General Motors Corporation / loss of power steering assist.

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2016 recall was fixed by Jim Schmidt Chevy in Hicksville, OH
They replaced the steering shaft torque sensor. It has went bad again. My 19 yr. old daughter was driving it in heavy traffic and all of a sudden she had no power steering and she was very scared while driving and couldn't get it to turn.
I took it back in to Jim Schmidt Chevy in Hicksville OH and they said the recall was fixed in March 2016 and if I wanted it fixed again, I would have to pay for it.
This isn't a fair thing to tell a consumer when I had the recall fixed 2 yrs. prior and now it is the same issue and they are saying it's not under warranty. Not my fault or my problem that this recalled part went out again.

Please advise

Jennifer Bowsher
512 Maple Lane
Hicksville, OH 43526

Feb 7, 2019
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  • Jo
      14th of Feb, 2019

    2/14/19 Same here! We replaced the steering shaft torque sensor under recall in 2014 by our local dealer in Lincoln, NE, my husband lost power steering this week and the dealer will not cover it to replace the sensor again (another $500). We've spent $1250 at our regular mechanic (because the dealer said these items were not covered in the recall) in the last year and a half to replace the intermediate shaft which is part of the power steering mechanism that transmits the torque from the steering column to the steering gears - btw the steering gear was fixed under recall in 2017 at the same dealer), we also had to pay to fix the power steering motor 2 weeks ago (again because the dealer said this wasn't part of the recall). This is not only dangerous but GM should be paying for anything and everything that has to do with the electric power steering not just 1 or 2 parts). We have a 2004 Malibu. UGH!!

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