Georgia Powercustomer service

I just recently moved here from New York 3 months ago. I had to wait a close to a month before getting paid and as a result my bill fell past due. I made a payment of $130 and unfortunately the payment was returned. Then on January 19th my power was turned off. There was no disconnection notice, no call or anything from customer service advising me that my service would be cut off by a certain period of time. I called customer service today and was advise that I was charged a $30 return check fee, a $50 reconnection fee and a $120 deposit although I already have a $150 deposit on file. So essential someone moves here, has no clue how things work, received no notification and is now forced to pay $200 additional and they are already struggling with the bill? I contacted a supervisor, Kenny Ext. 31292 in hope that he would be willing to work with me at a least waive some of these fees. I received no sympathy, nor understanding regarding this situation. I am a single parent of 2 small children and I have fish that all rely on electricity. How can you force someone to pay an additional $200 for a necessity when they are already struggling to pay the bill? I am just requesting that someone please waive some of these fees.

Jan 19, 2017

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