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Geico Insurance / road service

1 1 hour north of Stuart, FL, United States Review updated:

This very poor road service really is funny.

I left Stuart, Fl and traveled north on the FL Turnpike. After an hour of driving at 70 MPH one of my tires blew out.
It was raining so I call Geico to have someone change my tire. The agent said she was from Macolm Ga. The dialogue was like this:
1. I gave my insurance number and asked for road service.
2. She confirmed my coverage and asked what area code I was in.
4. I mentioned I had been driving north from Stuart, Fl at about 70 miles per hour. I therefor was about 80 miles north of Stuart, FL.
5. She insisted on knowing my area code. ??????????
6. She then asked if I could see any road signs or bridges ??
7. I peered forward thru the rain and could barely see a sign on the overpass and what the sign said.??????
9. Through the rain I barely could make out CLEAR...
10. She had no luck and asked for more info.
11. I could barely see ING. she asked for more info.
12. I opened the window and barely saw 16 ft.
It was then I realized what the sign said.

I had to laugh. The operator said she would look for a town called clearing 16 feet. no luck.
13. She then asked me to stop traffic and ask about the area code. Now I doubt that anyone driving on the Fl Turnpike would know the area code,
She said she would call back and I did not hear from her until 2:30 pm. By then My tire had been changed and I was in Orlando.
I wrote a letter to Geico Headquarters and never received a response.

This is one for the books. Has anyone received this kind of service????
Robert Casavant

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  • To
      2nd of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    You're an idiot.

  • Xt
      30th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    You're an idiot. What do you think that they have a tracking device on your car? How could they possibly find you if you can't tell them where you are?

  • Je
      26th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    The operator was an idiot...looking for a town called Clearing 16 feet???? The driver gave the general vicinity of highway ...the north bound lane of the Fl turnpike at approx 80 miles north of Stuart, FL...any fool who can look at a map (and wouldn't you think that emergency operators would have access to maps???) should be able to ascertain the nearby towns and locate a towtruck to assist the insured.

    I just spoke with another GEICO operator today who tried to send a towtruck driver from ACROSS THE MOUNTAIN...this makes it obvious to me that idiots incapable of reading maps are manning the GEICO emergency phones ...she assured me that they are guaranteed to arrive within the hour...ha! I told the operator there is a closer tow truck that GEICO used in the past. She told me to call them & see if they would contract w/Geico. I told her they had already contracted w/GEICO in the past but she said she had to answer the phones for other people who are calling to get service and can't tie up her phone with my case.

    Another incident, this past winter I had to call for assistance and waited for an hour freezing in my car for a tow truck that was supposed to be coming from a town located approximately 10 miles straight down the highway from my location (not across the mountain). Like the person in Florida, I was finally helped by a good samaritan. I called GEICO Emergency Service to cancel the tow truck AFTER I got home. What are we paying for anyway?????

  • Wp
      31st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    This sounds like a case where neither of you know what the hell you are doing. I would have asked you for the cross streets and then looked up the area code on google. Why didn't one of you think of that? My God! I actually have to share oxygen with you people.

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