Geek Squad / 2 weeks no call and didn't show for appointment

United States

I have a Samsung washer that was not spinning clothes. I have a warranty. I called Samsung and they said there was a recall and came out to fix the recall. They said the washer needs to have the recall fixed before repairs can be done. I called to make an appoinment as instructed. On a Wednesday, they took all my information I was told someone would call me for an appointment. Four days later I decided to call since I have not heard from anyone. Well they said they would escalate the order. Come Monday I called again. Same thing. Well I finally called and Best Buy put me on hold and called and made the appointment for me. They are supposed to be here today between 8-12. I took off work. They don't have any appointment for me. It is now 2 weeks of me calling and without a washer. 2 weeks and still no appointment. I don't get paid if I don't go to work so here is a day I lose money. I will never buy from them ever again. Will not use geek squad or best buy again.

May 3, 2017

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