General Motors / 2015 chevy true north edition

Shortly after purchasing my truck, I advised the dealership of a slight vibration that was beyond the expected one (one that happens when it try's to save on gas) they said it was normal. The issue persisted, so I mentioned it again when I went in for an oil change. This time I went for a drive with one of the guys in the service department and he also said it was normal. He said if i were to put the truck in manual that it will go away.
The vibration got worse. One morning it vibrated so much that I had to pull over. I called and took it to a different dealer ship, who suggested that it was not normal.
The truck has been in to them several times and we still have the same problem.
Solutions so far:
1) Machined the head gasket. Truck was gone for some time. Something about cylinder 5 was messed up. That didn't fix the vibration

Solution 2;
They thought it was the exhaust manifold. To which I said it can't be? But they wanted to try that anyway. That didn't do it.

Solution 3;
Now comes the bandages. They said GM had advised them to put a bushing (clamped the engine) under the engine.
That didn't do it.

Solution 4;
They suggested that GM tech from the head office will be coming and that they will have him take a look. That never happened.

I came back in again and went for a test drive with the mechanic, who admitted that it was still doing the same thing. He booked another appointment for the truck to come back in.

Solution 5;
They put it under scope and recalibrated the truck. They informed me that it was much better. Key word here is "much better", not fixed.

At this point I am saying my options. I have called GM and requested they take this truck back and that I was willing to buy another one, but I hoped that they can give me a break on the next vehicle. I was not being unreasonable. I didn't ask for a free truck, which most people that have heard my story had suggested.
What is a laughing matter here is that I have always driven a Ford and thought I would venture out to a GM product which has left a bad taste in my mouth and to top it off the customer service at the call centre does leave anything to be desired off.

Nov 25, 2017

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