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Scam and lies

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We received an ad in the mail to go to their office for a seminar and receive a free vacation, and additional free airline tickets. I called the number on the ad and asked the person why they were doing this (I was not born yesterday), and I was told that this was to introduce my wife and I to their agency, and hopefully in the future we would book our travel with them. What we got turned out to be a time-share type sales pitch for "cheap" hotel/resort stays. When we asked to see their list of places where they had facilities we were told there were too many locations to tell us where they all were. When we finally said we were not interested in signing a contract with them (how can you sign a contract without knowing any of the "fine print" which they refused to reveal to us) the sales person got frustrated and called over his manager (the same person who gave the seminar). The manager got very angry and tried to coerce us into buying a "package" from him. Finally he gave up and gave us a "voucher" for our free trip. We sent this in and received two more vouchers. To make our "reservations" we were supposed to pay "refundable" deposits of $150, and all taxes and fees which we were never told about before we agreed to go to the seminar. At that point we cut our losses and stopped communication with them.
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N  10th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
we attended global's presentation last year and settled on their 2 star package for $2000. The gift we chose was 2 nights in orlando ?d 2 nigts in daytona, paid the refundable deposit of $50. We showed up in orlando at ramada main gate west and they said we were not eligible because we were locals (from brevard county). So we went back home. Got on the phone with global since v.i.p. Was closed and complained to them. Decided to take a chance and see what would happen in daytona. We checked in there and were offered to listen to a presentation. The gift was $100 cash so we did it. And we were given $100 cash, as promised. The presentation was on village vacation voyages or something like that. It sounded good except we hadn't even used our global yet. On the way from daytona to home, we stopped in port orange to talk to v.i.p. They said ramada should have let us stay and billed them. And now said we can go anywhere for another 2 nights. I can't say much about global, but the free gift for the hotel somewhat panned out. We were also promised gas vouchers. I did everything right and never got any. But that was a separate company. We also got a free $1000 shopping spree. All you have to pay for is s&h. But those prices aren't standard shipping rates, they appear to be marked up. At the hotel we did have to pay taxes which was $26. So not bad especially since we got $100 cash, it pretty much was a free vacation. It isn't an easy process though, probably in hopes that you won't take advantage of it. But if you stand ur ground and do everything right and make copies of everything, they will make it right. They asked us if we stayed in a hotel in orlando, seems like they were going to reimburse us.
A  12th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well after reading all the negative comments on here I have decided not to attend their 90 minute presentation. My girlfriend received a phone call from Global Vacation Network today and asked what I thought. I told her if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. But i told her i would check the web and get some info. Good thing i did. They told her that if we sat through their 90 minute presentation we would get free vacation all expenses paid and a $300 gas or grocery certificate. I am glad i did some research, I would have upset if i drove an hour and a half and sat through a 90 minute sale pitch for nothing.
N  19th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
about 3 months ago, i received a phone call from a women claiming that i was getting a vacation to las vegas, for 3 days 2 nights, and i went to a presentation for 90 min. I received my vouchers without buying anything, however i did have to send in 150.00 for the taxes, since then i have took my vacation to vegas and i stayed at new york, new york. It turned out ok, i cant really say anything to bad about it, except the taxes. oh, and the sales pitch at the presentation
D  24th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
We just got back from attending the Global presentation in Ormond Beach. We were incredibly interested in the product and know that some people are more capable of benifiting from "scams"/buying programs than others. Imagine that you have to pay for a membership at "Sam's club". But the company would not tell you how much the membership fee is. They won't tell you how you shop there. They won't tell you what products they have available. They won't tell you if you will pay $50 or $1050 for your membership. They won't tell you if you can afford the products that your membership makes available to you. Bu they will promise you that if you listen to their sales pitch that they will reward you for your time with prizes. Global should NEVER compare their product with anything Sam Walton offers people..and they did. There is no flyer for their product, their are no details available at the presentation without pressure (even after 90 minutes)..and SUPRISE there were no prizes for attending. We weren't really suprised by any of it. BUT we did feel, even after the presentation that our family could be a family that would benefit financially from a vacation buying group. If anyone has REALLY benifted from a vacation buying group it would be hard to know without knowing them myself. With such ridiculous sales tactics they are losing customers.

