Geico / claims/auto adjuster

Hampton, Virginia, VA, United States

If you need insurance just because its a law get Geico. If you need insurance because you need a company to be a great advocate for you do not pay for this service. My most recent experience was awful. My car was in a flood and my insurance adjuster's (plural because this includes two managers above my original adjuster) was rude and not helpful at all. They told my mechanic what to fix on my car instead of telling my mechanic to check the car and fix what needs to be fixed. (I know they are not mechanics) They did not communicate with me at all about my claims. They stated that it was not their job to inform me of information about the car and situation, but that it is the auto shops job. The higher up manager was so rude that she noted on the account that I did not want to communicate with her. At what point does a person whose car was in a flood not want to speak to their insurance company. She informed me that she would be in meetings all day and that she would not be able to speak to me anymore regarding my car. After that, she disconnected and when I and the mechanic tried contacting her she refused to reply via text message or phone. Now I'm not a rocket scientist but whether your in a meeting or not you can text or simply step out to help your customers. (that is your job to make sure your customers are receiving excellent service.)

Oct 16, 2018

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