Globe Telecomcustomer service and technical group

I would like to recommend a re training for the following cs namely khezia, jonalyn, henson, charles andrew, jun, grace.. These people I talked with since dec 16, 2016 up to jan 5, 2017, if you would like to hear all those recorded conversation, you can check all the phone records conversation to your computer system.. Until now everytime I called n follow up the status of the delivery of the lenovo a6600. Acct# [protected] with mobile #[protected].. Recontracting.. Almost a month now and the delivery still a disaster! Kindly put some action regarding this matter! I dont trust anyone from the hotline 211! They dont know how to handle a certain situation! Very very very frustrated from the tech group amd customer service! Hope n im not hoping that this will be resolve!.. Aldwin taguinota son of anecita taguinota

Jan 09, 2017

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