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Gems TV / Ring scam

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I bought a blue and white diamond ring from Gems TV and they say that they have a 30 day money back guarantee if you leave the tag on it. They also tell you to wear it and see if you like it. Well I wore it for a few days and sent it back before the 30 days with the tag still on it and I find a return and it is them sending it back to me because the tag is worn. I have bought numerous items from them since last August and I am a valued customer ordering from them all the time... I am very upset with them that they sent the ring back to me knowing that the ring is unharmed. Now they are loosing a good customer...

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  • C
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    The same thing happened to me. I have purchased about 60K from this company. Their jewelry is first rate. The quality of the gems, the settings is wonderful. The amount of gold or silver they put in every single piece is incredible. They really do have fabulous low prices for such lovely high end inventive jewelry.

    HOWEVER, their customer service is HORRIBLE. I have had problems with returns and some other issues and their CS is immature and lazy. They WILL NOT deal with anything unless it's getting a sale. They lack maturity and experience and because this is not a brick and mortar, they get away with it. They are rude on the phone. I am amazed at the low level of professionalism.

    I purchased a ring and sent it back within 12 days. I received it back in the mail with a note saying that I had "abused it." The ring had been worn for about 45 seconds total. The tag was attached and IN GOOD SHAPE. The band was crooked, which I didn't notice when I received it. I actually returned it because it was so included I didn't want it. They blamed me for wearing the ring and ruining the gold band.

    I was so angry that I called and emailed many times until I got them to take the damn ring back and issue a refund. Believe me, I had too keep on them like dogs to get this done.

    There have been other incidents that do not sit well with me. Their CS lack insight into how to treat customers, ESPECIALLY loyal and valued customers that have shown they are trustworthy and have purchased a great deal. I have sent letters to the management, but nothing has changed.

    Most of their employees are young adults or people in the arts industries, musicians, directors, actors, or wanna-be's and they just LACK THE fortitude to be customer service people with the intelligence that comes with that important function.

    Sorry about your experience. If I were you, I would keep calling and writing. You did exactly what they tell you to do. I have heard the hosts say "keep it for a month, wear it for a month." That's what you did.

    I actually could not get anywhere with customer service. I ended up writing the head sales rep, while he was on air. He ended up telling someone to take care of me. This lady turned out to be a good person with brains and fortitude to know how to treat a customer...HOWEVER I had to dog her as well... they really treat their customers as if they are all abusers or cons. It's ridiculous.

  • Gd
      27th of Jun, 2008
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    Wow, wish I'd have known this about returns before I ordered.

    My problem is a bit different. I've tried emailing and calling, but they aren't very helpful and basically don't believe me. About ready to take it to the BBB.

    My problem is that when I picked the ring out of the box their tag (which isn't supposed to come off) was off the ring already. Now, I'm basically being told I'm lying and that if I return the ring and they determine that the tag was taken off that they will return it and I'm out my money.

    The problem is that the tag looks like the plastic was already cut and when I took it out of the box the force made it split . . . so, I'm pretty much screwed, because how am I going to prove I wasn't the one that slit it.

    Unfortunately, when it arrived I was on vacation, so it has been a week since it arrived and they implied that because I didn't contact them sooner that I was lying about taking the tag off. I would be willing to take a lie detector test if it would help prove my point. When I was speaking with the CS rep she kept putting me on hold to speak to someone else, but wouldn't transfer me to that person. What a hassle! They probably think that if they give you a hard enough time you'll just give up.

    Think I'll try going through the Better Business Bureau to see if they can help mediate this problem. They are rated Unsatisfactory by them and it appears that they have various complants.

    Nice to vent!

  • A
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    Fortunately, I did not order that many items from Gems TV before I found out how bad their return policy and customer service is. In 2007, I purchased about 12-15 items from Gems TV over several months worth a total of $2, 000-$3, 000. I sent back 4-5 items without incident. When I ordered more than 1 item on any day, Gems TV sent them all together in one package and I had no trouble returned more than 1 item in one return package. Sometime in mid-2007, they changed the fine print on their return policy. Each item has to be returned in a separate package so that you have to incur a separate shipping charge for each item (JTV also implemented this policy in 2007). This increases return costs exponentially. I found this out when I returned 3-4 items, each wrapped separately, but in one shipping box. They received them and then returned them all! That was my last order with them. I never ordered from them again (and have ordered very little from JTV for the same reason), which is their loss as I have bought lots of jewelry since then elsewhere. Even before then I had had the experience of receiving an item without the tag securely on it -- the tag had been placed on the safety clasp of a bracelet and just fell off when I took the bracelet out of the box. When I returned it (unworn), the tag, of course, was not on securely, and they acted as if I had taken the tag off even though it was not cut. Obviously, it had not been put on securely if it came off without being cut, but that did not deter them from sending me back the bracelet. I let that one go at the time, and I really regret that now.

