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General Electric / fire danger

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We purchased a GE electric cooktop that has needed multiple repairs and been nothing but trouble.

Within three years of purchase, thermostats in several burners started failing with disastrous results of ruined pans, and great fire danger. A burner on its lowest heat setting would suddenly result in the burner automatically being reset to the highest setting. This would happen with absolutely no notice.

I contacted the GE consumer department and received a letter stating they would replace a burner if another one gave out within three months. Of course that never happened in that precise time frame.

The last time I called the GE repairman to replace another burner, I was told the parts are no longer available. Although the stove was a top model and installed in 1996 it is now useless. We have paid more for repairs than the stove cost originally.

I am replacing the cooktop and would never consider another GE cooktop.

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      20th of Aug, 2008
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    We also purchased all new stainless steel GE Profile appliances for our remodeled kitchen, including: (high end) Dishwasher, Advantium and (high end) Cook top with Stainless Steel knobs. A month after our purchase, the top rack of our dishwasher fell down in a lopsided fashion. We called GE who sent a repairman out a week later. The repairman said a part that was welded broke and was not able to be repaired. He ordered a replacement, which was delivered several days later.

    One night, within two weeks of having the replacement, my husband and I fell asleep in our Family Room where I was awakened several hours later by an acrid odor. I recognized it as an hot electrical odor and hurriedly went around the Family Room checking every electric gadget and appliance we have in there to no avail. The house was filled with the heavy smell and I became scared and awoke my husband. He smelled it instantly and began to look, too. He found the Dishwasher so hot he couldn't touch it with his bare hand. He opened it with a pot holder and discovered the drying element was still on several HOURS after I had run it after supper!

    The spinners had liquefied and the bottom basket had warped and the plastic covering had also melted and both had made a puddle of plastic on the bottom of the tub. There is no doubt that had I not woke when I did we would have had a full out fire with my husband in the Family Room and our Grandson and his friend asleep in his room! I called GE who sent out the same repairman who had replaced the first unit about three weeks prior. I expected, of course, the Dishwasher would be replaced and immediately said I did not want that same Dishwasher because number 1 it's obviously a bad model and number 2 it's a fire hazard.

    Imagine my surprise when he told me that it could be repaired and he would not be recommending that it be replaced because they would just tell him to repair the unit! I got on the phone with a Tech Support supervisor who told me they would not replace the unit because the repairman said it could be repaired! I told him what happened and that the unit would have gone into flame if I hadn't woke up and could have killed my family as we slept! I advised him that the model should be recalled as a fire hazard. I said the unit had gotten so hot it liquefied the spinners and warped the basket so there is no way that the motor wouldn't have been affected. He told me they would replace the unit for 50% of the price!!!

    Fortunately we had gotten an extended warranty with Lowes, so immediately upon hanging up after giving him a piece of my mind and telling him that we will NEVER buy another GE appliance, I called Lowes. I told the Assist Store Manager what happened and without hesitation, she told me to bring the unit to the store and pick out the replacement of my choice. Needless to say, the replacement I chose WAS NOT a GE product.

    During the time the first Dishwasher broke, the $2, 500.00 Advantium also broke and had a code F3 showing in the display. The repairman examined that unit in the same visit as the Dishwasher. He said the Sensor Pad had gone bad. This appliance was also a month old! He replaced the sensor pad about a month later, since that part had to be ordered.

    Well, it is about a year later and I'm listening to the beeping of a code F3 on the Advantium again. Apparently the Sensor Pad has again gone bad. As for the third GE appliance that we purchased for the remodeling of our kitchen, the high end cook top with the stainless steel knobs: it actually came with black plastic knobs. There was a small piece of paper that said if you wanted the stainless steel knobs, which cost more, you had to "call this number." I called several times and have never received the knobs that I paid a premium for.

    We will NEVER buy another GE product. It's junk and they do not stand behind their products.

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