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My 2004 Chevy Colorado with only 31000 miles had an ABS sensor light come on and I took it to a service center. I was told that including labor this would cost about 600 dollars. A little later the mechanic called back and said that I also neede new brake hubs on the front because of a terrible design. This would cost another 600 dollars for a grand total of 1200 dollars. They checked the internet and no recalls were found. My question is why not. I also read many of the same complaints and as I would like to get some of my money back I also wonder about GM commitment to Safety. Whatever it takes for a recall shoul happen in this case.


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      Jan 03, 2011

    I have a chevy Colorodo as well. 2006 and it was under warranty when mine happened. First the left sensor was bad, then the right. They tried replacing only one. I say this b/c after further investigation, apparently when one goes you have to replace both b/c it throws the other sensor off. I do have a 2nd issue that is not covered. I just got my Truck back today. My heater only works on the highest setting. Another issue (check the web). Apparently they have a faulty wire harness that in some cases can catch the truck on fire. I had them save the harness and sure enough it is burnt on the end. No recall. I am trying to find out where to contact Gm to pressure them to pay for it. By the way I only have 39, 000 miles and the harness and resistor cost me 150.00.

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      Jan 13, 2011

    My 2004 Chevy Colorado with only 51000 miles had an ABS sensor light come on and I took it to a service center. if I sell my first born, then I can afford the repair bill with no promise that it will be fixed. But when I apply the brakes the brake peddle kicks back, and it takes almost both feet pushing down while the peddle kicks back trying to stop. And I have had other Colorado owners ask me if I have the problem we are talking about. Wow!

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      Jan 25, 2011

    ABS Sensor light on Colorado; I had this happen to me. As it turned out, the ABS sensor is located in the wheel bearing casting assembly. It was the wheel bearing that was going out...and it did, at 50K, and I was 800 miles away from home. This is a routine problem for all Chevy and GMC trucks according to my mechanic. Get them replaced promptly. My wheel fell off. Haven't had a problem since I replaced them with Timkin bearings. Cost should be approximately $335.00 per wheel. No cheap fix!

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