We scheduled our presentation at 2:45 8/24/2010 through Darcy at Wholesale Travel Ormond Beach 877-313-3326 (she should be ashamed). We confirmed with Darci that it would not be a problem if we needed to leave by 4:30 to get our children from daycare by 5:30 (we were an hour away). We confirmed with our sales person Ken Wood once we got to the presentation that it would not be a problem if we need to leave by 4:30. Both persons confirmed that that should be a sufficient amount of time for their sales presentation. You sign in and complete a form that states that the sales presentation will be a minimum of 90 minutes. Nowhere does it state that you are required to stay any specific length of time to recieve your special gifts.

We were most disappointed that we were truly interested in their product and that they never told us enough about it in the time that we were there. We left the presentation that went beyond 90 minutes and the employees scrambled at the desk. The looks on their faces were on edge/they were on guard. We HAD to leave, we would have stayed to actually learn about the product but our children come first. We asked for a business card and asked who would be available to answer the questions that I had about their product. I asked our salesperson Ken wood if I would be able to get him if I called the number. NO. I asked if I could make an appointment to discuss the product. They handed me the card... and then they pointed out that we were not eligible for the special gifts (offered was two cmplimentary round trip airline tickets to any major airport anywhre in the continental USA, including three day two night getaway, a $30 dinner card for two at Red Lobster, Olive GArden, or Bahama breeze. If you call within 72 hours -you get all 3 bonus gifts $300 food certificate to Albertsons, Publix, Visa, Costco, Walmart ***no exclusions, +$50 travelocity gift card + $50 American express gift card)

Even after they told us we weren't eligible I was trying to get information about the product. They thought we were only interested in the prizes. How could anyone be interested in anything but the prizes, they hadn't really told us anything about the product.
You can't believe sales people that can't even tell you what their product is in 90 minutes, and don't tell you the cost. If a product is good it is unecessary to misrepresent it. I would have liked to recieve what I was promised, but now I am just as happy that they didn't supply me enough information to feel like I was an informed consumer and then purchase a product from inferior sales people . I can't say anything about the product Global offers since I did not pruchase it. Mostly from all comments I get that this company uses immoral sales practices and hires people with little to no ethics cloaked in courtesy and smiles.
The silver lining. The presentation was enjoyable, it did remind me what was most important, my family and spending time with them, I did get an opportunity to spend several hours with my husband, I left with all my money in my pocket and can now STILL afford to go on vacation with my family.

