Geico Insurance / lies lies lies

DE, United States

My policy for our car insurance cancelled due to my wife and I losing our jobs and making a choice of food for the family or to allow a short gap in coverage. I made 4 phone calls to Geico and was transferred to the Delaware section each time in reference to what minimum I could pay to reinstate the policy. I was told $213.00 each time would reinstate my policy. I questioned this each time due to my last bill amount of $439.00, but they advised I would only have to pay the $213.00. I borrowed this amount from a family member at 11 pm one night and called again to confirm this amount prior to sending the cash money via MoneyGram before midnight. Once I did I called back immediately to confirm my payment with the reciept reference number as previously directed 4 times and just 20 minutes prior being the last. Once I called in to handle this they advised me that the full amount of $439.00 was due to reinstate it and the $213.00 was incorrect. They advised me that it was Delawares policy and could not explain why I was told this 4 times prior. They only apologized out the yazoo and said there was nothing they could do. I told them they needed to check the system to see which agents I spoke to and they said they could not confirm that information was given to me. Basically, they took food money from my family. The old "bait and switch" to get their money regardless of what situation I would be left in. Then speaking to a supervisor they could not provide further supervisors names or emails to contact as I was disgusted that they would not stand by what their idiot agents lied to me about previously. Basically, I am the little guy, they got their money and screw me!!! You can save 15% in 15 minutes by switching to Geico but you can get lied to and screwed over (w/no insurance) in 5. ###s got my money and I could not get it back. No one there cares! they are a bunch of script reading, overly happy sounding monkeys saying whatever they have to to screw us then covering for each other till the end! I will go back to the little man!! SCREW YOU GEICO! You just lost my entire family but I am sure that would not put a dent in your profits so you don't really care after all. I would like to shove that Gecco right up your cavemans ###!!! cause you can certainly kiss mine now!!!

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