    Their customer service was always rude and adversarial every single time I had to contact them (they were nice only when I was ordering). They tell you on TV that they give you a 30 days to evaluate the jewelry (it's really less because you need to deliver the return to them before the 30 days runs out because they will use any excuse to refuse your return), but they don't tell you that they also reserve the right to terminate the account of any customer they deem as returning too often (read the fine print on the back of their invoices-- you'll be amazed). I don't believe them to be honorable businesspeople, and they definitely took every opportunity to refuse a return and were (I believe, deliberately) difficult on the phone with me to discourage returns. And beware -- your credit card company is not always helpful in situations with bad sellers. Gems TV's jewelry was, for the most part, nice, but they were not trustworthy in my encounters with them, and there are other companies out there that definitely are trustworthy (e.g., TJC is extremely honest, but unfortunately going out of business). It's worth the effort to look around and find the honest companies. You can even find them on eBay -- look for sellers with great feedback.

  • Li
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    I order from gemstv and never have a problem with returning nor customer service. I love gemstv.

  • An
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    I have been purchasing jewelry from JTV off and on for several years. Recently I have purchased about 40, 000 in items as I was going to restart my internet business. I am disabled single Mom with disabled children so this has been a leap of faith with me and I have used almost every penny of borrowed money I own to do this. I have to spend approximately 90% of my time in bed due to health problems and with my laptop I figured I could do some work to make extra money. It worked for me before for 5 years and we need more income. I dealt with JTV then and had no significant problems with them so trusted them.

    I have ordered a total of about 70 items in the past two months ( and returned only 5 of them and one of those was an exchange )and ordered several expensive 5, 000-8, 000 items all about the same time. I paid by e check. The money would come out of my account usually the next day. I was working with a wonderful personal sales associate who helped me pick the expensive things as you never know what you will get from the pictures. I could not keep all the expensive items, which they knew, most being tanzanite rings, and wanted to compare them all before I sent back the ones I did not want to keep. There is a huge difference in color an d quality of tanzanites so you must see them in person to tell what they really look like. I had ordered a ring which had not come yet and needed to see it to make up my mind.

    I called Resolutions to ask permission for an extension on returning that particular ring until the other item was received to compare. The helpful Rep. put me on hold to ask her boss. My return date was the 14th of the month and I called on the 11th...can't remember if that was business days or just days. Since then after much investigation and being told conflicting things by associates, I have found they are told (in a recent meeting) to use business days from the date you receive the item. On items over 500.00 there is a two week, business day return period using postmark date. Anyway, the Rep came back to the phone and told me the boss had given me an additional 14 days from the original 14th date to return the ring. I specifically asked business or days and she said "business days". I thought this was very generous of them and said so. I wrote this down at the time so I would not forget. I am only able to get out to go anywhere every 7-10 days so this was good news to me. I had discussed all this with my Personal shopper so she knew all along what was transpiring. There was never an indication they had problems with me returning the expensive items. I returned two tanzanite rings, value 5, 900 and 8, 000 which I had worn but only briefly. The importance of this will come up later. I finally got a refund on those but it took awhile and I had to call and request assistance in getting it.

    I decided finally which expensive items I would keep and returned the tanzanite ring on the last day I had to return it as I had been very ill, but it was postmarked and sent overnight mail, which is expensive in itself with insurance.

