to file a class action lawsuit against them.

    I can pay my MORTGAGE (over 3,000/mo) with NO FEES. But I have to pay $10 every time I want to make a $375 car payment on the phone?


    LAST car I will EVER buy from their company. EVER.

  • Mi
      26th of Dec, 2007
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    We are currently having a similar problems with GMAC and my husband has hit a brick wall and doesn't know where else to turn but to a lawyer. Why should we have to go through this and pay for their mistakes. I don't understand and there should be someway for us and anyone else going through this to get out of it. We pay our bills on time and shouldn't be disrespected like this. WHAT CAN WE DO?!?!

  • Ve
      30th of Dec, 2007
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    My car was repossessed by GMAC on the 16th of December. I called the following Monday, the 17th, and was told to wait 24 hrs for a quote. I called Tuesday and was told to call back later in the afternoon. I got a quote. I Western Union'ed the money to them on the 20th for what they quoted, I was told there was nothing I could do until I received a redemption code. I waited 48 hours until the following Monday. I called at noon and was told since I did not call them back with payment information on Thursday I owed an additional $81.00 and it would be again 48 hours until I receive my redemption code. On Thursday I called and was told my car was in auction in Houston, I live in Austin (250 miles away). They have full payment for what was owed on my car plus all the fees. Still, they have not given me the redemption code. It is now 72 hours and I'm told that there could be additional fees for the garage in Houston. This is a crime.
    I finally received a call at 4:50pm on Friday the 28th saying I can pick my car up in Houston at an auction that is closed for the next 5 days. I cannot even call them. Oh, but first I must locate my license plates that they removed before they towed it across the state. I have missed an important doctors appointment due to this car loss. I know there must be a crime in this scenario somewhere. I was in the last year of my car payments (5 year plan) and owed very little; so they do apply more pressure, as it is more profitable to nab your car and make it impossible to get back. I believe this a form of extortion. How do I travel 250 miles to a city all the way across Texas to pick up my car, when I do not have my car?

  • Ma
      30th of Dec, 2007
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    I own a new 2008 silverado and I want to know if I can drive around in the field without my driving lights being on all the time, there must be a way to shut them off , its like going to the drive-in. Also would like to know if there is any special way to tow this truck down the high-way if it quits running.This truck is also a pig on diesel my old one got at least 25/mph this one says 25l/100k on dash board cant drive by a gas station. With todays economy+technology it should be a better than it is.We pay big money to get less

  • Pi
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    Can someone please tell me why it takes other cars companies, only hours to release a car, and GMAC seems to take days. I am well past the 72 hours they told me it would take. I sent them the money Western Union, called them and gave them the # from Western Union, I gave them my insurance company name and policy #. Which they verfied that day.

    Now I have to wait for them to call me, it makes no sense. When the repo company calls you asking if you've heard anything it makes you wonder what the hell is going on w/GMAC.

    Can anyone give a complaint # where I can at least call to complain? The agents they have are beyond ignorant, and have no customer service skills what so ever. So if anyone has a number I could call I would ever be so greatful

  • Me
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    This company needs to be shown and taught that they CANNOT treat us this way. Not only that but it's about time we all stood up for ourselves and saught help in addition to getting our lives back to the way they were.

    I have GMAC for both Mortgage AND they are the Lender for my two vehicles. How lucky can I get, YA RIGHT!
    LONG story cut Really short and to the point.

    I WAS not late on my payments for the cars, they illegally repossed BOTH vehicles in the night on Sept. 11th, 2007. What a date to pick, I'm so disturbed by everything. I got the run around for months, I was promised my cars back 9 different times and THE pink slip, they ADMITTED that they were in breach of contract. I kept calling, receiving empty promies, week after week I was calling, didn't know where my cars were and they would tell me. Wen they first repossed the cars, I was told to pay 6k by wire to them or they would sell my cars. I got scared and sent it. Mortgage becomes due and guess what? One of the vehichles Illegally Stolen/ repo d was my husbands WORK truck, he is a Florring contractor and that truck was everything. No work for him means, him, myself and 4 yr old are to live off of my SSD, 900 a month, YA right!!! I call mortgage, they give the SAME crap. Ill pass months, I borrowed money to pay the mortgage, they refused my payments, kept saying they would call me with a payment plan. Never happened. A few weeks ago, the new owers or so called people who supposidly bough my house WITH OUT me even knowing about it, without ANY notification at all from Gmac they sold my house at the auction. The people put a freaking 3 day evection notice on my door. Feels like a dream. These people were snooping around the outside of the house, in the backyard. They had an attorney write and threaten me to leave. But at the SAME time I am still waiting to make the payment plan GMAC promised, I just recieved a few letters from GMAC like nothing is wrong, asking about my insurance, Making sure I am insured till next year, etc. Oh so 2 weeks ago I recieve notice from them that they sold my SUV at an auction. today I got a letter that the other truck was sold and I owe on this one almost 9k they claim. All our personal items giving to goodwill. car seats, eveything. I feel like I am in a dream, well more like a nightmare. Oh and another thing BOTH vehicles were already released to me, GMAC sent the releases to the place where my cars were to release to me and only me. So the release were stillin my name, and they sold my cars??? Ya, they are out of it big time. Please email me, there's more but I want to hear you story, anyone out there.. PLEASE we NEED to be comfortable again. Lets talk!!