Included in their sales tactics are comparisons to Sam's club/ BJ's.They offer gifts with major corporations names on them (Darden restaraunts, Albertsons, Publix, Visa, Costco, Wal-mart, Travelocity, American Express) These companies should be all over their scam..I have never had bad service from any of these companies. I hope that their good companies won't be dragged into the opinions I now have of Global.
A  28th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
My wife and I attended the GVN presentation today in Grand Rapids, MI and it was EXACTLY as discussed in previous posts. (Timeshare like presentation, took nearly 3 hours after promising that it would be 90 minutes, high pressure sales tactics, not allowed to read the fine print, etc...) The only difference was the "Sales Consultant" we talked to was very straight forward in the discussion of the components and features of the program. The catch was that when we concluded our questions and told her that we were not going to buy on first look, not being able to verify what they had told us, she brought the sales manager over. (felt just like being in the used car lot) He was initially enthusiastic but became argumentative and abrupt with my wife as she tried to emphasize that her key issues were that we could not research them independently and that she felt uncomfortable with the "one time only" discount tactics that he was pushing on us. he even produced a BBB website printout claiming and A+ rating. (this is apparently not true, read on...) The promised free trips for attending the sales pitch are just as mentioned above a labyrinth of mailings and deadlines and fees. My hat's off to anyone who has had the patience to go through this and actually get something out of it... Also, there seems to be only one BBB report on these folks out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The rating posted today was C with 95 complaints. It is interesting that looking in Florida, Ohio, Kansas, Pennsylvania there seems to be no BBB record of them. On the national website they are not a BBB registered company. My thought is you should skip doing business with them.
N  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I just attended the "show" last night at the Ann Arbor office. I honestly found the individual salesman who met with us after the presentation very friendly- one of my only complaints about him is that he seemed to be so uneasy about the questions he might have been asked that he really dumbed things down for us, which was aggravating considering the presentation ran over, I had at that point been sitting there for over two hours (not the "only 90 minutes" I had been told three times on the phone) after a 10 hour day at work, and we weren't in need of diagrams and a repeat of the presentation to explain it to us. We understood perfectly the product, but we weren't going to buy anything on empty stomachs and without a chance to properly research. Whenever we told the salesman that, the "package deal guy" continued to lower the price in order to entice us. The bottom line we were given was around 4500 for the 4* choice, as opposed to the 7600 bottom line for the 6*. I also addressed with the salesman the completely false and fraudulent statement that the presenter said about the product: "and what's more- it lasts FOREVER!! You can pass it to your kids and their kids and their kids forever- it never ends!!" I could not believe he said that. I asked the salesman about it and he said "well yes it continues perpetually"; I said I'm sorry but I don't believe that is possible. Where is the business incorporated? and he said "I think it's in the state where we are, so Michigan?" and I said "Didn't the presenter say Illinois?" So when I grew tired of the salesman digging himself deeper and deeper, I finally told him I am an attorney and that there is no way a contract can last forever; especially in Michigan which has a perpetuities period of 90 years after lives in being, though the general rule is 21 years. He got this perplexed look on his face and then said, "well, I think he probably meant that it would SEEM to go on forever, you know, not talking legal aspects, just how someone would feel." When was the last time a contract was written or upheld based on an explanation of how someone "feels"?? Not to mention, if you think about it, has anyone ever heard of ANYTHING that lasts forever? No contract, no interest in a contract, no land interest- because it is impossible! I just couldn't believe how this guy kept coming at it from different angles to try to convince me of something that was so clearly in my mind false; speaking in certainties of things he clearly had no knowledge- I can only imagine how many unsuspecting people he has managed to fool that way! But I would say the worst part about the whole deal was the presenter. First, he said no one could ask questions until or he would run over his time. But then he would blabber on and on about completely irrelevant things and repeat himself several times. Second, he didn't reveal the price until after he had already run over his time by 15 minutes. And third, and worst of all, he started talking about his dad and how he died and how he said he wished he could've spent more quality vacation time with his family and that a package like this would have helped, and he had the audacity to attempt to get teary-eyed!! I was disgusted at that part of the presentation. He should be ashamed of himself, exploiting his DEAD FATHER for an easy sell.
N  29th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have the same horror story as (almost) everyone else. The high pressure sales, waffling on answering questions with specifics, and the sliding scale of price were all part of our experience. Being in sales I can point to their tactics and see that the sales managers and trainers need to be fired and someone with brains and knowledge of the GVN product be put in their place. The GVN program is a great travel tool. If the sales staff only knew what they were offering to people their jobs would be much more fulfilling.

We signed up for their program over seven years ago after going through the same type of 'presentation'. Fortunately my forward-thinking wife was ...thinking ahead. GVN membership "forces" us to think about going on holiday at least a couple of weeks out of each year. The nominal fees associated with the program are minimal compared to 'owning' a time share, the travel agency is able to accommodate our busy schedules, and the airfare/travel costs are usually less than I can find on the Internet. To top it all off the buying club has saved us (over the past 7 years) enough cash to where we have paid for the program.

Granted, GVN's tactics are abhorrent at best, their sales staff have their heads up their .. um... Don't know what they're selling. If you can get past that you're able to enjoy what other GVN members experience which is a feeling of partnership in your travel / vacation arrangements.

Now, Just so you know. I'm not affiliated with GVN other than being a member. I only hope that those of you researching GVN take this to heart. I'll see you the next time you're in the Caribbean. I'll be the guy that paid a fraction of what the next guy paid for the same condo.
N  5th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes

My name is Jason Rzucidlo and I am the Owner & Web Designer of AmericaJR.com. I received lots of complaints about the Global Vacation Network so I decided to do some investigating. I encourage you read and comment on these articles before attending a GVN sales presentation:

http://americajr.com/news/globalvacationnetwork0314.html (You can also view all of the documents you will be required to sign in a PDF file)


Many of the GVN offices will show you a phony BBB rating that is not their true rating. Always check BBB ratings at www.bbb.org.

Secondly, GVN is offering huge prizes like Lincoln Navigators that are impossible to win. They are only giving away 1 and your chances to win it are 1 in a million. So if they told you that you won one, you probably didn't.