    I watched JTV most of the weekend and even ordered a few more things. On Tuesday I received a call from them and called them back to find out they were returning the ring to me. Shocked, I asked why? I was told it was because it was received back past the 14 days. I explained I had received special extension on the return and had attached a letter to the return slip explaining this. I asked to speak to her boss. He was very firm and curt with me and also said the ring had been worn and was damaged and they would send a picture with it but would not tell m e how the ring was damaged. Fortunately, both my Jeweler and myself had also taken pictures of the ring. He said it had been inspected by their "high end" inspector. I had worn this ring out twice for about an hour to an hour and half to the Jeweler and store, same as the other ones I had returned before, and babied it. It was in same condition with exception of possible tiny scratches on bac k of band which can be buffed out. Any ring you wear for even a little while gets that . I was never told or have never heard anything about having to leave the tag on except by comments in this site. IN fact many of my items including expensive ones have come without a tag and the tag on the bottom of the box and in one case loose in the box. All I know is this, I have logged hundreds of hours watching jtv since I am bedridden mostly. I have heard over and over, every day and night that it is "no risk" to buy from JTV, take the item, " wear it for 30 days and show it to your friends" and "if you decide you don't want it, "send it back". Legally they don't have "a leg to stand on". I argued with him but to no avail. Finally at my insistence he said he would talk to his boss about it. he called me back promptly, was much nicer and said the real reason it was returned was because it was a "Memo Item" and Memo items cannot be returned after 30 days. I told him that was not my fault. It was the responsibility of the the person giving me the extension. I had no idea what a Memo Item was but now I do. it means the item, according to him, belongs to another company and JTV sells the item for them. All I know is I ordered it from JTV, a JTV Personal Shopper picked it out for me, discussed it with JTV Reps, JTV mailed it to me. Apparently, they can't get their money back from this company now. It was getting more illegal and unjust as it went on. Had I not been given an extension I would have returned it by the original date. Had I been told not to wear it, I wouldn't have. He said he could not do anything about it and told me to call the Vault department where I had ordered it. I did but again, was told they could not do anything. I was told there was no damage to the stone just marks on the ring setting as I had suspected that you could probably only see under a loupe. I asked for the top person to contact and was given the name of the CEO. I had called "Jerry's "office, the co founder and left a message twice now and wrote a letter and faxed it and called the CEO but no response from either yet. Another odd thing. I was told the ring was sent back to me Tuesday, this is Friday, UPS overnight. I called when I did not receive it, got a tracking number and was told it was sent USPS, priority mail. The thing is, Priority mail does not have tracking numbers so where did they get that from? I tried checking it and go t no record of item. They never send an expensive item any way to me except overnight. In fact, the item I returned in the same package with the ring and exchanged, I received that yesterday by UPS, but no ring. I called the Resolution department and the very kind person checked for me and has been checking for me on the tracking number but she still gets nothing as well. I asked if she had ever had this happen before and she said it was very strange and "only once". It is not showing upon my account on their site like the other returned things either.

    I won't go into the extent of the ramifications this action of theirs has had on my bank account and life but it is substantial. My bank suggested I com e in and file a special form to get my money back so guess I will do that tomorrow as I have no choice . I acted in good faith---they didn't. I made all my budget and financial plans on being able to return that ring for a 7500.00 credit. I am hoping they will do what is right an honor their word but it doesn't appear at this point they are going to do that so I will take it as far as I have to. This is a company that has bragged on TV of making 16 million during a recent big sale and once a million dollars a day and they can't refund my 7500.00? Even if they can't return the item to the vendor surely they can put it on TV and sell it. I have watched and more expensive tanzanite rings than this sell in seconds and minutes on their show. It is a beautiful ring and should sell quickly. Why would they risk losing a good customer like me? This is a shame.

    I always loved doing business with JTV. I have been pleased with most all their items and I have ordered hundreds over the past years, returning very few. There prices are so low on most things, I can sell them for more and still make a little profit. I wait until the item is sold out to resell it, other wise I would be competing with their lower price. Still beats retail prices. Doing business with them is critical to m y future business but I remain stunned at their actions, don't care attitude and lack of professionalism especially when I can cancel pending orders now and return items which will total about 24, 000, three time s the cost of the one ring. Doesn't make sense to me!

    Sorry this is so long. If anyone has any other suggestions as to what to do, please let me know.

    Two more things... JTV has been using a mailing service, UPS Innovations. It has taken forever to receive my regular items. T is a pain and time consuming. It took one Rep and hour and a half to go over the tracking of my items I had not received and found most had been sittin g in another state for a week. I was told they are getting lots of complaints about this.

    Also, I have heard over and over the hosts say that when they have an item with ERV estimated retail value, they say it will be on the bill of sale. I have never fund this to be true. Has anyone else? In fact, I bought a Paraiba Tourmaline but on the bill of sale it just said" tourmaline". I will have that appraised to be sure it is a Paraiba. I believe it is but why not on the bill of sale?

