Globe Telecomcustomer service representative

I made a call about my loyalty program in globe on jan. 16, 2017 I spoke to jay perez employee no. 6570 (that's the info he gave me at the least) at the start of the call he was already very inconsistent with what he's been saying. aside from that, he would put me on hold for a crazy period of time. I have been patient about it until I asked to wait for the recontracting form, which took him an hour, yes i'm not exaggerating. it was an hour wait for that form alone, our whole conversation lasted for 2hrs. imagine that. within that call I already asked for a supervisor to speak with coz I don't think he's doing his job properly. he said sups name is kenneth fernandez and was in a meeting at that time. I have been calling globe and everytime I ask for a supervisor that is their usual spiel, he is on a meeting. I also worked in a telco and in a call center so I know that their will always be someone around if ever the sups are on a meeting. he mentioned that he went to that team lead and was told that he can't get out of the meeting. is that how you treat your customers globe? your meeting is more important than your loyal customers? I have been with globe since 2005. I don't deserve this kind of treatment. I don't know if you will take action on this complaint but I hope you do.

Jan 16, 2017

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