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Globe! what the #?

Your representative called me several times to convince me to upgrade my internet speed. she was very pushy while I was so tired and restless from a long day at work, so I gave in. I just wanted to sleep so I accepted the offer. I clarified whether the mentioned amount will be what's going to be billed to me every month and got a confirmation and on my next billing, ta-da! the agent was a great #ing liar! none of what she said was true.

To make things worse, just this month of january, our lines are all cut despite having paid in advance. we don't have internet connection nor dial tone and excuses made were "for security purposes on the sinulog festival and miss universe stuff". why are we still not having internet connection and dial tone to this date when the mentioned events are over? and you plan to bill us the exact same recurring amount?! what about a service credit? all you do is #ing say apologies and never ever compensate for your beyond poor service.

You are one of the many things that make this country not progress! you practice corruption by not taking responsibility and making up for your errors! you are stupid!

Please take this as my formal notice of cancellation to my subscription. I won't be paying for anything starting february 2017.

Jan 21, 2017

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