Georgia Powermy billing statement

I relocated sept 2015. My social security stopped may 2016, I also work. I spoke with a ga power agent making a payment arrangement on my bill months later after ssi ended. My bill was high, I was trying to pay it down quickly as I could.
Noticing later I was tagged with a deposit that I missed somehow.
Paying on my bill, and earnestly trying to get my social security check started.
My power bill was steadily decreasing due to my increased effort. I spoke with georgia power agent once more for a payment arrangement for only a few days later. Never did she say they would tag on a deposit she only stated there would be a late fee for a "few dollars". My social security was finally starting back up at the end of october 2016.
I kept my word and paid, my bill was lower. I'm looking to pay my bill fully, my bill comes and they doubled it !!! Up to over $300. They added on another deposit.
How do they expect for you to pay your bill down, and do all that you can; they can see that my bill and usage was decreasing. You see that i've lowered and paid it, i've spoken with an agent who says nothing about a deposit will be tagged on... And then, georgia power pushes me back... Again? Seriously. This is totally not fair, at all. I'm not satisfied. Called ga power, asking "why would you do that, when i've worked so hard to pay this bill down, even spoke to an agent, then tag on a deposit the equivalent of my bill? The most that she could say is i'm sorry your social security stopped. No I worked to get it back and I did, and tried to get my bill down. I got my bill down. Now this?

Jan 18, 2017

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