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modem rental

After renting a modem for years, I decided to purchase my own and return their modem. They said it would be checked 'in house' to determine if it works and I would be charged for the modem if it did not. I was called within 4 hours saying they tested it and it was deemed broken therefore I had to pay. I picked up the modem, brought it home called se to hook it back up and of course my modem works. After weeks of the northumberland manager not returning my phone calls, I finally got a call and they say they can not do anything else and the $50 credit is all they will offer, despite that it works. Such poor customer service. Buyer beware do not rent their modems.. At this time we have contacted a local lawyer to work on solving this dispute. I have spent at least $297.50 on rental fees over the years which is well over what the modem likely costs. To resolve this se will refund all fees that my account has been charged. It seems like a lawyer is the only way to resolve this dispute but maybe this complaint will be read by someone important and it will make a difference. I have documentation of all phone calls, paperwork provided to me and other documentation showing se never actually even tested the modem. We have all the evidence we need to prove the modem works. As a consumer, this ordeal has had an economical and non-economical impact and I would have liked this resolved on 1/17/2019 when the modem was initially returned. I spoke with a se employee on 3/18 to discuss paying a partial bill while the modem issue was being disputed; it was agreed that could pay part of the bill. On 4/4 our internet was shut off in the middle of a work day which is the location of my business. The bill had to be paid to regain service. This is again an example of poor communication since my calls were not returned by a manager and se just shut internet off without speaking to me first.

employee and company

The installation employee called me 4 minutes prior to arriving at my house. I missed the call and he showed up within minutes leaving a note saying "sorry we missed you". I called the company back because I was promised a phone call 30min before arrival "per company policy". The guy did not want to come back but I guess they made him since he called me and said he was on his way back. Once the guy arrived he looked at my cable outlet and angrily said "this is useless to me!" Then proceeded to tell me that he already wasted an hour on me and he is only working to 12:00pm today. Which he stated a couple times with an angered tone. I proceeded to explain that he was supposed to call a half and hour before he arrived and he yelled over me stating that he is only working until 12pm. He walked out of my apt. To his truck and I locked my door, being that i was alone with my 3 little children I did not feel comfortable with him coming back in.. I quickly called the company to make a complaint and ask for a new person to come out. While on hold the employee came back to the door and I told him I was on the phone with his company. I proceeded to ask him his name and replied "they will know", he then started laughing and left. I later was told that his name is Judd ... I then made my complaint over the phone and was told I would be given a call back. I never received a call back or another employee to install my services.


I have been getting bad internet since December 2016 its now the end of April and after getting kicked of the internet time after time I decided to call service electric cable and ask them what's going on I have the most cable box's and the highest speed and paying the most money in my area why am I having problems with my service they informed me its a bad signal someone can come over in a week..!!! I called the next day after my buddy told me I own a house you rent and when I call them they come to his house in 1 hour I called back demanded a supervisor to send someone fast they they told me OK we can send a technician the next day from 12 to 5 I called off work and waited until 6pm and called them to ask what happened they informed me that they cancelled and I asked why didn't I get a courtesy call they could not answer they inform me that the issue is not in my house it's outside in the street I told them why didn't they just tell me that I didn't have to stay home and wait for them when they weren't even going to show up and for the amount of money I'm spending on service I should have at least received a courtesy call everytime I call service electric cable since I went and do not own I am treated unfair even though iPay just as much as any other good customer and never missed a payment just alone in service iPay almost $2, 000 a year for bad service and unfairness and the customer service representative wanted to give me $20 towards my next bill when I alone have lost in 4 months $600 plus a day's pay of work making it almost $800 I thought that was a snack in the face and up to this moment I don't even know when they're coming to my area to fix this issue very poor service

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