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I have been with geico for 9 years... 9 years!!! About a week ago we bought a new car that needed to be added to our policy. My premium tripled from adding the vehicle.. (Ill just say it was 3x more then what I was previously paying just for adding the newer car.) I started calling around and several other insurance companies were offering to give me the same insurance for almost $600 less then what I was currently enrolled in with geico.. After being a loyal costumer for 9 years I will never go with them again for car insurance. After many phone calls today only one of their reps offered to "help" lower my premium. She also described to me the reason what it was so high. Apparently geico has to raise their rates to be competitive? Sorry but a $600 "raise" is outrageous geico. I do not complain like this often but this company really needs a kick in the rear. Never again.

Nov 20, 2017

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