General Motors / 2012 gmc sierra 5.3 afm lifter failures

Disappointment! Coming from a family who are Die Hard GM fans going back many decades and have purchased many new GM vehicles, I am disappointed that my latest vehicle has been such a let down. For the second time in 5 years, I have a serious engine failure before my vehicle is paid off. I have a 2012 GMC Sierra with the 5.3 litre with the infamous AFM lifter failure issue. After a year of ownership, I had an AFM Lifter fail and all lifters and cam were replaced under warranty. Here I am working middle class, a vehicle in the $40k range is a high priced car which I would expect to easily run 250, 000 miles with todays technology. Our family has a 2007 Silverado which is non-AFM and currently has 204, 000 miles and just took a trip to Florida in it and ran flawless. How can an estimated $10, 000 in repairs be considered normal within 5 years and a truck with 75% highway miles which has always had Full synthetic oil changes and driven easily. How can I buy another new GM vehicle when I experience heartache and failure and I go on the internet this I see this issue as a common issue which still hasnt been resolved and no recalls. $5, 500 I have to shell out right at Christmas... Never again, my next will be a Ford Diesel~

Nov 24, 2017

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