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Ge Moneybank / Care Credit / Not following through what was said they would do

1 CA, United States

I have been a loyal customer with GE money bank Care Credit. I have had numerous problems with my account and can't get them resolved. I been in constant contact with the sales rep that works with the doctors office that handles my dental work. That is when the nightmare started. I went to the dentist office and they recommended I sign up for a Care Credit account and my insurance company will cover the difference. I had some work done and decided to use another credit card instead of Care Credit because of the balance of the dental work. But looked over the terms and conditions and like all credit company's you need a degree in law and a bottle of aspirin to read these terms . The no interest for six months sounded even better, and I used the Care Credit instead of that credit card. Boy do I regret making that decision. Let the fun begin, I had the work done on a Tuesday. And waited about three weeks for the insurance company to receive the bill and pay there part and the difference would be mine. Its very simple. I would use my Care Credit Account to pay that difference and I have a Flex account that would pay that Care Credit Account to a zero balance. For me this would be a open and close case. What actually happened was the day i open the account is the day that the six month interest waived started . And not when the service was rendered. To me this is the same day. Because the GE money rep said to me that they only charge the customer when service is rendered and that is when the clock is started. And even in each statement their is a date that the interest waived ends. For me my was all zeros. And again I called the customer service line and got nowhere with my problem. At this time I had been with GE money about three months and had been waiting for the Flex payment to come to me and to pay off this account. So i made the three payments and was charged there out of sight interest that made my payment even more out of sight. I hate paying interest, well who does except the person receiving the interest. I even did the three ring circus dance to avoid paying interest, this handicap of a mistake was made. I finally got a hold of a customer service representative and they said that there has been a mistake and they would look into it. Let me repeat myself. They admit to the mistake and they would look into it. Wow. I can feel the customer service love. Well I called a week later and noticed that nothing has been done to my account because the hard to understand csr said nothing has been done. This could take one or two billing cycles to get corrected. And if at all they cared about the customer. she could have made a change to my account. But did she no, instead she read back the notes that were misspelled to me. according to the csr. And she would look into it and correct the mistake. I called the GE money bank Care Credit rep back and explain this to her and she said they would fix the problem. I also been talking to the doctors office and they too have been having problems with Care Credit. But there is nothing to worry about, they will fix it said the Care Credit rep. Yea they fixed it alright. My account was so messed up they closed it and gave me a new number and tryed to get the dates back in order to generate a new bill. Bye this time i have already gone back for my six month checkup and again more services were rendered and i used my flex account to pay for bill and not the loving Care Credit. It still is mixed up. They correct the mistake finally. But to only get the same problem next month. Now there has been seven months since this problem has been going on and I have been charged about 45o dollars in interest at the out of sight 27.99%. My face turns about six shades of red when I have to call Care Credit and get this fixed. I and only waiting to get my account to where the zero interest is due to make a final payment and say fair well to GE money Care Credit. But i am afraid they will accept my payment and still charge me interest and I'm back to where I started. Paying interest and making them rich off the so called corrected problem. And bye the way I did make a payment to pay off the so called balance. I came to find out they miss billed my account and i was charged the pro rated interest on top of the interest i was already been billed. I have no been in contact with the Care Credit rep, who now is a different person. This problem now has been somewhat taken care of because i have not payed the difference in interest. Bye the way for your info, I have found out that if you don't pay them they will reduce the debt and settle the debt for over half. Yes it hurts your credit but the debt is gone. But no more Ge money bank or Care Credit.

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