General Motorsunethical behavior

On a weekend and January, my husband I visitied a bob bell chevy in Baltimore. We met with a saleman by the name of Virgil White. he started out as an ok salesman however he was very full of himself as to making us overly aware of his accomplishments and that he was the best salesman at the dealership because he had been there the shortest time and folks there longer than him has been unsuccessful in meeting that accomplishment.

After going through the process with the banks etc. he returned to the desk annoyed stating what the option for our purchase was and just very short and curt in his tone after seeing my husband was a lil upset. what customer is not upset when they cant obtain what they came for. My husband did not take it out on him. Mr white failed to explain to my husband how the banks work in detail that he would understand.

We ended up leaving with the option to think over the options provided.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Baltimore, MD I myself explained to my husband in detail what the salesman should have and at that point my husband was more amenable to the accepting one of the options and emailed Mr. White.

Later that day, it was discovered that not even 30 min after us leaving the dealership Mr. white deemed it appropriate to post to his social media how" disturbed he was with us and our situation and that we should wake up and smell the coffee" Mr White also placed specific details from my husbands file to describe his disturbance.

We are very aware of there is a policy in place for GM employees and their social media as well as we are aware of privacy policy for customers and their personal information. This gesture was not only innappropiate but unproffesional. We really was looking forward to becoming a GM customer but not with this type of treatment. Totally unacceptable

After further review, we are not the only ones who have been victims of Mr White social media slander. However this is who Bob bell chose as salesman of the year. I guess this was based on production alone. Whatver makes the sale and meets the quota I guess...

General Motors

Jan 16, 2017

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