Geek Squad / moving old info from old microsoft hard drive to newly purchased hard drive work done with geek squad at hutchinson, mn location

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Had an old microsoft hard drive replaced. Requested the geek squad move this info to new hard drive purchased from geek squad in hutchinson, MN. The called to tell me all this was completed. When I picked it up and paid for these expenses plus a warranty package, I took it home and tried to get on these old programs. None of them would open. Worthless now. Can't use any of these old programs. Also the Agent working said she installed the outlook or e-mail program. She assigned me a sign in and password but the computer tells me the program is not set up. Can't use this either. I am requesting or more so demanding a refund on all the expenses I paid that are worthless to me. Please address this request to the top person in charge so my request is reviewed by someone higher up than the geek squad I used. Please call me at [protected] to let me know this is being worked on and when I can expect to here back from them.

Mar 25, 2018
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      Mar 25, 2018


    Appreciate reading your concerns.

    Moving a hard drive from one system to another in no way suggests that the programs on that hard drive are readily executable. Generally, they are not.

    Let me explain. When a program is installed, parts of the code are placed in different areas of the systems storage. There are usually shared system files which are further updated to allow the program to properly run. This is one very common reason why computers slow down over periods of time. Their electronics don't change or get slower, but unneeded junk collects on the hard drive, leaving the operating system a longer time to process the "real" important data.

    The data which was stored on that hard drive is still very usable. By reinstalling the program that uses the data, you'll be able to still access that data just as you did on the previous system.

    Because the requested work of removing and reinstalling the hard drive in a newer system was accomplished, a refund is not applicable in this case. However, by understanding this important piece of information means that the money was not wasted, and you have the additional storage space you wouldn't have had.

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