    Thanks to everyone for reading! LOL

  • Va
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Gmac - Bad experience
    United States

    On March 10, 2008 I bought a new car. I stilled owed on my old car which was financed through GMAC.

    My dealer sent GMAC a payoff check on March 12, 2008. This check came with all my information; name address and social security #.

    GMAC posted this check to someone else’s account.

    I spent a month trying to figure out what had happened. Finally I called my dealer and she called GMAC and straightened out my problem.

    I had called GMAC several times and sent 3 e-mails. No one at GMAC would help me. My car is finally paid off, but now I am owed an over payment from them and fear I will never see it.

    DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH GMAC. They are corrupt and incompetent. They do not care about their customers. I hope this paragraph helps others. I’m going to fight for my money and fight GMAC.

  • An
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    I agree with the complaints that everyone has about GMAC (except for the guy who didn't know how much interest he would be charged; you agree to an interest rate at the dealership. so that's your own fault). I have first hand knowledge of how incompetent GMAC is. I worked for them for two and a half years until I was laid off. (They shipped our jobs overseas.) Do not do business with GMAC. There is only one customer service office left in the United States, and that won't be for long. Almost all of your accounts are being handled by people who can barely speak English. They do their best, but they make so many mistakes. I saw their mistakes first hand, and unfortunately, it's the customers who pay for their mistakes. If you have an existing loan with GMAC, I urge you to refinance with a local bank or credit union. If you can't do that, DO NOT CALL GMAC CUSTOMER SERVICE. That's the biggest mistake you can make because your account will be messed up once someone touches it.

  • Mi
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    Gmac - Gmac customer services
    5000 IOWA
    United States
    Phone: 773 287 3611

    My son & daughter felt on very hard times, so the car was repo, I assisted them in getting it back, but that was one of the worse experience, the gmac customer service rep are heartless, the day we made payments, to get caught up on everything, they repo the car anyway, the manager, said it must had happen while we were on the phone. But after that we were told 5 different amounts, had to make 2 money different money gram, because they couldn't get it together, had to pay 425. oo for repo, 160 for storage of the car, (40 overcharge because no one communicate within the redneck repo company company. )another 75. fee, 40.00 key fee, then had to drive to Cape Giradrau to pick up the car at a vacant lock with a gate & lock, GMAC cars are alright, and my father retired from gmac get discounts, but I don't won't to deal with the worse CUSTOMER SERVICES REP ever, they need some serious training.

  • Th
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    My new vehicle has a gas gauge malfunction, it has been checked three times by the dealer and mal function still exist.
    My account # is 154-9140-01084, Vin # iG4HD57298U196175, I'm told I need a new gas tank, what can you do for me?

    Theatrice Patterson
    773 375 7861

  • Be
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    Gmac - warrenty notice
    Fort Collins
    United States
    Phone: 970 430-0603

    every day (on my cell phone) i get the same call about this is your second notice of warranty.
    one day i called them back. they asked for our account #. i told them all our cars our paid for. then they asked for my s.s. #. i was irate and told them i will track them down and report them. i still get calls. i also asked for their address so i could send them my cell phone bills. they hung up
    their number: 1 319-433-1442

  • Wl
      19th of Oct, 2008
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    Gmac - will not send lien release
    United States

    I have the same problem, had to finance a car at the dealership when they would not take my out of state check, and I paid the loan of three days later as soon as the clerks in INDIA completed the paperwork. I have been calling once a week for months to get my lien release, and each time I call INDIA, no action has been taken and no record of my previous calls exists. Also, each time I call, I am promised a call back, but of course, that never happens

  • Al
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    To Whom it may Concern,
    In June of 2008, we purchased a 2006 Trail blazer. In August My son had a blow-out. Called Roadside and had it fixed. Then the transmition went out. Had it towed to Wright Automotive Route 51, Beaver PA 15009 (724) 775-5100
    They told us that the transmition went out because of abuse and that it would not be covered by the warrenty.
    When asked how they knew it was abuse they said they checked it out.
    They wanted to put in a new transmition cost $3000.00
    When asked why can't rebuild it. They don't have anyone who could rebuild it. They could get me a used one out of a junkyard for $2000.00.
    I took to someone I trusted who rebuild it for $2300.00.
    Also, said it wsa not abuse, the torque converter went bad and it was not abuse!!
    What am I to do about this?
    Albert D. Moore

  • Sh
      8th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    GMAC is simply Fraudulent company.

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