Georgia Power / customer service to establish account and power to my house I just bought

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no number atm since I'm a new customer. I called to establish account and upon purchasing the house I faxed the documents they said I needed to finish the process on 12/01/2016 1355pm. On 12/01/2016 my power was shutoff, because there was apparently no one associated with the power meter any longer, and my account was still not activated or approved or whatever the process may be. This was 23 hours later when I called to complain and nothing was still showing for my paperwork. found out through my family after they called that my paperwork apparently was not clear, 23 hours later with no response from them to my point of contact email or phone number. I have refaxed it since finding through family not Georgia Power about my paperwork. Was unable to speak to supervisors due to them being unavailable, I was told I couldn't wait for one.

Dec 02, 2016

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