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I've been a Geico customer for roughly a decade, and their service has become progressively more and more rotten. I only had filed three claims since I signed up with them-one was a result of a deer hit in New York, and another was a request for a windshield replacement due to a rock strike (I was led to believe that Geico offered windshield replacement at no extra cost, similar to other insurance companies in my area), and a third was a motorcycle accident where I got hit by a semi-literally, and was fortunate to survive.
The first time I filed a claim wasn't all that bad. It only took three days for them to complete the initial investigation. I was surprised, however, when some upstart, stuck-up, rude little snot called me as part of a "follow up" and requested that I surrender the carcass (I am being serious as a heart attack with this) to the company for "examination" and to "confirm that [I] didn't hit another car and leave the scene. Now, by this time the deer carcass had most likely become rancid. I offered to retrieve the carcass, but I wasn't certain if the postal system frowned upon shipping decomposed animal corpses through their system. The aforementioned upstart snotbag shot back "there's no reason to be rude, buddy, " (called a PAYING CUSTOMER "buddy"), "just do what I tell you and you MIGHT get paid for the damage to your vehicle." Three weeks after filing a formal complaint with the higher-ups within the company, I finally got my check.
In 2009, I was in a very serious motorcycle accident and sustained nine broken bones. My motorcycle was completely destroyed. The "claims adjuster" I called proceeded to interrogate me (on and off for three days) over the phone when I was hooked up to a heart monitor and being given every painkiller (including Percocet, oxycontin, phentanyl, morpheine, vicodin and cumadin. On the first occasion, I was asked if I was on medication. I gave her the list of meds. "I know you're lying about that", the woman said "because if you were hit by a truck, you'd be dead, and if you were on that many pain meds, they'd probably conflict and you'd be dead. You're trying to lie to your insurance." Fortunately, my doctor was nearby and had the heart to spend 45 minutes ripping the claims adjuster an additional orifice. I was then accused of staging the accident to collect a claim for a bike I owed money on- I in fact owned the bike outright. I was, in the end, deposed without an attorney present while still being medicated. I was then accused of not making any sense during the deposition. The adjuster didn't even bother to take a look at the remains of the bike.
In 2015, after being told that my policy included free windshield replacement (perhaps by some lying, commission-hungry sales slob), I filed a claim to have my windshield replaced. The long and the short of it is that Geico wanted me to pay them $500 to install the windshield, and even then I "should expect to pay for any additional charges if the windshield isn't installed properly, which, given the company (the adjuster was referring me to), it won't be." I had the windshield installed for $100. Geico tried to steal $400 from me to have a windshield installed.
Then, four months after this happened, Geico tried to double-bill me, to cover the cost of a current month of insurance (which wasn't even due for 2 weeks by the time the notice had arrived) and for the first month of the NEXT policy period. After I had already called to cancel the premium, all I got was "we'll make a note of that, thanks!" and, voila, THREE WEEKS AFTER THE POLICY WAS CANCELLED, GEICO IS TRYING TO CHARGE ME $108 FOR A MONTHLY PREMIUM OF INSURANCE I DON'T HAVE AND SURE AS HECK DON'T WANT.
I'd rather drop dead of starvation during the coldest part of winter in an open-air a North Korean prison cell than spend another dime paying for insurance with this gaggle of con artists.

May 23, 2015

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