    Thank you all for your time reading this. Blessings.

  • Gr
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    I received a letter, that I was over my limit in sending rings back. HELLO! I was under the impression, that if you are not satisfide, you can send the ring back in thirty days. I dien't know they had a limit to how many rings. I spent alot of money, and after this letter, they just lost me as a customer. i really like the jewlery, but they should mention this on tv.

  • Mj
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    I have purchased many items (over 50) from GemsTV from June 2008 to November 2008. I have spent over $3500 between the item costs, shipping and paying for returns. I have had items that were very nice to necklaces that have broken within the first week of wearing them. It depends what you buy- you get what you pay for. All I know is that an "unconditional 30 day money back guarentee with no questions asked" should actually mean that. You shouldn't be terminated from purchasing because you return items as many times as you need to. I don't see why it would matter to GemsTV especially because you (the customer) are the one paying for shipping and leave the sales tag on. This is my main complaint because there were many items I didn't like once I received them and you can't tell how your item is going to look until you get it home. I was very upset since I had spent so much money and my business was not appreciated. So, if you buy don't plan on returning a whole lot unless you want to be BANNED!

  • Kh
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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  • Ru
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    I Also love GTV, have ordered quite a few items and am very happy. their jewerly is well made. I order for my neighbor and she sent something back she didn't like with no problem. but guess mix ups happens.

  • Tj
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    Buyer Beware! I got sucked into their "going out of business" sale and spent a lot of money on over 15 rings. Now that I've started wearing them, I've already had 3 rings that have stones missing. Today, I wore my new emerald ring for the first time to work (desk job) and when I got home, I looked down and a stone was missing! It seems to be with the rings that contain the smaller stones. I have bought many, many rings over the years from the best jewelry stores to Walmart and Kmart, and have never had this problem. My mistake for not researching TJC more on the web before purchasing their products.

  • Gi
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    well I got three items this week from GemsTV and two of them are so very nice! The tanzanite ring was supposed to be AAA quality but it looks like a poor mans' amethyst! I am sending it back For those of you that hate you may want to check out BIDZ.COM as i have ordered from them for the last two years and their stuff is awesome their customer support is exceptionally good and the quality was also very good the only thing you have to watch out for with all these companies is that things look larger than they really are because of the camera and photography work. I think some of the commenters above that wore the items with the tags on are clearly in the wrong you should not wear the item around until you know you want it you should be able to tell if you like it by trying it on 3 times once next to a candle once under artifical lights and once under natural sunlight outsidde

  • Ca
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    The customer "service" is horrible!!! This year, I purchased the first and last time from them. I ordered a natural color yellow diamond that looked nice on TV. The amount of about $250 was charged on my card right away. After 4 weeks, the stone still had not arrived and I called thei customer service. the person on the phone was rude and hung up on me, not without telling me the stone is on it's way. When the stone had not arrived six weeks later, I called again and they told me the shipment got stuck at customs. They also lectured me that it is common practice in the industry to charge the card with ordering not with the delivery. Two month after ordering the stone still was not in my hands and another extremely rude person accused me of being impatient and - again - the stone is on it's way. After that it finally arrived - definitely not as pretty as on TV. What came was a very pale yellow stone. You need a lot of fantasy to get the idea of color. They probably just carried it along a yellow diamond so that it got a touch of yellow. Anyway, as disappointed as I was, I did not want to get abused by their people again and kept the stone.
    That was my first and last purchase with this company.

  • Ne
      11th of Dec, 2008
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    I am so disgusted - I have shopped with Gems TV many times in the past, and recently returned a white sapphire and moonstone pendant that was presented as a gift, and basically not liked by the recipient. The pendant, tag intact, was returned, with the certification "card" (bs) that they present when they send you your jewelry.

    Their customer service has failed to respond - has sent back the pendant indicating it was "worn" (never was), and I'm honestly to the point where I think this is a money scam - if they drag their feet you'll give up - I think we should all file better business bureau complaints about the company, as well as with the U.S. Post office since it is used to mail items, this is in essence mail fraud.

    They are so unbelievable slick - it makes me sick to think I ever entrusted them with my personal credit information. Worried where it might end up. I have, however, written VISA and have disputed the balance, which was refunded to me and charged back to them. Don't mess with these ###s, go to your banking institutions. The banks at least value your business.

