General Motors / service department scam

I called Markquart Motors GM dealer to get a ballpark figure on what it would be to change the steel brake line that runs from the junction block located on the frame of my 2004 GMC duramax crew cab about mid driver door to just before the rear end. (about 10 feet) The guy told me the book said about a hour to change so it would be a $100 to 200.00 depending on what they run into. I had my truck there for the appointment on time and they said they would run it in and check it over. My wife and I returned home (she followed me with her car) in about an hour they called and informed me that they could just change the one line and it was going to be $450.00. I was in total shock. I told them no and that I would be down and get my truck. When I went to get it they charged me $78.23 to write out a slip telling me exactly what I told them was wrong. They took nothing off of the truck to inspect it or nothing. Then they raised the estimate $250.00.
Quite the scam, 10 elderly people like myself a day $780.00 dollars for doing nothing. The invoice # is 292350 paid in full via Credit Card. The book that I received the original quote from was correct. After I had the brake line it took me about an hour to change it with the truck jacked up on one side and the use of a creeper.

Mar 09, 2017

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