Good luck in your travels.

N  7th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes

My name is Eric Stout, Operations Manager for Global Connections. I would be more than happy to review our travel club membership with anyone on this forum. I would be happy to review its benefits and discuss any concerns that you have. You can call me directly at (913) 660-7780. I look forward to talking with you.

Eric Stout
Operations Manager
Global Connections, Inc.
A  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
We had the same 8-11:30 high presure experience. The 9pm price was $9999 but the 11pm price was $2999. I have never seen people take so much time to say so little. I became suspious with the change of name coming through the door. We just got our "free" tickets but cost $65 with processing. You have to send "them" a money order and give them 3 dates to fly; they decide when. Expect read eye flights and long airport layovers. Also, there are a lot of forclosed properties on the market right now which they may use. Once this economy turns around availability may diminish significantly.
N  11th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
hey Eric, you need to get your phone ladies to stop telling people that they get a$300 gift card to Walmart.
In fact, it is a $25 rebate for every $300 you spend in a month and you can only claim one per month.
...and why do they need a W9 for a incentive gift?
what a bunch of bulls**t
A  15th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've been to several of these presentations, and I can comment on exactly what kind of company this is, and what their overall objective is. As far as the experience with the club itself, you'd be better off reading member reviews of the product this company sells.

This is a sales presentation for a company. They will tell you that you've won a sweepstakes to win a trip. In fact you have not. You filled in demographic information on a card (age, income, etc.) and based off this information this company decided that you would be a good target for their marketing. They use incentives (maybe purchased them, but probably receive them for free) to lure people into an office over-crowded with sales staff who are trained to be as upbeat as anyone you will ever meet. They (of course) will all say they are members of the program and love it. They will tell you about all the wonderful places they've been. They are, in actuality, very professional and polite. In GVN's case, they were not over-pressuring... however there is a certain degree of pressure, and the presentation itself (along with the personalized meeting) is meant to confuse you. Common sense SHOULD dictate to you that if someone is asking you to buy something at your first visit without the opportunity for you to ever do your own research, it's probably not a good idea to commit to it.

Now to the most important part: The incentives. This particular company (at the present time) uses 2 different "Incentive" companies to fulfill their rewards programs, Sprit and Time Out Vacations. These incentive companies exist to create a seemingly impossible set of rules and procedures to follow in order to fulfill their rewards. They make money by asking you to leave a "deposit" at time of "date request", and then expect you to "break" one of their rules, nullifying the contract and forfeiting your initial deposit, thereby adding revenue to their organizations.

Even if you go through with all rules, regulations, and procedures... You still have to pay the exorbitant fees they come up with, to which they will owe you no explanation. If you do more research, you'll find that these fees end up being so high that they amount to little more than a small discount compared to what you would have paid if you went through a discount website.

So, in short, (as others have said before me) if something seems to good to be true, it probably is! Do your research, ask questions, and get your answers in writing. There ARE some companies out there that do not try to give you the run around, and will truly provide you with a trip, but a lot of the times the presentation is ON the trip itself. Always ask if you can book the trip at the time of the meeting. It's rarely ever the case.
N  20th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
dpj100, jilted2, and duotonex

Thank you for your recent posts. The promotions that you mention are provided by marketing companies. I would be happy to put you in touch with a representative that would be able to answer any questions that you have about the promotions you received for attending the presentation. Of course if you have any other questions about the about our travel membership, I would be more than happy to answer them. For example, in reference to dpj100's comment, there are different membership levels which is why there is different pricing. I would be happy to discuss these different options with you. My phone number is (913) 660-7780.


Eric Stout
Operations Manager
Global Connections, Inc.
N  22nd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Eric Stout deserves credit for appearing on this board. Other than that, there really is nothing good to say about GVN. Also, I filed a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General's Office and their findings were that they could not find much negative information on the company to file a lawsuit against them ... other than my claim.Apparently, they must such old newspapers in Kansas as the internet has not reached them yet.

