Geo Holiday / Starpoint Resorts - Timeshare / Rip-off

Las Vegas, NV, United States

We got an unsolicited call to listen to a timeshare presentation via the Jockey Club. They promised a whole bunch of gifts, like $100 in casino play, free vacations at the Jockey Club, dining cards, etc. I let my wife take the call since I had to do something else. That was a mistake. She was confused about the package and wanted more details. The saleswoman said, "You have to make a deposit of $99 before we show you the offer in writing." I didn't think anyone would fall for that but my wife did. So we got stuck with paying out $99 so we could have 72 hours to review the "offer." I guess they did not say our deposit was refundable. So we wait a day and no email is forthcoming so we cannot review their offer. We call back and finally get the email sent again and it is different from the offer they made over the phone. We call back again to clarify and they say, "Oh, of course you can have what you want, we'll send another email to clarify your questions." So another day and no emails. (I think they deliberately stall on sending out emails so you pass the 72 hour time to review their offer). I call back AGAIN and they say they will send out the email again and have the same saleswoman talk to us. ONLY she can answer our questions.

Finally, after another day and no response, I call back to just get our refund back. We are told to call a different dept and I get some uppity gay guy who starts to tell me that we ONLY had 72 hours to review the offer. I had assumed there was a money back if we don't accept and when I tell this guy, "Just give us a refund." he says, "No, you are past the 72 hours you were allowed to review the offer." It has only been 2 DAYS, 48 HOURS, since our deposit was taken but this CLERK can't even do the math. I tell him I will name him in a lawsuit against his company and his reply is, "Go ahead, that doesn't intimidate me!" I demand our deposit back and he just simply refuses to give us our money back." I hang up and try calling back to speak with a manager. The next 5x I call, the line is answered and hung up IMMEDIATELY. So these guys seem to be a MAJOR SCAM to take your deposit and then REFUSE to give you a refund.

I finally reach a new manager who apologizes for the rudeness of their employee. I tell her she doesn't need to apologize, the clerk who refused to issue a refund needs to apologize and the silence tells me, "that's not going to happen." I tell her just to refund our deposit and that's when I'm told, "It will take 4-8 weeks for our accounting dept to issue the refund." It took them 10 minutes to take the money out of our account and now it will take 4-8 weeks for us to get a refund. This is a MAJOR SCAM so DON'T give them a $99 deposit. That's making an offering to buy your house and having thebuyer say, "You need to make a $99 deposit in order see our offer."

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