[Resolved] Globe Telecomunreliable charges and customer service

Even after full payment they deactivated my line services then had my wife cs, call got disconnected, my wife had to call them back then another worst thing is the previous rep she spoke with, made a note that it was a drop call and that she tried to call my number multiple times but there was not even a call initiated that is why my wife had to call again. the second agent who answered my wife's call was able to assist. funny thing, it was after that call only then I received a notification that my service was deactivated. shouldn't the notification sent prior to me finding out my services were deactivated? then on fb messenger, they asked me to pay my unbilled charges, when I did get a notification I did not have any. we just went to sleep and then there goes the unbilled charges and they are asking me to pay?!!! I have all the screenshots and when I went back at them telling this, I was then advised that the unbilled charges are not final, that charges can only be validated once final bill is in, which is next month. but hey that was not the advice I got previously, they only changed their tone when I said I have all the documents and they are clearly liable, the tone then changed. if there is word more than "worst", that's the best word to describe them!

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Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom

  • Resolution statement

    They advised everything will be validated once final bill is in. I will submit a new one if I will see there are no adjustments.

Jan 20, 2017

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