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Global Tel / Overcharges and rip off

1 Norfolk, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 208.348.5787

Does anyone else with loved ones in Mass. DOC suffering from this same RIP OFF from Global Tel?

From of Mass. DOC inmate:

"After calling family I noticed that Global Tel charged me a lot more than they should have. I am in the process of trying to get it straightened out. I wrote and complained about it and they basically told me that I have my figures wrong. The Officer in Charge of handling the complaints showed me a print out of all the calls that I have made so far and it shows on their print out the correct price for each call. If I talk for 20 minutes it should cost $12.65, that's $2.25 for making the call and 52 cents a minute. The maximum time I can talk for is 20 minutes. They charged me $14.82 per call! This comes out to be about 25 minutes.

(The call timer on the recipient’s phone usually says 20 minutes 33 seconds before the phone is disconnected). Also, the balance on the print out from the Officer in Charge stated my balance was $134.12 when I called placed a call just a couple of minutes later the balance stated at the beginning of the call said it was $122.98... where did the $11.14 vanish?

It seems an easy way to track this fraud would be to go get a print out of my account which shows all my calls up to that minute and then go and get on a phone and hear what Global Tel says I have in my account. Easy, right? Well, it shows that they are charging a whole lot more than they are providing.
I believe that I am right and that this phone company is perpetrating ripping off everyone to the tune of a whole lot of money just by configuring the time wrong!

Check your balances and see if they match... I bet they won't.


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