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The Landing, № 326-375 Water Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada - V6B5C6
Embarc Resort Locations
Embarc Whistler
4580 Chateau Boulevard, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada V0N 1B4 
Embarc Vancouver
Suite 2951 - 1001 Hornby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6Z 3A5
Embarc Ucluelet
1971 Harbour Crescent, Ucluelet, British Columbia, V0R 3A0 Canada
Embarc Panorama
2000 Panorama Drive, Panorama, British Columbia, Canada V0A 1T0
Embarc Blue Mountain
276 Jozo Weider Boulevard, The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada L9Y 3Z2
Embarc Tremblant
200 Chemin des Saisons, Mont Tremblant, Québec,Canada J8E 1G1
Embarc Palm Desert
1 Willow Ridge, Palm Desert, California, USA 92260
Embarc Sandestin
8626 Baytowne Avenue West, Sandestin, Florida, USA 32550
Embarc Zihuatanejo
Carretera Escénica La Ropa Zona Holtera, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, 40895 Mexico

Complaints & Reviews

Must return back to Australia due to impending closure of borders due to the coronavirus outbreak

We have been members for over 20 years and have never been treated so badly as now. We came all the way from Australia to ski, the mountain closed one hour prior to our arrival for the week: March 15 - 22nd. We booked our accomodation with Embarc for that week to ski specifically. No notice was sent to us by embarc re: the mountain closure.

We read on the Australian government website they will be prohibiting entry of all visitors to Australia other than permanent residents and citizens. Those on visas - which we are may not be allowed to re-enter Australia due to the coronavirus situation. We booked an early flight back to Australia to: a) ensure we can re-enter due to our visa b) there is no skiing at the mountain during the week we booked.
Embarc will not credit us for the points not used or allow us to move them to a different time of year. We own within the top 10% of member point category and this is how they treat us?

timeshare points

In 1997 I bought 120 points from Club Intrawest. Over the course of 21 years I was able to exchange those...

Embark air beds

I purchased two twin size air beds sometime in late May or earlly June so that I have sleeping space for my...

Deceptive business practices

I am a Club Intrawest (CI) Member who is considering selling my Club points & ending my membership. Since Diamond Resorts Int'l (DRI) assumed management of the Club (now Embarc by DRI) in November 2015, however, it is unlikely that this will be possible. DRI has the right of first refusal to any Member seeking to sell their membership on the resale market. In fact, DRI prefers that members return their points through forfeit, default of payment or Members even pay DRI to return them. Considering the Club's Repurchase Program? There are over 1, 200 CI Members on the waiting list. As Members, we need to be free to set our point price at a fair market value on the secondary market, which we are now prevented to do.

I am writing to invite you to join fellow Club Members, over 1, 000 strong, who are united to work together, to inform, educate & campaign against DRI's management of our Club. A Members-only group was launched on Facebook to connect with the 22, 000 Members since DRI refused to provide the Membership contact list to facilitate our inter-communication. Also, a website has been created to share key Club documents, explain how the Club is bring managed to benefit DRI, not the Members, provide updates on progress & info on selling points, etc.

Did you know that although we Members own 94% of the Club points & Intrawest/DRI has 6%, the Club instruments were written to give them a weighted voting power of 15 times that of Members (or 48% voting power) in all elections? Did you also know that Intrawest placed their employees in 4 of 5 positions on the Board of Directors, thereby ensuring DRI controls the Board & our Club? Join the Members group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clubintrawestowners/ and website: http://citheownersgroup.wix.com/home

  • Ci
    ci.theownersgroup Aug 14, 2016

    The Facebook group is now almost 2, 000 strong and the website is now located at: www.cithownersgroup.org
    We are organizing to ensure fairness for the members of Club Intrawest/Embarc and if you are a former Club Intrawest (now Embarc) owner, please join us.

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  • Me
    Melvin56 Jul 02, 2018

    @ci.theownersgroup where do i join ? do we have an action plan ?

    0 Votes
  • Go
    gorsek Aug 02, 2017

    We also would like to get rid of our points. Are there any updates on this? I will join the groups and look for current information also.

