General Motors Corporation / 2011 chevy cruise

usa, US

Have a chevy cruise 2011, with sixty four thousand km on engine, Engine light came on, took to dealership, , , ; replaced thermostat light came on again said might be a gasket, replaced that but was told theres aknock in the engine, wouldnt be able to tell for sure what was wrong until it was stripped down costing $1000.00 or more but might need a new engine . called Gm customer service said they would pay 25%. the 201 chevy cruise have all had trouble with this car all with the engine . we are seniors who have only brought gm cars for 54 years . this car wont be paid off until May 2017 and we are afraid to drive it. have already spent $700.00 on engine repair . Do we have any other option besides talking to someone from a call center?

Nov 30, 2016

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