General Motors Corporation / vehicle breaking down and no help from dealership

1326 second street, New Brighton, PA, United States

Bought wife 2004 cavalier brand new had to replace timing chains and tensioners and guides at 38000 miles worked at gm for over 18 years when asked for help to repair politely told to piss off now car has 58000 miles on always driven by wife she does not beat car sitting at red light transmission died no forward gears but had reverse had problem with 6 or 8 cars working at dealer ship removed trans pan and filter found tube broken at weld replaced tubes and refilled problem solved luckily repaired other trans problems simulator to this if was a customer would have had to replace trans not repair what a joke 18 years working for gm and no help why i see people come in out of warrenty and repairs are done under warrenty still own gm cars and always will but people should take care of customers all of them not just friends of owners or bosses

Jan 03, 2016

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