    0 Votes
  • Jc
    J Chris Cochran Jun 20, 2018

    This information is correct. I have been a member since 2004. At that time, I purchased points with Club Intrawest. They prices have gone up, the amenities have been reduced. The availability has declined, thus, watering down the value. When I purchased, I was told that Intrawest would guarantee that they would repurchase the points at the original sales price after 7 years. I have been a faithful member for 14 years. nevertheless, this turned out to be another lie. Currently, Embarc is "kind" enough to let me voluntarily surrender the points for which I paid approximately $50, 000. That's right. They will take them back for free so they can sell them to some other gullible schmuck and they will pay me no remuneration.

    1 Votes
  • Me
    Melvin56 Jul 02, 2018

    i am another dis-satisfied customer of Embarc Diamond Resorts... trust me... stay away !!

    2 Votes
  • Je
    Jenn177 Sep 19, 2018

    Terrible Embarc Time Share Presentation at Mont Tremblant

    We were very happy with our official time share presenter, Diane. She was friendly, helpful, and thanks to our experience with previous other timeshare presentations, promised to focus on the information or “meat” of the product, and endeavour to keep us under the two hour presentation timeframe. However, Gary, presumably her supervisor, kept entering the room and interrupting her. At first, this was fine, but every time Diane started to show us something, Gary would come in and do it instead. We found him quite annoying after a while. He kept bragging about what the Embarc program could do. He could find any place, any time for us. Just name it. Well, he couldn’t do it, and made himself and Embarc look foolish. He explained that the system must be down, although how do we know that? There was no notice that the site was undergoing maintenance – it was just his say so. There was nothing that he could show us that impressed us at all – certainly a far cry from “selling” the product. Then Gary suggested that we should accept this system/program shortcoming and buy anyway. He said this failure showed that he was human and even Embarc was not infallible. Right, that sounds like the kind of product we want to buy.
    After reviewing the numbers, we were not convinced that a purchase with Embarc was right for us. We asked about a buy back policy if we were not happy with it or if our circumstances changed. He informed us that there was no buy back policy!! They would only buy (and insisted on right of first refusal!) if we first lined up a private buyer ourselves.
    When initially questioned about what we would want if we could design our own timeshare product, we explained that we would only consider a system that was more efficient, flexible, and at least as economical as what we were currently doing. We have recently been searching for vacation destinations on the AirBnB and HomeAway websites and have been very successful. Disregarding the exorbitant purchase price, Embarc’s cost per vacation could not compare to the prices of places on these sites. We told him that we could find similar places cheaper using our own search methods. At this point, Gary said that if we were cheap, then perhaps this wasn’t the product for us. Embarc offered deals on more exclusive and highly priced units. Gary resorted to mudslinging – and called us cheap!!
    Not only did Gary fail to sell the Embarc product by making it and himself look inadequate and unprofessional, he resorted to insulting his prospective clients, who were still involved in the sales presentation, which, thanks to him, lasted nearly three hours, after Diane had promised she could complete it in less than 2 hours!!!
    As we have attended time-share presentations in the past we knew what to expect. However, we have never experienced anyone as unprofessional as Gary! It was a very annoying way to waste three hours of our time and reinforces the fact that the timeshare industry has not changed from the high pressure sales tactics that has given it such a poor reputation. We were hoping the Embarc would be different, but we could not have been more wrong. :(

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We, like many people, attended the supposedly 90 minute presentation which incidentally lasted nearly 3...

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Poor Value - can't resell

My husband and I originally bought 100 points in 2005, then added and additional 50 points. Then in 2012...

Deceiving annual fee increment calculations

Recently I reviewed my statements and found that what the company claimed the increment of resort dues was not true.
They claim the resort dues was increased from 7.19/pt to 7.31/pt, an increment of 1.7%.
But from what I checked on my bank statements, the resort due was actually jumped from 7.16/pt to 7.31/pt, an increment of 2%.
This may seen marginal, but if you think a hidden 0.3% is added on who know how many hundreds of members.
How much money are they actually getting out of this...I can't even imagine.
On top of that, this is only my second year with them, God knows how long have they been playing this trick on their members.
I would like to raise this awareness to all the members out there.