  • Mj
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I will shop at ICE.COM now. Their jewelry is just as nice as gems tv, they have a 30 day money back policy and their shipping is FREE in the US. So, no more paying $8 to ship a teeny weenie little ring. What a rip off. I was blocked cause I supposedly had "too many returns". Excuse me but if their jewelry was of better quality I wouldn't have returned so many items. I wont pay for "best" and get "less".

  • Ho
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    Last year I purchased about $70, 000 worth of jewelry from GEMSTV. I was out of my mind to do so. My intentions were to start my own business re-selling, but that fell threw. I can't say that I had any problems returning items, but then, I did not return very many. My complaint is this; I usually purchased many items at once, meaning that it did not take long to spend $70, 000. After I received all the jewelry, I took it to 3 different jewelers for appraisal. All of them said that this jewelry was "crap". The settings were of poor quality, in fact I had about a two dozen different items lose their stones because they were not set properly. The jewelers also said that most of the stones were not high quality, but that some of the sapphires were nice, but that was about it. Also, they said that the diamonds were horrible, and that they had very few facets. Meaning that they were not fully faceted, which gives them little fire. One diamond ring that I purchased, looked really nice and seemed to have a lot of fire, but I found out that it was not even diamonds. It was CZs.
    I decided that I could not resale this "stuff" honestly, and get my money back on it. So, I decided to sale it bulk. All three jewelers offered me approximately the same dollar amount for all of the jewelry. Because the stones were "crappy", they did not want any of them except for the sapphires. I got about $10, 000 for all of it.
    I'm still crying!!!

  • Ju
      9th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Hollywood- You had 70K to blow on jewelry in this economy? People like you make me sick! You got what you deserved...10K worth of stupidity minus 60K of sickening self indulgence.

  • Da
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    I have ordered tons from Gemstv and i have returned alot too, when i decide it doesn't go with what i bought it for. I have never had a problem with returning. I've returned two necklace at once and they took both of them back. There customer service is wonderful to me also, not sure how these other people say they suck. There prices are amazing and the jewerly is amazing. People should stop complaining jewelry stores would never give you the flexibility Gemstv does.

  • Kh
      28th of Jun, 2009
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    I recently purchased a ring from Gemstv, when I received the ring I was not happy with the quality. I like a heavier weighted ring, I kept if for about two weeks before returning the ring - thinking I may change my mind. I kept the tag on the ring, however I did wrap the tag around the band to try to see how it would look it if was sized to my correct size.

    The ring was returned to me, apparently touching the tag at all is a big "no no" because that is considered "tampering" with the tag. I called customer service and was told that because I tampered with the tag, they counld not accept the ring - they say the tag was not legible. the bar code was hard to read, but the statement, "DO NOT REMOVE TAG IF RETURNING ITEM" was still legible (I took pictures).

    I called customer serivce, the rep I spoke with was rude, I was asked why I didn't return in it immediatley, usually his customers return things the next day. I said you have a 30 day no questions asked policy - but if you must know, I wanted to make sure that I really didn't like the ring. I was told I should not have wore the ring - I explained that I was trying to see how it would look if it was sized to my size 5 fingers and not their standard size 7. He said there was nothing he could do - I told him I would dispute it with my credit card company.

    I have received a statement from my credit card company - they were not able to get their money back from Gemstv, so they will not refund my money. I still have ring, pictures of the ring and the tag and I am now trying to determine my next step.

    I don't like the ring - IF I had wore the ring, I would not have walked around with a tag flapping in the wind while I was wearing it!

  • Fa
      16th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I recieved a ring from gems tv. It claimed to be white gold and diamond, but when it arrived it looked a ###. I took it to my nearest jewellers to have an valuation. When it came back it turned out the diamonds were in fact diazepam and the white gold was a pigs ### sprayed silver. I am still so upset. So much so I have to keep sniffing my ring to stop myself having panic attacks. This ### ring cos me £1.800

  • Na
      30th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I have purchased quite a few things from Gems TV and have not had any problems with returns. The secret is just dont buy anything too expensive from them. I loved my first ring which is supposed to be aquamarine but there is not a hint of blue in these stones. I suspect they maybe white topaz. I still love the ring, it is crafted well and I cant complain to much about a 70.00 dollar ring.Like I said I wouldnt invest a whole lot on something that looks too good to be true.

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