Geico / adjuster and adjuster's supervisor

Louisville, KY, United States

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I have had nothing but issues with Russell Urias. He is very rude. I have since been dealing with Nicole Cook his supervisor. She is getting mad because my car hasn't been fixed by date shop said and said she won't extend it past Wednesday 10/18. I don't have control over the shop. It is your customer's fault to begin with I am in this situation. First my car was deemed a total loss. I already had an estimate it was not so I took car to another location on 10/2. Original date I dropped off was 9/27 with Russell. The shop my car is at had a shop full of repairs plus cars in the lot ahead of mine. She is rushing the shop and stressing me out over something that is out of my control. I have spoke to 2 different attorney's regarding this though I have not retained one at this time and both said her expectations of repair time is unreasonable. Plus not totatling out my car is saving thousands of dollars. This is crazy. The only nice people I have dealt with is Catherine Albreight and whenever I call the customer service line. I last spoke to Andrea. I do not want to have to take further action over something as small as rental car but I will. I want to quit stressing out over whether or not I am going to have a car to drive or not. I have to have one to get to work and to get my daughter to and from school. I am a single mother and do not have another car I can use. I have already reached out to the Kentucky Attorney General as well as the Insurance commissioner who I am waiting to hear back from.

Oct 16, 2017

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