  • Di
    dinfinity Feb 07, 2013

    Not quite sure where you're getting at...I know exactly how much resort dues I'm paying.
    It's the company who is trying to false advertise how much increment they are making.
    When the increase was actually 2% and they state it's 1.7%.

    -1 Votes
  • De
    deeskilady Jun 25, 2013

    Just to balance the board with some experience. I am a points owner and have been for 7 years. We have used the points every year and have always been really happy. We have paid $700 to most recently $800 each year for the maintenance fees. This year we went to Panorama for 5 nights and loved it! Amazing ski resorts and the 2 bedroom condo was fabulous. They are well built, well designed units and maintained well. Last year we went to Whistler for two nights during the summer ( among other travels) and Tremblent for 4 nights. We commonly go to Blue Mountain. The last time we went we didn't use our points but the benefits of membership allowed us a studio for $79 a night. The room is easily a $200 room. I am thrilled with my membership.

    1 Votes
  • Ri
    Richknowles Jul 07, 2015

    I'm an owner at Club Intrawest Whistler/Blackcomb since 1993 or so. I started with low resort annual dues and a far lower price than today's so know the pain of the increasing dues. I have three kids and my now ex wife and I and the family have recd a lit of use and benefit over the years. We trade with RCI and use extraordinary escapes and spread our points throughout all the seasons and different resorts in the "Intrawest chain". I think our family and lives situation was one that suited this type of vacation system. That said, I'm deeply concerned that many ppl that are not ideally suited to this type of resort vacation have been so completely inconvenienced and duped by the sales staff only to have what I believed to be a reputable club I am a member of act so criminally negligent. While I have enjoyed my membership personally, my deep feelings of being with a disreputable group is making me think twice and wondering what would occur to me, an outstanding and long lived Intrawest senior member, should my financial or life situation change to require me to sell my shares! As I enjoy all aspects of Whistler, I can continue being a happy member getting full value but what happens longer term and what of my emotions related to others suffering as Intrawest members ?? I don't know how to reconcile this.

    0 Votes
  • Fl
    Flying Lady Apr 16, 2017

    Wow! There are over 3, 000 Embarc by DRI Owners (formerly Club Intrawest), who have joined the Owners-only group on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/clubintrawestowners/ Have you? Join the dialogue of open and informed discussion about our Club.

    In the upcoming June election, cast your vote for Konrad Kawalec, a fellow Owner, for the Independent Director position on the Board of Directors. Konrad's bio & so much more info can be found in the Owners-only website that has been created to share key Club documents; expose how the Club is bring managed to benefit DRI, not the Owners; provide updates on progress & advice for selling points; explain the benefits of completing the Joint Retainer Agreement (JRA); tips for maximizing your points, etc. website: www.citheownersgroup.org

    0 Votes

deceptive business practices

I got bamboozled bya smooth-talking salesperson 5 years ago at Mt Tremblant. Believed her story, took a...

voice recognition

I have a loved one incarcerated in Bonham Texas.I set the phone up about a month ago where he could start calling home.Well it's a voice recognized service .Everytime he try to make a call he says the system doesn't recognize his voice.There for the calls aren't going through.My loved one told me that you have to sound the same at the time when you recorded it.What if a person just woke up your voice is not going to sound the same.So i called the phone company to complain they told me i would have to call the facility.The facility told me i would have to call the phone company who do i really call to resolve this matter.All i want them to do is rerecord his voice because obviously the first way isn't working.

Only new customers get customer service

As an existing customer on a Sunday I could only reach a representative of Embark by following the new customer promts. For those existing customers that need service on a sunday, to bad. And if another company such as Brighthouse want to request you be disconnected and take over that phone line without your consent, they can. You are left without phone service, and no one but you can ask to resend the mistaken order. Now to find all this out for my 62 year old father with no cell phone it took me multiple phone calls between both providers and thier automated systems to receive No help from Brighthouse who put me on endless hold and never called me back, and ultimately had to take a cell phone over to him and have him ask for his service to be returned to him. What is wrong with this picture? They didn't need to verify with him to end his service!!!


Hi all I have been a member with Clu intrawest for 2 years now and everytime I ask them to book something for...

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