General Motors / 2016 malibu

Lansing, IL, United States

I have a 2016 Malibu. All was fine (mostly) until my car was in for an oil change and they decided to fix a recall. Well since then my auto stop will stop working. They stated that there is nothing they can do besides plug it in and see if there is a code sent back. The person stated they had just had another one in with the same problem but couldn't do anything for that one. So it would be a waste of my time to take the car in. I have read on line that MANY people are having the same problem and it is affecting the gas mileage.
The person that I spoke to said that the weather, using defrost/defog, air and so on will affect the auto stop working properly. It never affected it in the winter when I had on my heat and defrost.
I am NOT happy with this. If it is a known problem, and from looking online it is, there should be a fix for it.

Jun 13, 2017

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