I ordered glasses a month ago, the GlassesUSA software managed to remove the street address of both my shipping and billing addresses, but they still put them in the mail! Can you imagine? Of course, the post office cannot deliver without a street address so they were rejected. GlassesUSA says they still don't have them back -- but they do have my $187. Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered, reading from scripts. Each individual said the same thing, word-for-word. After a month, I finally got hold of a supervisor, who had the audacity to suggest that perhaps I did not provide them with a street address!!! What???? They actually believe I would provide an Apt # for billing and a Suite # for shipping, but just forget to type in the street addresses? I don't think so. So, very long story short -- stay away unless you don't need your glasses in a timely manner and you don't need your money returned timely, either. As they've told me "it's policy."

Jan 11, 2017

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