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Glasses USA has a “virtual mirror" feature on their website that’s supposed to show a true representation of how the glasses will fit. I've used this feature to purchase these pair of glasses and they do not fit at all. The glasses in person doesn't fit anything like the virtual try on feature advertised. I even spoke to a supervisor Art, (Feel free to pull our phone call from
Sep 3, 09:40 PDT where he even admited that they feature is not as good as advertised). Even your supervisor advertised that the virtual mirror feature wasn't as accurate as they advertised. These Michaels Kors Adrian IV glasses that fit nothing like advertised. It is huge, chunky and is practically falling off my face. The lens's prescription are also off, and is giving me massive headaches, so the glasses are unwearable. The company have refused to send me a shipping label to have it returned, and they still have not answered my 4 requests for a RMA. This is definitely a very complicated and smart scamming website. Requested a call back from a supervisor 36 hours ago, also sent an email and still no response. I've already put in 2 tickets, sent 3 emails, sent Facebook posts and face book direct messages, and still no one has gotten back to me with a response. I feel like I have to jump through hoops just to get my money back. If you ever have to return your product, prepare to constantly have to reach out just to get a person to help you and jump through a lot of hoops just to get your money back. Definitely not a good start when it comes to customer resolutions. I'm still waiting to have a shipping label sent out to return these glasses. Plus, you only get 2 returns until they refuse to have the glasses returned again. So you have a high likelihood of being stuck with a pair of glasses that you absolutely hate. This is what it takes to finally get a representative from this company to reply: 5 negative reviews on multiple review sites. That’s right, I had to leave negative reviews on 5-7 review sites like just to get a reply. I've been back and forth with a Michelle M. I've requested a shipping label be sent atleast 5 times so far. Nothing has been sent. This is exactly what I meant by having to jump through hoops just to get to these people. Buyers be warned. I'd warn first time buyers from purchasing from this website. Being an online company, you would think they would be more accommodating, as consumers don't have the convenience of trying the glasses before we buy them. They encourage use of their virtual mirror, which isn't a very accurate representation of what you receive ( which, again even your supervisor, Art B. stated in our phone call that it's not accurate and he had reported it to another department o make it a better representation. Feel free to review our phone call from September 3). I’m still jumping through hoops to get my refund. The supervisor still has not called me back, and their returns department still has refused to send me a shipping label to have the glasses returned. Additionally; the representative says their supervisors can call within 24-48 hours. That's funny, because the email you sent said a supervisor will contact me shortly. I didn't know "shortly" could translate into 1-2 days. I refuse to be stuck with a pair of glasses that I can't even wear. I have contacted your customer service multiple times and still have not received a response other than denying my refund and a link to your returns policy. No one has even asked if I would like to exchange the glasses, which is already breaking your own policy. I don't want an exchange, I want a refund. I want a refund of my money. I'll continue posting my dissatisfaction until I get my money back. I will never shop at this website again, and I'll gladly discourage others from purchasing from this website. For the 6th time already, I don't care about the decision of your Returns department. Send me a shipping label so I can have these glasses returned and get my refund.

Sep 19, 2017

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