I have since filed a claim with DOJ against the Kansas AG's Office.
N  24th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
In all honesty, I live in Orlando FL..land of the timeshare, free trip free hotel free cruise free food free car rentals...if you can rent it someone in Orlando is giving it away!! Here is the trick...if you are flexible with your travel dates and you have an extra $50 to $100 you CAN take advantage of these trips. Now if you dont have the time to READ the fine print then of course they are not going to just arbitrarily give away free stuff...but if you do EXACTLY what the certificate says..pick a date 60 days in advance pick another date 45 days after that blah blah..grab a calendar and start counting!! Again I live here and pick these up weekly! For a couple of hundred..yes about $200 per trip I have stayed at the Courtyard New York in Midtown 3 days 2 nites...The W hotel in San Diego 4 days 3 nites..The Luxor in Vegas 4 days 3 nites, Plaza KoiKai in Cancun MX 3 days 2 nites, I have taken a Discovery Cruise to the Bahamas with hotel in the Bahamas 3 days 2 nites, Rio Mar in Puerto Rico 3 days 2 nites, and the Flamingo in the Dominican republic all inclusive (food and drinks) for 5 days 4 nites!!! I do not work for these people but if they are going to go around offering free stuff trying to scam people..I am going to take advantage of them and ride it till the wheels fall off!! PS my travel companions have no idea that these are free trips...they just think I can afford to travel! Just read the fine print and follow directions guys...it does work!!
N  28th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes

You are more than welcome to contact me directly and I would be happy to discuss your membership with you. As I have posted, my direct phone number is (913) 660-7780.

Eric Stout
Operations Manager
Global Connections, Inc
N  29th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
WOW! Just read this stuff before attending a presentation I had agreed to try to make it there and see what it was all about. I said I would do my research before hand. I did. I called and told them I am not interested in their seminar and will not be attending. The same lady who 'verified' my info before I hung up on the pitch call got on the phone and started yelling at me and said I could not cancel, only reschedule! Ha! I started laughing and said that is ridiculous and I will not be going. She then proceeded to yell at me saying I should be ashamed for attempting to belittle someone who went through so much trouble to pay processing fees for me already! This was litterally like an hour between recieving the phone call, looking it up and calling back to cancel. I said no, sorry, I didn't sign a contract and laughed some more and she yelled and then hung up on me! Hahaha. Hilarious! These people are absurd! Don't even agree to go to the meeting!
N  4th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
It seems like nearly all of the complaints here are concerning the sales presentation and the gifts offered for attending. My wife and I went to one of these presentations and I whole haertedly agree. The presentation was good, but the presenter seemed to slick. And the gifts were useless except for the $50 gift card. We also asked to go do our own research and come back later if we wanted, so they started changing the package and offering reduced prices.
We left, but I decided to check it out on my own. I want to thank Eric for spending some time on the phone with me and we are pretty sure we are going to buy into the program.

My point is that the groups doing the presentations and giving the gifts are seperate companies from the Global Connections and are only tasked with selling. To complain about Global Connections because of the treatment from some sales company is like saying I that a car is bad because of poor sales treatment at a dealer. Just go to another dealer.
D  24th of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We have been members with Global for over 10 years. We had one problem with a condo in Myrtle Beach which is our preferred destination. We were told by the sales agent that it was oceanfront. The resort (Ocean Creek) was but the condo wasn't. We called and complained and Global gave us a free week for the following year. We were able to use that free week at Ocean Forest Plaza the following year. We had a two floor condo on the top floors. Very nice!

This program may not be for you if you don't vacation that often. My family has been to Myrtle Beach six times, Gatlingburg twice, and Indian Shores, FL once. We have always had nice places to stay. Even the condo at Ocean Creek was a nice condo...just not oceanfront. We paid $4000 for life and we pay $389 per year for our five stars. Doing the math, in 10 years that comes to $7890. Divide that by the number of vacations we have taken and that averages out to $876 for those trips. That's $125 a night. Of all the places we have stayed, only one resort had nightly rates at $125 in peak season. I'm not an employee of Global and I stand to gain nothing with my statement.
N  30th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
me and a family member took the bait and has pay for it since. we purchase in march 2010 and november put in our first request, . it state that travel agent will get back us in 7-10 business days, you guessed it 15 days still nothing.i had to call them it went on with lies .the rep made a mistake and sent me a message she thought she was sending to thr resort this is what it said, can you put the resort on hold for 2/5/2011 because this member is a pain. i forward that email to the manager she apologized for lisa hampton and gave us the resort with out using star credits or the other fees. im due to go on tha vacation in 7 days look for my return

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